Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Expect More in 2013!


Hello Guys and Dolls and Happy 2013! Some of you are new so let me take a moment to welcome you to the Lair! 2013 is already shaping to be a fantastic year! And now I will stop using exclamation... At least until the next paragraph. I decided to start out the year with my "blog dreams". But then as I was dreaming and scheming things started happening. Don't ever doubt the power of your dreams cause they can and do come true. I promise. So blog dreams became what you can expect. And I am so excited to share a few exciting things with you! (It needed exclamation.)

So in no particular order. What to Expect in 2013:

  1. More positive energy. I think it's very easy to focus on the negativity and be down all the time. I want the Lair to be a bright, happy place. Honest and real but bright and happy.
  2. More personal posts. I love reviews and giveaways but I want us to be able to talk about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  3. More global mentality with a local feel. My hope is to start reviewing and telling you all about things local to me. I think sometimes we are so excited to see the great big world that we forget out own backyards.
  4. More wine! I love wine and starting tomorrow there will be wine in the Lair every Wednesday!
  5. More movie reviews! 2013 seems to be the year of the movie with a ton of great things coming out this year. Including Oz the Great and Powerful pictured above.
  6. More Disney! I love Disney and everything about it. And with a trip to Walt Disney World this month and a trip to Disneyland in August I will have so much to talk about. 
  7. More reviews of great products! For example HexBug sent me an XL spider and that review will be up in the next few weeks!
  8. More fabulous giveaways! Boogie Board and Life Well Blogged make an appearance in the next few weeks. AND May Books and Lush Cosmetics are part of the Valentine's Gift Guide! These are just the tip of the giveaway iceberg!
  9. More you! The Lair isn't just MY site. It's our place to talk and share. I want to hear from you. I would love for your stories to be shared here too.
Here's to a great 2013! I hope every day is fabulous for you and you can smile through the less than fabulous days! 

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  1. Wine and Lush? If you weren't already my favourite blogger, that would have done it :)


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