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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Party with Mickey by @heatherw25

Next up is my friend Heather W.! She's going to tell all about Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Check out her site I Love Characters: when you're done here. 

There are so many things I love about Disney, but if I had to choose, my absolute favorite thing at Disney is Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. I've always loved Halloween, but haven't really been able to celebrate since I was a kid. So Disney giving me the excuse to celebrate my favorite holiday? I'm in!! I've attended 9 MNSSHP over the last few years. If I can, I go twice during a trip, since there's so much to do during a party. Here are some of the reasons I have to keep going to the party, and a few tips for those who aren't quite as MNSSHP obsessed as me. ;)
The party is officially from 7pm to midnight on select dates in September and October. I recommend having a light day before the party so that you can stay through midnight. You are paying extra for the party, so you don't want to leave early! I usually go to Downtown Disney, or look around one of the resorts, but you could also use this as a pool day at your resort. Then, you can head over to Magic Kingdom nice and rested! Even though the party starts at 7, they will start letting you into the Magic Kingdom with your MNSSHP ticket at 4pm. This is another reason to have a non-park day on the day of your party. You can get one less day on your park ticket, and still spend 8 hours in the Magic Kingdom with your party ticket! I recommend getting to the park no later than 6. If you wait until 7, like everyone else, it's a nightmare entering the park, getting your wristband, and walking down Main Street, while regular park guests are being ushered out of the park. Since only a few of the quick service places are open, I recommend eating before the party. Besides, you don't have to waste precious party time stopping to eat
Once the party begins, the atmosphere of the park instantly changes. The buildings along Town Square and Main Street are lit spooky colors. There are fun Halloween projections along Main Street and elsewhere in the park, such as spider webs on Space Mountain. There's even projections on the ground! There are special pins and shirts that you can only buy during the party, so make sure you pick these up before leaving. I always have a hard time choosing which pins to get!
The two big draws of the party are the amazing Boo to You Parade and Hallowishes fireworks. In my opinion, they are the best parade and fireworks that Disney puts on, so you don't want to miss them! The Boo To You Parade takes place twice during the party. If you want an easier chance to find good spots for the parade, wait until the 2nd parade. If you have the time, watch both, because you will want to, trust me. Make sure you get your spot early, so you can watch the Headless Horseman ride before the parade starts! Once the parade starts, you will get the fun music in your head for days (The Boo To You music is my ringtone during the fall!) The parade has all the characters you love dressed up for Halloween, and sections for the Haunted Mansion, Villains, Pirates (complete with Jack Sparrow waving from above), and ends with Pluto and Goofy on candy floats. The best part of the parade are the Haunted Mansion grave diggers, who drag their shovels on the ground. Explaining doesn't really get across how cool it is, haha, you have to see it to believe it!
Hallowishes is at 9:30, and make sure you get in a spot where you can see the castle, since they project a lot of fun things onto the castle. The music is fantastic, and the show ends with a 360 degree fireworks show. Words don't do it justice, it's amazing, and not to be missed!
My favorite part of the party is the characters! Characters that you can normally find at the park, such as Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Donald, and the Winnie the Pooh gang, are dressed up in Halloween costumes. Then there are the characters that you can only meet at the party, such as the seven dwarves together, Jack Sparrow, Tarzan, and a whole bunch of villains. Princesses even meet with their princes. If you want to meet popular characters like the seven dwarves, I recommend getting in line well before the party starts. This year, we got in line before 6pm, an hour before the party started, and still were back in line. Their line can start as early as 5! Jack Sparrow (who meets near the Pirates of the Caribbean) and the Princesses with their princes (Cinderella, Snow White, and Rapunzel) in the Town Square room also have long lines throughout the night. Most of the other character lines aren't as bad.
There's also a really fun show that takes place at the castle during the party, the Villains Mix and Mingle. The changed the show last year, and now Dr Facillier is the host, but Maleficent, Evil Queen (from Snow White), Cruella, Queen of Hearts, Captain Hook, and Frollo are also in the show. After the show, the villains come down in front of the castle, and you can meet them. They aren't out for that long, so you will need to catch at least 2 shows if you want to meet them all. Maleficent's line is usually the longest, so try to jump into her line the second the show ends. Frollo is the easiest to meet, since he's just roaming around.
There's also 2 dance parties, which are fun to stop and watch for a bit. Woody's Happy Harvest Roundup is at the Diamond Horseshoe in Liberty Square with Woody, Jessie and Bullseye. In Tomorrowland, Stitch's Club 626 has Stitch, Goofy, Pluto, and Chip and Dale in space costumes. If you are lucky, you can meet the characters, but it's hard meeting characters at dance parties since they are there to, well, dance, haha. I've had more success at Woody's Roundup meeting the characters, maybe because it's inside, so there's less people there?
Is it strange that I wrote this much about the Halloween party, and didn't mention trick or treating? When you enter the party, they give you a Halloween bag for your candy, which usually promotes the latest Disney movie or DVD (this year's bag has Wreck It Ralph and Frankenweenie on it.) There are trick or treat stops throughout the park, with the longest ones being Br'er Rabbit's Laughin' Place Candy Patch by Splash Mountain, and Wonderland Curious Candy Way, which starts at the Fantasyland Train Station and ends up in Tomorrowland. The lines can get crazy long for the trick or treat stops, so I recommend waiting until late in the party to get some candy. Not only will the lines be short, but they will give you a lot more candy! You can go through the trick or treat stops as often as you want.
During the party, rides are usually a walk on. I usually skip rides during a hard ticket party, since I want to spend as much time as I can doing the things you can only find during the Halloween party, since you can go on rides anytime. But, if you want to go on rides, you won't find shorter lines than you will during the party.
There's one ride you HAVE to visit during the party, though! You can go to a Halloween party and not ride The Haunted Mansion, right? But it's even more fun and spooky during the party! The building is lit up, has fog around it, and the cast members are even spookier than normal! There's also a ghost outside telling stories, and she's hilarious to listen to. There's also 2 Photopass magic shots around the ride that you can usually only find during the party. One is by the hearse in front of the ride, and they add in a ghost in front of the hearse. There's another by the water, next to the Liberty Belle, they will add in hitchhiking ghosts to the picture.
If you haven't attended MNSSHP, hopefully this makes you plan a fall trip for next year! You know I'll be there!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Up Costumes by @adisneymom

Contestant number 2 for the Halloween Giveaway is Beth! Check out her family in their Up inspired costumes... Well except her son who opted out. Beth is Russel and her mom Carl.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Ariel on a Budget: @wdwnotjustkids

YAY!!! Ghouls and Draculas we have our very first entry for the Halloween Contest! Here is my friend  Heather @wdwnotjustkids telling us how to be Ariel on a budget!

If you're anything like me, you've seen oodles of awesome custom adult Disney costumes on Pinterest and Tumblr. However, I also think many of you may be like me and not have $200+ to drop on a Halloween Costume, and not be seamstresses. In 2009 I cobbled together an Ariel Costume. While pretty much everything I got is out of stress now, here's an approximation of how to do it:

Skirt: Navy maxi skirt, Peasant skirt, or I used a swimsuit cover-up. This Splendid one is a little too pricey-check eBay and your local thrift store.

Top: Aqua blouse, tee, tunic, etc. This one from Target is a good option.

Corset: I actually got mine off of eBay, and much too big (so it fit over my blouse). Charlotte Russe has a zip-up one.

I did make my own bow, using instructions akin to this, and supplies from the dollar store.