Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sweet Christmas by Lush

Disclaimer/Disclosure: I was given Sweet Christmas to review. Any and all opinions are my own.

I wish you a merry Lush-mas. I wish you a merry Lush-mas. I wish you a merry Lush-mas and a bubbly New Year! Try getting that out of your heads. I'll wait...

Hello guys and dolls and once again welcome our dear friends from Lush. Did you know that Lush has fabulous Holiday gift sets? Yes! They are perfect for all of your gift giving (and receiving) needs. Today we are talking about Sweet Christmas. It's called "Sweet Christmas" because calling it "DragynAlly's dream lush set complete with pink, bubbles and glitter" wouldn't fit on the package.

The first thing you will notice is Sweet Christmas is packaged in one of Lush's reusable Knot-wraps. I love packaging that is great for the environment. Thanks to the bright pink candy cane design and the way it is wrapped like a piece of candy (Sweet. Get it?) there is no need to gift wrap this! Just place this baby under the tree and instant happiness.

There is a guide on the outside that tells you what is in Sweet Christmas. If I were giving it to a Lush fan I would remove that and have them be surprised with the Lush-y goodness when they open the giant candy. However if this is a first time Lushie I would leave it on. It is a perfect guide to everything in Sweet Christmas and tells you what and how much of it is in the package.

After I opened the package I immediately took the Fun soap, Snow Fairy shower gel, and Godmother soap to my shower. I actually placed the Sweetie Pie shower jelly in the freezer. Why the freezer? It gives you a blast of invigorating cold while you shower and helps your jelly last a long time. So fab!

I tried the Fun soap first. This is bubbly sweet soap that molds like playdoh. I will say it is a bit messy and gets all over the place. If there is a Fun soap mold out there I need it. Fun soap in pink is supposed to smell like bubblegum. I just smelled the sweet aroma. The smell lingers for hours and is great for days you don't want to wear perfume.

Next up is the Snow Fairy shower gel. GLITTER! That is all. Ok that's not all but it should be. Snow Fairly is a Holiday special that is pink, glittery and has a fabulous fruity scent. It is another smell that lingers. I lvoed using it in the shower and enjoyed having it bubble up.

The Sweetie Pie shower jelly is next. As I said, place it in the freeze and thank me. I love shower jellies. They are like jello for your body. They lather nicely and make skin feel so soft. I always feel like I am wasting them because some will slip though my fingers. However shower jellies last a really long time and you only need a little bit.

Godmother soap is AMAZING! It also smells of candy. It is a great hand soap to keep by the sink. It has a hint of sparkle in it and the bar is a nice size. Here's a tip: if you leave it out it will make an entire room smell sweet. I love that! An air freshener and soap in one.

The Magic Wand reusable bubble bar is up next. This little beauty adds tons of bubbles to your bath and smells like the Snow Fairy shower gel. Sweet and fruity. I feel like a magical fairy princess (don't judge!) when I wave it around in my bath tub.

All good things must come to an end and that's how you will feel when you use the MMMelting Marshmallow Moments Luxury Bath melt. This marshmallow makes you feel delicious. It has moisturizing cocoa butter and smells like a sweet marshmallow.

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar fills your bath with the scent of sweet vanilla and a ton of bubbles. What I love is that the bath bars make for a fun bubble bath and the smell stays on your skin.

Butterball Bath Bomb is another one to soften the skin. It has a vanilla scent and is a great way to add moisture to your bath time so you can soak without your skin drying out.

The Bubblegum lip scrub is so yummy! I have to stop myself from eating it. Well you can eat it. It's mostly sugar. But first rub it on your lips. Especially in the winter when skin is dry a lice exfoliating lip scrub is wonderful. Bonus because this is pink and tastes great.

I love Sweet Christmas because it is a sparkly pink fiesta for the long time Lushie that helps introduce the first time Lushie into the fabulous would of Lush products. There is enough diversity in the products that it will last long past Christmas and be a gift that is very easily integrated into every day life and use.

Thanks Milena's Team!


  1. omg!! thanks for the idea I would to give it to my friend who love lush so much.

  2. This sounds like an awesome product. I have two people I know of who would love this. I would love this. Thanks so much for the idea!! Karen Alexander

  3. I have never tried Lush products, I think it is about time. Next big city trip I am all over the Lush store.


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