Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A #TMNT Christmas!

Disclaimer/Disclosure: I was given items to review. Any and all opinions are my own.

I wish you a Merry Nick-mas! I love Nickelodeon. Always have. Love them even more since they have the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT) series. As an 80's baby (stop doing the math on my age!) I grew up with TMNT. It's nice to see them making an EPIC comeback.

Nickelodeon wants your Holiday season to be filled with TMNT goodness. Here are just a few of my favorites for this year. I also reviewed some TMNT toys from Playmates Toys so just add these to my very long wish list!

First up is the TMNT lunchbox puzzle. Multi-purpose toys are always a good thing. This is a retro style metal lunchbox and inside is a 48 piece puzzle. What is great about this is once you build the puzzle you can either us the lunch box to store the puzzle OR you can totally use it as a lunchbox, lunchbox purse (totally did that as a teen) or lunchbox style storage for other toys.

Next up is the Capture the Kraang game. Another retro throwback, this game is reminiscent of the fishing games of the 80's and 90's. It's simple, the Kraang open their mouths and you try to catch them with your fishing pole... I mean weapon. Whoever catches the most wins. I love that the weapons color coordinate with the turtles and have stickers with a weapon picture on one side and the turtles name on the other. I will say as a long time turtle fan the name sticker is redundant because we know who the turtles are by color. Also not happy that I had to place the stickers because I lack the coordination to do it well. Luckily it turned out ok.

Now we have TMNT Duck Tape. Yay! What's great about this is that it is perfect for crafts and projects. Think Duck Tape wallet, Duck Tape covered back pack, or a Duck Tape covered notebook. This pattern is really chaotic and fun. It's like the turtles are blasting off the tape.

Who else is afraid of the dark? Yes I admit it! Well the Lite Guardian is your new best friend. He adds a little light to your room when you push him and turns off just as easily. It is the perfect amount of light to keep the room from being completely dark. However it is not so bright that it will keep you from sleeping.

I don't always pick favorites but this little dude might be it. Meet the TMNT Piggy Bank! There is no part of the sentence I don't love. Why do I love him so much? He is just a traditional piggy bank, made of traditional materials and a traditional shape. But this one is green, has a shell, ninja belt, weapons and a mask! He is perfectly cute and a nice addition to any TMNT decor.

I don't know if you can tell but that Gak is glowing in the dark... What does Gak have to do with TMNT? I like to think of it is real life ooze (Turtle fans are picking up what I'm putting down.) And now with it's glow in the dark abilities it is like the Gak is radioactive. I noticed I had to keep the Gak close to a light source to get the glow working well but once I did it was electric! It glowed bright orange and some areas were brighter than others making lava-like streaks in the Gak.

Gak is always fun and slightly messy. I would say get your hands a tiny bit wet before you play to keep Gak from sticking to you.

Last and most certainly not least we have the TMNT Rise of the Turtles DVD. This isn't just any old DVD. This is a Holiday Pack! Rise of the Turtles come with 6 episodes of the series, coloring book and crayons, stickers and a poster. It's an epic TMNT Holiday gift in one package! What I love is that kids can watch the DVDs over and over or step away from the TV and play with the activities.

Nickelodeon has you covered this Holiday season just in TMNT stuff alone! You can find these and many more products at your local Walmart, Kmart, Target and more. Also online at Amazon. Happy Holidays! Cowabunga! Booyakasha!

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  1. i love the duct tape but i hate the gak!


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