This is our dog Star. She is a 15 year old black lab and she knows she's a spoiled princess. So when we saw that TTPM was showcasing pet products for the first time ever we knew we had to mosey on over.

Here are two products that we brought home to our spoiled fur princess.

Go Dog with Chew Guard Technology

When I saw these the only thing that I thought was..."my dog is going to tear that into pieces in a matter of minutes". When our dog sees these things it's not an if it's a WHEN she tears these up. But thanks to a special mesh inside the lining these stuffies are obliteration resistant. (Let's face it nothing you could give this drool machine is obliteration proof) . From the moment that we brought it in Star loved it and has been dragging it all over the house.

Today is my 30th birthday... I have no clue how I feel about that. Truth be told I'm not where I hoped to be at this age. I hoped I would have a lot more figured out and know where my life was headed. Instead of being a fabulous social girl living in NYC with my BFFs and partying every weekend, I am a married woman who loves nothing more than spending time with her husband and watching bad tv. I don't live in NYC. In fact, like a lot of people, I unfortunately share a house with my parents.

Today we continue our discussion of new toys coming out that would kick your old toys' butt.

Nineties kids like to brag about their movies, TV shows, and toys. I'm all for nostalgia and everything but at TTPM last week I saw a lot of cool toys that would wipe the floor with our old toys on the playground. This is part one. Look for part two later.

K-Force Build and Blast

I'm not going to lie. I used to make guns out of Knex all the time  well before they started marketing them as such.

Established 1933 right at the end of prohibition Tomasello winery has been doing business. Last month Charlie Tomasello led Dr. Fronkensteen and me along with another group of press to tour the newest renovations to the winery. After hosting over eight hundred weddings so far Tomasello is expanding the banquet and wine business. While also building a foundation for the third generation of Tomasellos who will be keeping the name going in the future.

Disclaimer/Disclosure: We were given an item to review any and all opinions are our own.

It's officially spring and old man winter has finally packed up his stuff and gone home. Now as the weather gets warmer ladies who are a little self conscious about the extra winter pounds will be taking to the streets and jogging like there's no tomorrow.

Disclaimer/Disclosure: We were given an item to review. Any and all opinions are our own.

It's Easter! Who is excited? Did you dye eggs? Did you get a nice basket? Here in Casa de Young-Howze we decided to get dressed up for the occasion. Our friends at Buy Costumes sent us a fabulous Easter Bunny costume. Mascot quality at that! It's now on sale for $25 so buy it now and save it for next year. We had a fun time trying it on and seeing how it looked.

Hello guys and dolls!!! I missed you so much!!! I can't believe I haven't blogged in 4 months! What is wrong with me? I guess I've just been so busy. December Ricky and I went home (TN) for the holidays, January was swamped with wedding planning, February was our wedding and honeymoon and March was spent job hunting... More on all of this later.

Disclaimer/Disclosure: I was given an item to review. Any and all opinions are my own.

Hello guys and dolls. Or should I say "buccaneers"? So I have been looking high and low for a good pirate costume that would fit my curves. Not an easy task! Why do I need a pirate costume? Well between you and me there is a pirate night on a cruise I am going on and I believe in going all out!

Enter my friends at Anytime Costumes! They have a lot of great costumes and in pretty diverse sizes. Like curvy.

Disclaimer/Disclosure: We were given items to review. Any and all opinions are our own.

Hello Guys and Dolls! The New Year is upon us (where did the old one go). If you are like me you like to party... But in the comfort and safety of your own home. Our friends at Oriental Trading can hook you up with a lot of fun goodies to help you ring in the new year in style.

In our case Dr. Fronkensteen and I made a selfie station. It is a fun way to capture all of the memories.