Thursday, January 31, 2013

I'm in love!

I met the man of my dreams! He's strong, powerful and rich. He's also a superhero. Perfect right? Ok all joking aside. The new Iron Man 3 trailer is out and it looks awesome! Seriously I wish I could buy my tix now. Who's going to come see it with me?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Relay for Life with @jeff_emt

The American Cancer Society has been able through, advocacy, research, education and service to prevent cancer and ensure that over 14 million cancer survivors get to celebrate a birthday this year. ACS supports over 900 local offices and it takes a lot of money to make their work a reality. The Relay for Life is an overnight event taking place all over the country to help them raise money for this event.

Our twitter friend Jeff is trying to raise $911 dollars for his team as they participate in the Lake Buena Vista relay on April 20th. He and the Reedy Creek Fire Department have pulled together to raise a whopping $1,425 towards a $2,500 goal. As of the time that I looked at his page they were only thirteen percent of the way to their goal. All of us can give something to help him get there!

Every one of us knows someone that is battling cancer. Too many of us have lost loved ones to some form of cancer. The battle of cancer research and treatment has been waged for many years and every day a cure seems just one step closer and just a little too far out of grasp. And for many research centers and labs out there the one thing that keeps them from getting life saving techniques out of the labs and to the patients is money. 

These people are already life savers in what they do for their community. Let's help them save even more lives and team up to end cancer for good! 

If you want to you can tweet at Jeff here at @jeff_emt and tell him that you're cheering him on! And I know that you want to go to his relay page here and give what you can to help him reach his goal. Every little bit helps!

Wine Wednesday: Summer Sangria

Leave it to me to try a wine called Summer Sangria in the dead of winter. In my defense I could use a bit of summer right now.

By the way Sharrott Winery is not aware of this review and did not endorse it in any way.

Summer Sangria is a pre-mixed wine cocktail. It is a sweet red combined with citrus flavors. I loved the flavor. Very fruity. You could taste the citrus. And as promised it was a Sangria not a wine. Since it was already perfectly balanced all I had to do was add some fruit garnish and drink.

I almost wish I had served it frozen (slushy). I think it would have been even better. I liked it but I have to admit it wasn't one of the more memorable wines I've had. It could have been that I've had better sangrias. It was nicely mixed and well balanced but it didn't have a lot of different fruit flavors. Just citrus and wine.

Summer Sangria might be worth a second sip when the summer hits. Oh also one bottle only topped of 3 glasses. Consider that when buying for a party.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Super Bowl. Lone Ranger. Oh YEAH! #LoneRanger

So... Both the Lone Ranger and Oz the Great and Powerful have some surprises this Sunday... And I am stoked. Let's be honest... I'm watching for the commercials. Check out the teaser below. Anyone else excited?

For the Love of Notebooks #Giveaway #FortheLoveof

Before I get started...

Disclaimer: I received $20 from May Designs to make any book I wanted. I chose a planner with mod rose orchid mauve cover. Any opinions about the design, inside and out, and May Books are completely my own. 

So I am in love with my planner. Completely in love with it. It is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world! I first met May Books in August. Ok I didn't meet anyone but their adorable notebooks were in a gift bag I received. Fast forward to December and me thinking about what to get you all for Valentine's Day. Luckily for my May Books is AWESOME and totally agreed that you needed one (or several) of their notebooks in your life.

I love words and planning. And one of the side effects of this is that I love notebooks. Pretty notebooks, personalized notebooks. Notebooks that SCREAM DragynAlly. Thanks to May Designs I was able to create a notebook that was all of that. How romantic would it be to have someone make you your own personal notebook?

May Books has several cover designs to choose from. From the wacky and whimsical to the more sedate and everything in between. The sweetheart collection is out now in time for Valentine's Day! (A notebook covered in hearts from your sweetie? Awesome.) The only thing missing were more masculine options. Although I was able to create a notebook for my boyfriend that was "manly" enough. (Yes, I love May Books so much I am buying them as gifts. AND I have "buy a new May Books planner" written in my planner.)

Once you pick a cover that speaks to you then the personalization really begins. You can now add a monogram or name. As you can see in my pics my name is all over it! Don't want your name? That's cool too. You can either leave off that part OR you can name your book whatever you want. Let's say you want to remember what year you made a planner for, you can call the book 2013. Or let's say you create a wedding diary name it something romantic.

One of the best things about May Books are the many options you have for the inside pages of your book. I needed a 2013 planner so that's what I made. Need a "bump diary" to help you keep track of stuff during pregnancy? They have that. How about meal planner? They have that too. There are 12 different page options and all of them are there to help you organize your life. (Blank pages could be used for free form thinkers or drawings.)

May Books are the perfect size for your own the go notebook needs. 5"x 8" to be exact. You can throw it in your purse (backpack, whatever) and go. My planner has become such a part of my every day life I almost forgot it was the item I had to review!

May Designs (May Books) also keeps in mind the environment when they make their books. They use thread for binding. The covers are Green-e certified canvas. The books are not only gorgeous but they are eco friendly and durable. Don't believe me? I bent and twisted my new book just to prove it to myself and it held up! I was impressed.

Now you can win one of these fab books for yourself or someone in your life who loves words or organization or notebooks. Rules are in the rafflecopter. I wish you luck!

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The first thing I planned.

Yes it is!

Monday, January 28, 2013

For the Love of Rubies! #Giveaway

Ruby Red Love Jewelry

Hosted by Diary of a Determined Momma & The Bloggers Cupcake Cafe
Most people have a dream in their head of the perfect way to spend Valentine's Day. There's just the right person to spend it with, at just the right place, with just the right weather, just the right food, and the perfect presents to top it all off.

There's a certain fella I am missing pretty bad about now. He lives very far away but we talk all the time. I bet he misses me too. I'd like to spend my Valentine's Day with him. I promised you love and this is part of it!

While the best part of this holiday is usually just who you spend it with, some of us from the Bloggers Cupcake Cafe have decided to get together and make the present part a little easier on one lucky reader this year. We're going to give someone a beautiful ruby necklace just in time for Valentine's Day!

trillion cut ruby
The entry methods below are simple. We want to bring you great content including more giveaways, DIY Projects, Recipes, and humor right to your inbox or RSS reader. Let's connect! The giveaway will run through February 6, 2012 at 11:59PM EST. Use the Rafflecopter form below and good luck!
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Prize ERV is $49.99. Participating blogs not responsible for winner selection or sponsor prize shipment. Sponsor reserves right to substitute prize of equal value. Winners will be contacted via email provided and will have 48 hours to respond in order to claim prize. Questions regarding giveaway may be directed to

For the Love of Disney! #FortheLoveof #Giveaway


Andersons Angels wanted to host a hop for her daughter's birthday. The Birthday Bash. I want to get For the Love of... started off with a BANG! So here we are. The prize? One $20 Disney gift card. I thought you might enjoy it.

For those of us who love Disney it's always nice to have a gift card! We can use it to shop online, in store or save it up to use on vacation. It really is the ultimate fan gift.  What I love most about Disney gift cards is that they are perfect for all occasions. And since this giveaway is a hybrid of Valentine's Day and a birthday I figured it would be perfect!

Directions are in the rafflecopter. I wish you the best of luck! It's all about having fun and feeling the love. And when you're done here make sure to check out the other fun giveaways.
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Disclaimer: Anderson's Angels, and The Birthday Bash bloggers are not responsible for sponsors that fail to fulfill their prizes.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Site of the Week: @DisneyAdults

Anyone that knows me well, knows that right up there with my love for my family and friends, is my love of Walt Disney World. Many will say they love all things Disney, and I guess I do – but my true love is Walt Disney World in Orlando. I have never been to Disneyland, on a Disney cruise, on an Adventure by Disney, Alauni, or experienced any of the other remote Disney locations. Do I want to visit any of those other Disney locations? Maybe, some day – but my first love will always be WDW. There is a small piece of Disney with me everyday – I carry a Disney handbag, use a Disney wallet, wear Disney sock, Disney crocs, Disney jewelry, Disney t-shirts and fleece jackets. I use Disney wine glasses, coffee mugs and stationary. Mickey Mouse is represented in some way in every room of my home. I have no small children or grandchildren so know very little about the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique or the Pirates League since neither of these existed when my children were young. My only experiences with things for small children are through the stories and photos shared by many of my wonderful Disney friends and I will gladly share with all where to find this information if needed. I love to talk Disney, share Disney and plan Disney – so that is what I do on my blog – I share what an adult – with no young children – does at WDW.
My site is: The Adult Side of Disney. I started my site because of my love of Disney and most sites I found dealt with travelling to WDW with children. I am the sole contributor to the site 99.9% of the time. I do have an occassional guest writer provide a review. My intended audience are those travelling to WDW without children. I believe my site is different from others because I offer write-ups as well as interesting information, discounted trips and giveaways. I think my favorite write-up on my site would probably be a recent 2 part write-up on things NOT to do with children at WDW (Cupcake Crawl Drink Around the World Showcase). I would hope people would be willing to check out my site for the fun information I can provide. You can find out more about my site by visiting the link above.
My favorite theme park is the Magic Kingdom and I would most definitely be Mickey Mouse (after all - it all started with a mouse!). My favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast and my favorite ride is the Pirates of the Caribbean. I love staying at Port Orleans Riverside.
My favorite non-Disney thing will always be my dogs, Lola and Belle.
The hardest thing about running my site is making sure to come up with interesting content. The best thing would be getting to know all the people I have met and come in contact with through my site.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gaston's Tavern

Want more pics? Go HERE.
So there has been a lot of buzz about the New Fantasyland at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. I finally got to see it a few weeks ago and I have to say that it lives up to the hype. Especially the Beauty and the Beast area.

I was so excited to check out Gaston's Tavern. I loved the idea of an iconic image in one of my favorite movies becoming real. And yes, guys and dolls, Gaston does use antlers in all of his decorating. Don't believe me? Check out the pics here.

So I asked you all to ask me your Gaston's Tavern question earlier this week. And I loved what you asked. Below are my answers to your questions mixed into my own impressions. I hope it helps you get a feel for the place.

Gaston's is more of a snack and go place more than even a counter service. There really isn't too much in the way of meals. The only "real" food I saw was the pork shank. I didn't try the pork shank but it kind of grossed me out, The line wasn't too long when I went totally worth the wait to try Lefou's Brew.

I live for the decor here. "I use antlers in all of my decorating" was taken to the imagineer limit and I love it. The tavern feels like a real hunting lodge and you almost expect Gaston to make an appearance (and he does!)The antlers do not discourage vegans but the smell of pork is a bit overwhelming for anyone. My friends theorize they are pumping the smell in to entice the carnivores but it's a it of a turn off.

The details of this Gaston's are astounding! You can totally sit in Gaston's chair and it is huge. It fit 2 people. My favorite feature was the funny statue out front. It is Gaston at his best and so fun to take pics of. At different angles.

Basically it was a nice place to sit and grab a quick snack while you wait. I would love to go back and grab a drink and just chill there again. If you have any other questions leave them in the comments. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Friday, January 25, 2013

For the Love of...

In honor of Valentine's Day starting Monday there will be a series of posts. Each on is part of a gift guide titled "For the Love of..."  and each on will be for the love of something. So far I have rubies, pretty notebooks, geeks, and gaming. But there will be 14 things featured so I'll need more titles. It should be a fun way to help each of you get ready for Valentine's Day but mostly have fun in the Lair. Did I mention that means that there will be 14 giveaways?! Yes! You have 14 chances to win fun things. I hope this helps bring a little love into your lives. Who loves you guys and dolls? This Dragyn does!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Owls! #GiveAHoot #Giveaway

This is an adorable stuffed owl from Loni's Little Treasures. She made it special order for me. Cute right?! He is well made and has all the feel of a homemade gift but instead of you having to learn how to crochet (cause I sure don't know how) Loni makes them for you.

This little owl is adorable and sweet and very well made. I love that it is in a ball shape and fun to throw around. My favorite thing about the owl are his big eyes. They are perfectly round and bring him to life!

Loni makes tons of handmade goodies like hats and stuffed animals. Her stuff is cute and can be personalized. Loni says she loves a challenge!

How would you like your own little stuffed owl in any colors you choose? You know you want one! This is an easy giveaway. Just have fun and enter at will. I wish you the best of luck! While you're here make sure to check out the other fun owl themed giveaways.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wine Wednesday: Tutto Gusto

Rosa Regale
Tutto Gusto Wine Bar at Walt Disney World is on of my favorite places. It's cold, quiet and a perfect place to grab a drink.

While I was on my last Disney trip I had the opportunity to hang out there with 3 great friends of mine. Alison, Amanda and Heather are the sweetest girls ever! We grabbed some Rosa Regale (review soon) and sat around and talked.

We shared mozzarella and sipped our wine. Then the thought of limoncello came up. I LOVE limoncello. I had it for the very first time when I was in Germany. But limoncello is an Italian lemon infused alcohol that makes my life! Sweet and light but packs a punch. You sip it to get the aroma and lemony flavors.

Then we moved on to dessert. I snuck you a pic of the torte but I didn't eat any. What I had was the cheese cake. It was light and sweet. Made with ricotta with a fresh bright flavor. It was the perfect size too. Just enough for a few delicious bites.

When hanging out in Epcot it is always fun to find the fun retreat in the middle of a busy park. Tutto Gusto is perfect. You can check out the wines and have a meal. Or you can take a cue from your favorite Dragyn and just sit and relax with some great friends.


Cheese cake


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Race Pics!

Shelley! Check her out at On the Go in MCO

Tom (@idetestyou) bell ringing.

The WDWRadio Running Team!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Ricky talks about the End It Movement!

Many of us have the privilege of personal freedom. We can go where we want and do what we want and are in control over our own destinies. But for over 27 million people in this world they don't have that luxury. While we sit here in our comfortable chairs people are being trafficked all over the world, even in the United States, to live lives of bondage.

The good thing is is that there are people out there to help. The End it Movement has partnered with other organizations that raise awareness to the problem, become advocates for the victims, and prosecute the perpetrators.

photo courtesy of

Just one post won't be able to tell you everything about the scourge of modern day slavery but here is just a sampling of statistics from the End It Movement's Website:

  • There are over 27 million slaves in the world. Two Hundred Thousand live in the United States.
  • Almost half of Human Trafficking victims are children
  • 80% of all people trafficked are women. 
  • The slavery "industry" spans over 161 countries and makes more annually than Google.
  • The price of a trafficked human being is $90. That's less than the price of most cell phones for a human life. 
And they're asking people like us to become a part of the movement too! You can go to the End It Movement's website and sign up! You can find out all the different ways that you can be a part of the movement and help stop the scourge of slavery! You don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home if you don't want to!

DragynAlly allowed me to use this post to tell you about the cause and this great problem in our nation. To learn more about the Movement and what my company Fronkensteen Theatre Productions is doing to help raise awareness you can visit my blog for weekly updates.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Site of the Week: Nathaly Mary Kay

Tell me about yourself
Hello! I'm Nathaly I lived in Tampa for about 6 years now & I love it! I'm stay at home mom with 3 children, Emma 9, Celeste 8 & Luis 11m and I support Cloth diapers! , Love my babies to pieces! And I run my Mary Kay business & my husband runs his own Auto detail business also.

What is the name of your site and what is it about?
 Mary Kay Cosmetics. It sell beauty products & skin care products for women and men.

 What sparked your love of whatever your site is about?  
I love Mary Kay because is based on two principles. One is that it’s a company of integrity, and Mary Kay said that we will do unto others as we would have them do unto us. To be able to work with people who hold that believe is amazing. It’s just terrific to be around that positive belief system. The second is “Faith first, family second, and career third.” That is huge for me. Because having 3 children I love the flexibility Mary Kay gave me while they are in school & to be able to be at their beck and call, rather than at an employer’s beck and call. Which is me. I know that not all employers require that of you, but just to have that freedom is great. In Mary Kay, I can live my values, surrounded by people who share those values.

Who works on your site?
When you join Mary Kay you get your own website only I work it.

Who is the intended audience of your site?
Women and Men

What makes your site different from others?
What makes my website different than others is that May Kay Cosmetics carries the #1 bestsellers skin care products in the world and has the seal of Good Housekeeping in most of her products.

What is your favorite thing on your site?
My favorite post in my website would have to be, the skin care products. It has a wide variety to help skin care problems and/or to avoid them.

If you could give people one reason to check out your site what would it be?
My one good reason would be, you will love the products & be 100% satisfied.

How can the Lair's readers find out more about your site?
I can be reached On Facebook, Twitter and my Mary Kay website.

If you could be any Disney character who would you be?
I would be Pocahontas. She was a free spirited woman. :)

Favorite theme park?
SeaWorld Aquatica

Favorite movie?

Favorite ride?
Roller coasters!!

Favorite resort?
Never been to one: /

Favorite non-Disney thing?
Horror Movies

What's the hardest thing about running your site?
The hardest thing about running my website is, when I have a lot of orders to put in. I gotta enter one person at a time. Wish I had an admin lol

What's the best thing about running your site?
The best is when I see my subscribers go up and that means Loyal Customers.

Besides DragynAlly, who's your favorite dragon?
The girl Dragon from Shrek!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sunrise Saturday

Beautiful right?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Lefou's Friday

The pic below is one of my not so fabulous (ok it's still fabulous) iPhone pics of Lefou's Brew! It's pretty darn delicious. When I first heard "frozen apple juice" I thought blah! Really Disney? Frozen apple cider?!

Then I tried it. Whoa! I don't know what it is about a toasted marshmallow flavor that changes everything but it did! The flavor was a mellow sweetness that didn't taste like a was swallowing sugar. It actually was quite refreshing.

For my adult readers: Who would be up for a homemade version of this with some marshmallow vodka? I know you're picking up what I'm putting down!

The only negative I have about the brew is the foam on top. I think it was mango. All I know is it was too tropical and took away from my marshmallow apple heaven!

Lefou's Brew can befound at Gaston's Tavern in the new part of Fantasyland. It cost about $5 and is a snack credit on Disney dining.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Disney Bloggers Fight Hunger!

Many of us don't know hunger. We might feel some grumblings in the stomach around lunch time and claim "I'm starving!" and then you head down to the nearest fast food joint and grab a cheeseburger. If we're in a financial bind we go through the couch cushions and find some loose change to get an eighty-nine cent burrito. But for each of the 5.7 million people in the world who receive assistance from  a local food bank or soup kitchen going through the day without food is a real possibility. To learn more about Feeding America or to have an opportunity to give please go here.

This is why DragynAlly teamed up with several other Disney bloggers to raise money for Feeding America an organization that operates a network of food banks to supply countless pounds of food and groceries to soup kitchens and pantries all over the world! They're trying to raise one thousand dollars to help Feeding America continue to do it's good work all over the nation.

Any money that you can give will go to help hungry fans in need. According to the website just one dollar will go to provide EIGHT meals to a shelter. Now that's a great example of your money going a long way.

I have a very specific attachment to this cause. Growing up in a big family there were a lot of times when the money just didn't make ends meet. My family received food from a local food bank on more than one occasion when we didn't even have two digits in our bank account. Having this as part of my past I can tell you that these people are depending desperately on the kindness of strangers like you! Please don't let them down!

When we last left out heroine...

First full day back from my Walt Disney World trip and SO much to catch up on. Here's what you need to know:
  1. There will be a MASSIVE mail out this week of prizes. Thank you for being patient.
  2. The rest of this week will be a bit of Disney fun.
  3. Sunday is the Site of the Week. If you have a site you want to tell me about email
  4. The begging of next week brings us some fabulous reviews! So stay tuned.
  5. February is "For the Love of..." Month and it will be filled with great reviews and giveaways. If you do crafts or sell awesome stuff email

So excited to share my fun Disney pics and stories with you! I miss you guys while I was away.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wine Wednesday: Shamong White

The second wine of the year... That does not sound like nearly enough! Meet Shamong White by Valenzano Winery in NJ. Shamong is actually a town in NJ. I have no clue why they picked this name. Shamong isn't famous for wine that I know of.

This is where I should mention this review is unsolicited and Valenzano Winery could care less what I think.

I like sweet wine. I do. I love the light flavor. However with that said Shamong White was odd. It didn't so much taste like white wine as it did fermented grape juice. Maybe it was the intent of the winery for the grape flavor to be prominent but I like layers of flavor in my wine. Don't get me wrong, I can't tell you that the wine has a floral finish or anything but I know grape when I taste it!

Shamong White's lack of complexity made me think it would be perfect for a wine cocktail. In a sangria or wine punch Shamong White would shine. It's light, sweet flavor would play perfectly in the back ground and let the other flavors shine.

I say try it for a cocktail party in a signature beverage you design yourself.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Walt Disney: My Artistic Hero

My name is Ricky Steven Young (R. S. Young).  On my own blog my given name is Dr. Fronkensteen. If you get the notion you can read it here.  You may think that I'm new to the site and but  you've seen my work in the form of my plays which DragynAlly graciously showcased on my site. An example of that work is The Girl Who Cried Wolf.

I am a theatre junkie. I love going to every show I can find and even if I don't like them I love being there because I'm part of an artform that I like. Some people when they come and see a show they think they're watching just a piece of entertainment. But when I go to a show I watch the work of a group of people who have spent time to create a world onstage. And that's what you really are doing. It's become so popular in the movies. You see them create wonderful worlds that seem bigger than the screen.  Theatre is a live version of that. When you walk into the theatre you should know that you've been transported into another world.

And that's why I first started studying the life and genius of Walt E. Disney. Even before I had a friend of the girl persuasion like DragynAlly that goes to the parks twice a year and is helping me plan my first trip for next year. I started studying him and how he started the parks because I wanted to know how one man pulled a team together to start a new world. And that's what Walt Disney World is! No matter where you you are on the park or what part you research Walt created a giant stage to create a world that the audience can actually sleep in and walk through. They even call all of the people that work there "Cast Members". Talk about someone who set the bar of theatre and "world design".

It's because of studying Disney that I started changing my theatre style. Now when I'm doing a show I keep asking myself, "What can I do to change the atmosphere? What world am I creating for my audience? How can I design that world to let it permeate their perceptions and tell them what the story is before the show even starts? If Disney has already influenced my style before I ever walked into the park I can't wait to see what it does to me after I go.  I'll be sure to share the experience with ya!

Monday, January 14, 2013

No Laughing Allowed is Fabulously Misleading!

No Laughing Allowed! is the title of one of the funniest things I've ever read. So when the title says "no laughing allowed" what does that mean? It means that when you are a mom or dad (or any person who lives with people) trying to enjoy a moment to yourself someone will come and ruin it. And trust me, when you are reading this you will enjoy yourself. I actually started reading No Laughing Allowed early one morning and had to hold back the laughter to keep the other members of my household from waking up on me.

So what is No Laughing Allowed about? Well that is a very loaded question. Let me tell you what it is. Life Well Blogged's Abbey and Monica collected stories of female bloggers that are HILARIOUS! They are short, sweet, funny commentaries on the female experience. They are stories that any woman from any walk of life can appreciate. How can I say that? Because the lives of the wives and mothers in this book are VERY different from my dating and childless life but I nearly died laughing.

My favorite thing about No Laughing Allowed is that I have the attention span of a gnat and all of the stories are short. Like one or two pages tops. They are short sweet and right to the point. I also love that the stories that were compiled have themes. From work life to marriage. From periods to pregnancy. And of course KIDS! This book covers a range of topics that encapsulate womanhood.

Life Well Blogged did an excellent job of keeping all of the stories in check. The harsh words are stared out like f*ck and things like that. You will be able to figure the words out but your eyes won't be assaulted.

I'm so trying not to spoil but let me tell you some of my ROTFL moments. I cry-laughed when I read about Bexst*r- Keepin' it real since 1979 and her permanent marker fiasco! I also loved when The Truth of Motherhood compared being on your period to Shark Week. This book is filled with self deprecating female humor at it's best! You laugh because it's true and we've been there.

Now you can win your own copy of No Laughing Allowed! One of the entry method is signing up for a newsletter WAIT before you start to groan Life Well Blogged is AWESOME! Everyone who is signed up for their newsletter is eligible to win a Kindle Fire! So you might as well sign up now. Rules are in the rafflecopter. Good luck!

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Site of the Week: @BooToYou7

Header loving stolen from here.

  1. Tell me about yourself: I am a 30 year old attorney in NC that is on Twitter and would like to otherwise stay anonymous. I like alcohol, Disney, and the Carolina Panthers.
  2. What is the name of your site and what is it about? The name is "Slightly Intoxicated" and it's about my life. So... original in that way.
  3. What sparked your love of whatever your site is about? Well, I don't really know that I started it due to love of myself. Mainly I felt like I had some funny stories to tell about my life and started the site so  I could tell them.
  4. Who works on your site? Just me.
  5. Who is the intended audience of your site? Anyone who wants to laugh at the ridiculousness of life. 
  6. What makes your site different from others? I draw really terrible pictures to help make jokes.
  7. What is your favorite post on your site?
  8. If you could give people one reason to check out your site what would it be? Because it will, hopefully, give them something to laugh about.
  9. How can the Lair's readers find out more about your site? Just go to

Bonus questions 
  1. If you could be any Disney character who would you be? I think I would be Jasmine. She's got a kickin' bod and grew up a princess so I wouldn't have to deal with temporarily dying, becoming a slave to my other family members, or going into a coma. She also actually got to know her prince instead of seeing him for 5 minutes and falling in love. Plus, she has a tiger!
  2. Favorite theme park? Epcot
  3. Favorite movie? The Muppets
  4. Favorite ride? Haunted Mansion. I'm always ride leaning forward in the Doom Buggy trying to find more details. So many things to look at and see in that ride.
  5. Favorite resort? Animal Kingdom Lodge.  I walk into that resort and I just feel at home. Weird considering I'm not from Africa nor ever been to Africa. 
  6. Favorite non-Disney thing? ... non-Disney thing? I don't understand the meaning of these words. No seriously, probably Halloween. I love everything to do with Halloween.
  7. What's the hardest thing about running your site? Coming up with new stories and also trying to get people to actually look at it.
  8. What's the best thing about running your site? I love drawing the little pictures. I always crack myself up. 
  9. Besides DragynAlly, who's your favorite dragon? Puff. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Laughter is my favorite sound. It is a comfort in a world of chaos. As I write this my beloved Grandmother (Nan) is in a hospital and I am praying that she will get well. Truth be told I don't know what will happen. But what I do know if when I visited her yesterday every now and then she would laugh. No it wasn't out of the blue. Nan was laughing at my Mom. Mom is probably the most epic storyteller I know. She can make a walk in the park sound like a sweeping Greek comedy. This is not an exaggeration. She tells the best stories and you can't help but laugh. And not just any laugh. The kind of laugh that hurts in the pit of your stomach, makes you face smile wider than ever and makes tears fill up your eyes. Beautiful cleansing tears. Mom told her stories and Nan and I laughed. And even though that laughter may not change the outcome of Nan's hospital stay for the moment we were elevated. Laughter made it alright for that moment.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Film Friday: And the Nominees are...

So Disney studios has 17 Oscar nods... Lincoln with a whopping 12! That makes Lincoln the most nominated film of the year. Paperman for best animated short and Avengers for visual effects.  Brave, Frakenweenie, and Wreck-it Ralph all nominated for best animated feature.

Anyone want to throw in their predictions? And of the 3 Disney films for animated feature which one is your favorite?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

People Who Make Me Smile #Giveaway

Something that makes me smile!

Remember when I said you should follow me on Google Friend Connect? Rules in the rafflecopter. Good Luck!

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wine Wednesday: American Almonique

Leave it to me to start off Wine Wednesdays with the weirdest wine I could fine. Meet American Almonique by Tomasello Winery in Hammonton NJ. It claims to be a "table wine". And since I have no clue what that means we'll skip that.

I guess I should mention that this review is completely unsolicited and Tomasello Winery doesn't even know it exists.

This was different for me. I usually love sweet wines of every color. And wines that taste of fruit. American Almonique is a wine made of almonds. So it didn't really taste like wine. Who else here drinks amaretto? Well that's what it tastes like. It even leaves a warmth in your chest like a good amaretto does. It is sweet and was fun to sip. I couldn't imagine just downing a glass.

American Almonique is artificially colored. Hence why it is caramel colored. I imagine that in reality it is clear. The brown color makes it seem like it is richer than your average wine, which it is. I just feel like I was lied to with the color choice. Maybe they did test group and they liked the brown. Or maybe they didn't want American Almonique confused with a traditional white.

I actually bought American Almonique so that I could cook with it. I used it to make mushroom soup. The warmth and "earthyness" of the wine pared really nicely with the mushrooms. It made all the flavor really come together.

I'd say try it just to try something unique.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Love Spiders! AKA HexBug XL Review

Let me correct that tile. I love mechanical, remote-controlled spiders in bright colors. Cause real spiders are icky. Now where was I...

Disclaimer: I was sent a Blue HexBug XL Spider to review. All opinions are my own and may vary from others.

Meet my new little bud Blu McSpud! (That wasn't supposed to rhyme.) Yes I named my toy. Don't judge me! He looks almost futuristic doesn't he? Although some have argued he looks retro (Sputnik anyone?).

I fell in love with HexBug years ago. I love the idea of the fun buggy electronic toys. I went to the Big Toy Book's Biggest Day of Holiday Play a month ago (early December) and that is when I met the XL HexBugs. And I immediately feel in love all over again. I knew I had to have one.

Why do I love the XL HexBugs? Well first off they are user friendly and Dragyn (that's me) proof! You know that little kid who ran RC stuff into walls? Hi! Yep I am not the most gifted person at controlling RC goodness. But with Blu McSpud (the HexBug XL Spider) he goes where his head is turned. So simple! If you want him to go in a different direction you face his head that way. Genius! The Hex Bug Spider XL's head turns 360 degrees so there is no limit to how he can go.  He can also walk forward and backwards.

I love the way the HexBug XL Spider moves. If you check out the video below you can see what I mean. They actually want on their legs. There aren't hidden wheels or a tread hiding somewhere. It's walking (it's alive!). Each creepy leg crawling along and propelling the XL Spider forward or back. I did notice that because of this sometimes Blu McSpud (remember I named him) would sometimes go a little crooked. Like his legs were pulling him in different directions. The walking wasn't too wonky and was easily corrected with a turn of the head.

Last thing to note is this isn't a toy for the speed demon in your life or the stunt man. Blu McSpud (XL Spider) doesn't go 0-60, he doesn't do back flips. But he is the most interesting when it comes to moving and being a technically complex RC toy. It's actually pretty impressive that the XL Spider and the other bugs can do what they do. I love seeing the gears and pieces work. They are kind of clear so you can see their insides. The geek in my loves this.

The HexBug XL Spider (or any member of the XL family) would be great for any age geek in your life. They'll love seeing how it moves and operates and will be mesmerized by the mechanics.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Boogie Board rip Review & Giveaway

Welcome to the New Year/New You Event hosted by Andersons Angels and Joy of Momma Joyner. Each one of the giveaways in this hop is something to improve your life in 2013! The Dragyn's Lair is going to help you stay eco friendly in geeky style.

Meet my new favorite thing the Boogie Board rip! Every once in a while a product walks into your life and fills a need you never knew you had (I know that sounds nuts but go with me). It is a tablet that completely eliminates the need for paper. But it is so much more than that. With that in mind...

Disclaimer: I was sent a Boogie Board rip of my very own to review. All opinions are my own. My opinion may vary from others. 

First of all the Boogie Board family of products are just fun! Seriously. The Boogie Board rip has a built in holder for the stylus and is small and compact. I was drawing random swiggles lines and shapes just so I could press the erase button. One of the BEST things about the Boogie Board rip and why it replaces note pad and paper (thus saving the environment) is that you can take notes on them until you need them and then the LCD (liquid crystal display AKA awesome!) tablet can magically make them disappear. Oh I am sure a techie is yelling at his comp at me right now but I believe it's magic. Don't want your note to be erased right away? There is a lock feature that prevents accidental note loss.

But wait! I don't just want to take notes and delete them. What if I need them later? What if I drew something really awesome and I want to show the world? Don't worry. This is where the rip (record image. preserve.) part comes in. With the Boogie Board rip you can save those notes with a simple press of a button! And the rip can hold up to 50 notes (consider your note is limited to the screen size). Once saved the Boogie Board rip can connect to your computer and the images (notes) are turned in to PDFs. That way you can save them. It also comes with Evernote software that allows you to store and organize what you create.

But wait! (Again?) I want the notes I take to be edited. The Boogie Board rip is something that I wish I had during my college days. I used to write my papers by hand and then try to type up my hand written notes. And for those of us keeping tabs that's double the work. With the Boogie Board rip you can write you notes on it AND with the us of MyScript Studio convert those notes into a typed document! You only get a sample of MyScript Studio with the rip but you can buy it later.It actually converted my hand written notes with about 80% accuracy. It would have been more but my handwriting is atrocious.

Last (best) but not least you can share what you boogie (yes I said it) as you are boogieing (I went too far). As you use your Boogie Board rip while it is USBed to your computer there is a display showing what you are writing AS you are writing it. It's really cool. Just imagine, you at a meeting showing off to all of your coworkers. Instant presentation! Why I love this feature the most is that it is the feature that taught me how to use the Boogie Board rip properly. Let me explain...

When I first got the Boogie Board rip and realized it was a $130 piece of tech I wanted to baby it. So as I wrote on it I was writing delicately and soft. But when I looked on the screen my words weren't showing up. But then when I wrote with normal pressure and held the stylus upright VIOLA! everything worked like a charm and I was boogie oogie oogieing til I just couldn't boogie no more (I had to).

And now you can win a fabulous Boogie Board rip of your very own! Rules are in the rafflecopter and when in doubt check the Terms and Conditions page.

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