Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wine Wednesday: Tutto Gusto

Rosa Regale
Tutto Gusto Wine Bar at Walt Disney World is on of my favorite places. It's cold, quiet and a perfect place to grab a drink.

While I was on my last Disney trip I had the opportunity to hang out there with 3 great friends of mine. Alison, Amanda and Heather are the sweetest girls ever! We grabbed some Rosa Regale (review soon) and sat around and talked.

We shared mozzarella and sipped our wine. Then the thought of limoncello came up. I LOVE limoncello. I had it for the very first time when I was in Germany. But limoncello is an Italian lemon infused alcohol that makes my life! Sweet and light but packs a punch. You sip it to get the aroma and lemony flavors.

Then we moved on to dessert. I snuck you a pic of the torte but I didn't eat any. What I had was the cheese cake. It was light and sweet. Made with ricotta with a fresh bright flavor. It was the perfect size too. Just enough for a few delicious bites.

When hanging out in Epcot it is always fun to find the fun retreat in the middle of a busy park. Tutto Gusto is perfect. You can check out the wines and have a meal. Or you can take a cue from your favorite Dragyn and just sit and relax with some great friends.


Cheese cake



  1. looks good! i wouldn't mind some wine and cheese cake

  2. LOVE limoncello! and that torte makes me cry. I'm west coast - insider Disneyland is pretty much dry I think. I know there's a wine place in California Adventure, but that's pretty much it I think. :( Downtown Disney does have a House of Blues - but it's sure not a place to chat!

  3. Looks lovely. Not sure I will get back to Disneyland with the kids all grown; maybe with grandkids??

  4. You're making my mouth water! Limoncello is one of my favorites!

  5. That torte looks AWESOME!!! I don't know why you didn't try it!!

  6. Yum! that looks like my kind of place. The torte, strawberries, wine. Oh my heavenly!!!!

  7. The desserts do look good. You should have tried the torte.

  8. That looks like a great drink and deserts liook great also.i will check out if I ever make it to disney


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