Saturday, April 26, 2014

Folkmanis Puppets Review #TFNY #TF14

Disclaimer/Disclosure: I was given items to review. Any and all opinions are my own.

Hey guys and dolls! I want to start this review with just a few general thoughts about Folkmanis Puppets and the puppets I got to try. Then the fun part of telling you about each of the puppets. Sound good?

First off I'm loving how well constructed these puppets are. They are stitched well and everything is well in place. I also love that they have all of the plushy wonderfulness of a stuffed animal but are perfectly designed to puppet.

I'm not a puppeteer at all BUT Folkmanis has tutorials on their website that help guide you. There are even guides that will tell you what books are good to read while using your puppet. This adds such a fun educational aspect to the puppets as well.

First up is the black cat. She has a full plush body with enough hallowed out space in her head are front legs that you can move her about. She is covered in soft fur and has big bright eyes and a red tongue. She was the first I learned how to puppet and it was quite easy. It requires a bit of dexterity but once you get the hang of it puppeting can be so fun.

Next up is the Owl puppet. He was very similar to the cat but required I spread my fingers even further to make his wings flap. Also covered in soft fur his body is completely plush except his head and wings. You can puppet is wings, head and (when you get the hang of it) move his beak to talk.

Last but not least are the prince and princess puppets. These are two separate puppets that play well together. Think storytime with every fairytale ever told. The princess is a dress with arms and head and the prince has two dangling plush legs. These are classic puppet theater puppets and require a little less dexterity unless you want them to do more intricate things.

All Folkmanis puppets are great for kids and reasonably priced. They are a fun activity that allow for kids (and adults) to use their endless imaginations. Puppets are great for indoor and outdoor play. Just be careful to keep them clean and follow the care guidelines if they get dirty. What do you think of the puppets? Check out my video below to learn more.


  1. Oh man, I was a storyteller and preschool teacher for most of my adult life. Now a stay at home Grandma. I used to travel all over the states and promote storytelling. It required a VERY sturdy and wonderful puppet most of the time. I always shopped Folkmanis first. They could outlast my telling of the story over 1000 times!! This excites me. Sure hope to see a giveaway.

  2. These are just to cute. I read to my kids, and they read to me, so this would make story time a lot of fun. Plus, my daughter loves owls.

  3. Very pretty..going to have to check them sons been wanting one since he saw them at the zoo for sale but they're crazy expensive there. He loves the puppets that look like real animals..

  4. These are great my daughter would love one!


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