Thursday, January 17, 2013

Disney Bloggers Fight Hunger!

Many of us don't know hunger. We might feel some grumblings in the stomach around lunch time and claim "I'm starving!" and then you head down to the nearest fast food joint and grab a cheeseburger. If we're in a financial bind we go through the couch cushions and find some loose change to get an eighty-nine cent burrito. But for each of the 5.7 million people in the world who receive assistance from  a local food bank or soup kitchen going through the day without food is a real possibility. To learn more about Feeding America or to have an opportunity to give please go here.

This is why DragynAlly teamed up with several other Disney bloggers to raise money for Feeding America an organization that operates a network of food banks to supply countless pounds of food and groceries to soup kitchens and pantries all over the world! They're trying to raise one thousand dollars to help Feeding America continue to do it's good work all over the nation.

Any money that you can give will go to help hungry fans in need. According to the website just one dollar will go to provide EIGHT meals to a shelter. Now that's a great example of your money going a long way.

I have a very specific attachment to this cause. Growing up in a big family there were a lot of times when the money just didn't make ends meet. My family received food from a local food bank on more than one occasion when we didn't even have two digits in our bank account. Having this as part of my past I can tell you that these people are depending desperately on the kindness of strangers like you! Please don't let them down!


  1. Love This. It's always good to give charity. I'm a big believer in pay it forward.


    Danielle Faith

  2. It's amazing how far a dollar will go! Very good program.


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