Monday, April 21, 2014

Getting Organized With @PixieDustDiary

Editor's Note: Lynn from My Pixie Dust Diary is awesome! Enjoy. 

Dana's away and I'm here to play!  I want to thank Dana for letting have a little piece of her fantastic site while she's away.

Have you ever had one of those days where your to do list was a mile long but you really didn't feel like doing anything?  I'd love to share a couple of tips with you to help you get organized for your next Disney trip, vacation, holiday, celebration or whatever without doing too much work right this minute.

*Have a plan - the thing most people miss is having a plan.  Grab a notebook and funky pen, curl up on the couch and start making lists during the commercials of your favorite show.  Think about your big picture and all the pieces that will complete your puzzle.  Do you need to send out invites?  What do you want them to say (just bullet points with the who, what, where, when, why, how are fine for now or take the time to come up with the cute sayings now too)?  Do you have a theme?  What are you going to eat? Wear? Do?  Make a separate list for each topic and when you're ready to get started you'll already have a plan together.

*Make a board - Pinterest is a wonderful place (just ask Dana - she's there!).  A place that will suck hours and hours from your life if you're not careful.  It's so much fun to scroll through "Everything" and see all the amazing things out there that you could do some day.  Focus a search on something specific and make a board just for that topic.  When you're ready to get started on the holiday meal, you'll already have all your recipes together or craft projects to make or things to buy.  Having an excuse to be on Pinterest = AWESOME!

*Just Because - During a veg out session, check out etsy to find some super cute note cards that fit your style.  Once they arrive, grab your address book and hit the couch.  Take a few minutes to write some special people a "just because" card.  It's fabulous to get something in the mail besides bills so even though you're taking some time to rest, you'll be brightening other people's days at the same time!

*Catch up - you've probably got a million blog posts to catch up on in your RSS feed or reader like Digg.  Count this as research for a future post for your site, catching up on the latest from your favorite tv show or on recent events with your friends.  

We all need a little break every now and again but can't always enjoy the break with a large to do list looming.  Hopefully these tips will help you take that much needed break but still get a thing or two crossed off your list.  Do you have any other ways to get some work done while relaxing?  Share them in the comments with us!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Disney Movie Easter Eggs by @PixieDustDiary

Editor's Note: Lynn from My Pixie Dust Diary is AWESOME!  Enjoy! 

Dana's away and she's allowed me to share some of my Disney love with y'all in her absence.  Today I wanted to share some Disney and Pixar "conspiracy theories" and fun things with you to help you with some Disney magic between trips.

One thing Pixar is great about doing in all their movies is hiding things called Easter Eggs.  These eggs are little nods to other Pixar movies past of present in a current movie.  Buzzfeed has some great examples like the Pizza Planet truck showing up in Wall-E or in the crowd during the Cars movie.  Wikipedia also has a really great list of different Easter Eggs sorted by egg.  For me, the Easter Eggs are a great reason to go back and watch the movies several times over to see if you can spot everything mentioned for that movie, or better yet, spot a new one.  Usually I won't look at the list before a movie comes out, I like to try and spot them on my own first.  Sometimes they're very obvious in the movies but sometimes they're more subtle so it's good that they mix it up a little bit. 

You've probably heard of this new movie that came out about Thanksgiving time called Frozen (I hope so - Dana reviewed it here).  There's been a lot of talk about a connection between Frozen, Tangled and The Little Mermaid.  Here's just one take on the connections from Babble.  I love hearing about the different connections between movies and some points from the Babble post seem to make sense.  You could spend just as much time planning a trip to see Mickey himself as you could researching the different connections between the movies.  Jon Negroni even went so far as to put together a timeline of the Pixar movies to show how they're all related in some way.

Checking out some of these Easter Eggs or movie connections are a great way to get a Disney fix when you're not able to visit the parks or want to learn more about the different Disney and Pixar movies.  Do you have a favorite Easter Egg or theory?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hasbro Day! #Giveaway

Happy Hasbro Day Guys and Dolls! Why am I declaring today Hasbro Day? Well because I have 4 awesome Hasbro reviews that went up in the Lair today. I am so stoked to tell you all about Furreal Friends Happy to See Me Pets, Nerf Mega Magnus, Nerf Rebelle and Captain America Shield. Sounds like a full day to me! I hope you take some time and read each of the reviews. Let me know what you think. To celebrate this monumental occasion I have decided to share the wealth. I have a Hasbro toy or two lying around. And if you read my other reviews and comment you can get bonus entries. Now you can win this secret Hasbro prize! Rules in the rafflecopter. Good luck!

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