Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Walt Disney: My Artistic Hero

My name is Ricky Steven Young (R. S. Young).  On my own blog my given name is Dr. Fronkensteen. If you get the notion you can read it here.  You may think that I'm new to the site and but  you've seen my work in the form of my plays which DragynAlly graciously showcased on my site. An example of that work is The Girl Who Cried Wolf.

I am a theatre junkie. I love going to every show I can find and even if I don't like them I love being there because I'm part of an artform that I like. Some people when they come and see a show they think they're watching just a piece of entertainment. But when I go to a show I watch the work of a group of people who have spent time to create a world onstage. And that's what you really are doing. It's become so popular in the movies. You see them create wonderful worlds that seem bigger than the screen.  Theatre is a live version of that. When you walk into the theatre you should know that you've been transported into another world.

And that's why I first started studying the life and genius of Walt E. Disney. Even before I had a friend of the girl persuasion like DragynAlly that goes to the parks twice a year and is helping me plan my first trip for next year. I started studying him and how he started the parks because I wanted to know how one man pulled a team together to start a new world. And that's what Walt Disney World is! No matter where you you are on the park or what part you research Walt created a giant stage to create a world that the audience can actually sleep in and walk through. They even call all of the people that work there "Cast Members". Talk about someone who set the bar of theatre and "world design".

It's because of studying Disney that I started changing my theatre style. Now when I'm doing a show I keep asking myself, "What can I do to change the atmosphere? What world am I creating for my audience? How can I design that world to let it permeate their perceptions and tell them what the story is before the show even starts? If Disney has already influenced my style before I ever walked into the park I can't wait to see what it does to me after I go.  I'll be sure to share the experience with ya!


  1. you are going to like Disney land or world i went to Disney land 2 time while i lived in calf and i enjoyed it a lot my sister live in flordia and she goes there all most 2 or 3 time a month with the kids

  2. I have been to Disney World in Florida a few times and would love to take my 2 year old granddaughter one day!!

  3. I have never been and I'm 58 but would still love to go. I can feel the excitement in your tone and I hope you have a wonderful time as the day gets closer and the time draws near I am sure you will begin to experience butterflies and maybe even sweats of nervousness..but just have fun and let the atmosphere take you in and live as you've never done before in that fantasy land.

  4. I agree that Walt Disney created an incredible new world. More than that, he inspired, encouraged, and motivated people to continue to think and create outside the box. He pushed the limits, and his legacy continues to raise the bar.

  5. wow.. my favorite hero is batman.. I LOVE HIM <3


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