Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Lair Presents: Wine Wednesdays

As promised today is the beginning of something new! Alright if you follow enough blogs it's not really new but it's new for us. Wine Wednesdays will be reviews of wine, reviews of wine related products, wine-based recipes and (if I can find sponsors) maybe a giveaway or 2.

Most Wine Wednesday reviews will be completely unsolicited. But hopefully wineries will want to hang out in the Lair soon! Also Wine Wednesday will be a way for me to feature New Jersey wines because I LOVE my state and want to get more local with some of my writing.

Why am I telling you all this? Well to give you a heads up and hoping that you will join in on the fun. I want to hear all about your favorite wine brands or flavors. I am also hoping for guest posts by my blogger friends. We will just have to see what happens and make it up as we go.

But what is most important to keep in mind is WINE!

What do you think? What wines do you love?


  1. My favorite is Carmenere wines from Chili.

  2. A very good cheap wine, that I love is, Banrock Moscato :D That is one of the few wines I really enjoy


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