Hey guys and dolls. Ricky and I just got out of seeing Disney/Pixar's Inside Out. Truth be told we can't do a full review because there is NO WAY to keep from spoiling it. We can however share a few thoughts with you. We promise to keep this as spoiler free as possible but one man's spoiler is another's common knowledge. So here goes nothing...

1. Lava is the short before Inside Out. It is adorably and has an annoyingly catchy song. 

2. Be prepared to feel ALL of the feels. 

3. There are quite a few sad moments. 

4. The world inside Riley's head is amazing! And complex. 

5. If you are emotional this will hit close to home. 

6. The whole movie had a ring of truth no matter what your age. 


Disclaimer/Disclosure: I was given an item to review. Any and all opinions are my own.

I recently went to my eye doctor and got my prescription changed and picked out some new glasses. I was given a reasonable selection from a box of frames that my insurance would pay for. I got my fitting and was told that I would get the new glasses in 21 days.

Four weeks later.

I pick up my frames and had them write a prescription out for me.

Disclaimer/Disclosure: we were given items to use in our wedding. Any and all opinions are our own. 

It took us a while to write this post because we had such grand plans for our wedding, all the DIY we could do. But life got in the way and changed our plans. What was going to be a sponsored Memorial Day wedding in Roanoke turned into an intimate Valentine's Day wedding in New Jersey. And it's continued to get in the way even today.

Disclaimer/Disclosure: We were given an item to review. Any and all opinions are our own.

I know that I used to do this with my parents. I'd be dead asleep right around bed time, oblivious to the sounds of anything in the outside world, the boogey man would have to shake me even  to say boo.

Every time that I've been invited by the wonderful Ed Corsi to see a show at the Eagle Theatre in Hammonton, NJ I've always been pleased to see a stunningly spectacular musical production. As south Jersey's only year round professional theatre they have always been able to field a cast of remarkable actors and elaborate staging and sets while backed by a professional cast. Their wine bar is magnificent and Dragynally and I are never adverse to having a bottle of Riesling or two with our show.

Tomasello Winery has been gearing up for even bigger and better things. A while back they invited DragynAlly and I out to see their renovations in progress to expand their facilities to become a one stop shop for a wedding venue complete with two chef's on staff and newly refurbished tasting room. Last Wednesday we were invited to see the final product and sample their premium wines from the new tasting room and sample their new tapas menu. 

Charlie Tomasello isn't new to the game.

A little while ago Charlie Tomasello invited DragynAlly and I out to a tour of Tomasello Winery's ongoing renovations to their tasting room and event facilities. Coming from a family of winegrowers and having a son learning the business at Cornell he understood that the best way to make sure that Tomasello Winery was there for his future was to expand. Now the Hammonton Winery is a one stop shop for your wedding or special event.

Disclaimer/Disclosure: We were given items to review. Any and all opinions are our own.

I'm sure you've seen my previous review and giveaway of the Firetek Rocket. Now I have the privilege to tell you about the Zing Toys Firetek Bow! It's my favorite in the Firetek line and I'm sure that after you see it in action it will be one of yours.

It's a fairly simple operation. All you have to do is hook the dart up to the bungee cords, pull her back and let her fly.

Disclaimer/Disclosure: We were given an item to review. Any and all opinions are our own.

Taking something like a slingshot or launcher to the next level Firetek has come out with a rocket that can each some astonishing heights. This whistling illuminated dart can soar up to 250 feet and still be lit up so that you can easily find it in the grass at night.

This is our dog Star. She is a 15 year old black lab and she knows she's a spoiled princess. So when we saw that TTPM was showcasing pet products for the first time ever we knew we had to mosey on over.

Here are two products that we brought home to our spoiled fur princess.

Go Dog with Chew Guard Technology

When I saw these the only thing that I thought was..."my dog is going to tear that into pieces in a matter of minutes".