Sunday, January 13, 2013

Site of the Week: @BooToYou7

Header loving stolen from here.

  1. Tell me about yourself: I am a 30 year old attorney in NC that is on Twitter and would like to otherwise stay anonymous. I like alcohol, Disney, and the Carolina Panthers.
  2. What is the name of your site and what is it about? The name is "Slightly Intoxicated" and it's about my life. So... original in that way.
  3. What sparked your love of whatever your site is about? Well, I don't really know that I started it due to love of myself. Mainly I felt like I had some funny stories to tell about my life and started the site so  I could tell them.
  4. Who works on your site? Just me.
  5. Who is the intended audience of your site? Anyone who wants to laugh at the ridiculousness of life. 
  6. What makes your site different from others? I draw really terrible pictures to help make jokes.
  7. What is your favorite post on your site?
  8. If you could give people one reason to check out your site what would it be? Because it will, hopefully, give them something to laugh about.
  9. How can the Lair's readers find out more about your site? Just go to

Bonus questions 
  1. If you could be any Disney character who would you be? I think I would be Jasmine. She's got a kickin' bod and grew up a princess so I wouldn't have to deal with temporarily dying, becoming a slave to my other family members, or going into a coma. She also actually got to know her prince instead of seeing him for 5 minutes and falling in love. Plus, she has a tiger!
  2. Favorite theme park? Epcot
  3. Favorite movie? The Muppets
  4. Favorite ride? Haunted Mansion. I'm always ride leaning forward in the Doom Buggy trying to find more details. So many things to look at and see in that ride.
  5. Favorite resort? Animal Kingdom Lodge.  I walk into that resort and I just feel at home. Weird considering I'm not from Africa nor ever been to Africa. 
  6. Favorite non-Disney thing? ... non-Disney thing? I don't understand the meaning of these words. No seriously, probably Halloween. I love everything to do with Halloween.
  7. What's the hardest thing about running your site? Coming up with new stories and also trying to get people to actually look at it.
  8. What's the best thing about running your site? I love drawing the little pictures. I always crack myself up. 
  9. Besides DragynAlly, who's your favorite dragon? Puff. 


  1. i like these question. they share with us, who you are!!!!


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