Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Introducing Cruisin' Tuesday #Cruise

Swimsuit Cover up Combo
Hey Guys and Dolls! As I prepare for another summer at grad school I want to start up something that will be the new format of the Lair for about the next year or so. 3 days a week will be dedicated to very specific posts. Wedding Wednesday, Toy Thursday and today is the first of many Cruisin' Tuesdays!

Why will we be spending a year of Tuesdays talking cruises? Simple. Dr. Fronkensteen and I are planning on having our honeymoon on the Disney Fantasy (SQUEE!). I want to share our plans with you as we go along. Everything from packing to outfits and fish extenders (I'll explain later) will be discussed. There might even be the occasional review and more! So get excited.

I figure since I can't take you guys with me on the cruise (trust me I checked. I can't) you could join me in the fun of planning for it. Cruisin' Tuesdays here we come!

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  1. Planning for it is half the fun! :)


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