Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wine Wednesday: American Almonique

Leave it to me to start off Wine Wednesdays with the weirdest wine I could fine. Meet American Almonique by Tomasello Winery in Hammonton NJ. It claims to be a "table wine". And since I have no clue what that means we'll skip that.

I guess I should mention that this review is completely unsolicited and Tomasello Winery doesn't even know it exists.

This was different for me. I usually love sweet wines of every color. And wines that taste of fruit. American Almonique is a wine made of almonds. So it didn't really taste like wine. Who else here drinks amaretto? Well that's what it tastes like. It even leaves a warmth in your chest like a good amaretto does. It is sweet and was fun to sip. I couldn't imagine just downing a glass.

American Almonique is artificially colored. Hence why it is caramel colored. I imagine that in reality it is clear. The brown color makes it seem like it is richer than your average wine, which it is. I just feel like I was lied to with the color choice. Maybe they did test group and they liked the brown. Or maybe they didn't want American Almonique confused with a traditional white.

I actually bought American Almonique so that I could cook with it. I used it to make mushroom soup. The warmth and "earthyness" of the wine pared really nicely with the mushrooms. It made all the flavor really come together.

I'd say try it just to try something unique.


  1. That's neat that you try new wines in cooking. I've never found the right ones to make my recipes taste right. The wine you bought really sounds unique. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very cool! I agree with you about the artificial color...blech... but, I've bought some crazy colored wines in the past...and have had some weird ones to drink...we make it a point to always buy a few bottles locally when we travel...forgetting this tradition and buying a bottle of hooch at a truck stop has happened a time or two... Good idea to cook with it...we usually make our odd ones into a jello shot or some dessert sauce... :)

  3. I would love to try this in an onion/mushroom cream soup......sounds interesting!!!! I am so against everything being artificially colored.........just isnt right!!! lol....anyhow I would have never thought of this combo :)) thanks for the interseting review :)

  4. I actually love the taste of almonds. i have to see if it's available near me

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