Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: The Year of The Dragyn

I know, I know. Year in review posts are a dime a dozen... So hand over your dime and check out my year! This was one of my best years EVER! I met some of the most fabulous people, made the greatest friends, learned more about myself as a person and a blogger, and so much more! I went to my calendar for the year and saw all of what I've done... WHOA! What a year! In fact looking back on my pics and calendar made me realize my 2012 was INSANE! So I made a collage and did a month by month run down of the year just for you. 

January: Disney Marathon trip, WDW Solo Meets NYC meets

February: Interviewed Jeff Galloway,  24 at Disney

March: I'm sure I did something...

April: Newsies Meet, B in Apt 23 interview, AVENGERS early screening, NYC awesome meet, Peter and the Starcatchers

May: Macaroni Kid Expo and Blogger Conference, My Birthday, Yay 4 May at WDW

June: Star Wars Weekends Disney trip, Grad school, Met my boyfriend

July: More Grad School... 

August: BlogHer ’12, Big Toy Book Sweet Suite, Social Soiree, Highlights Hello, Hasbro Party, Timothy Green early screening, Corvette test drive

September: Finding Nemo early screening, D23 Fanniversary, Disney on the Road, Frankenweenie, First 5k-Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party-Epcot 30 trip

October: Bill Farmer Interview, NY Comic Con, Wreck-it Ralph early screening

November: Tennessee trip to see boyfriend

December: The Big Toy Book’s Biggest Day of Holiday Play, NYC Disney friends meet

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Soda Sparkle #giveaway

The HoliDaze aren't over yet! You can still take a moment and win fabulous prizes like this Soda Sparkle. This looks like a fun giveaway. Make sure you read everything and I wish you the best of luck.

     Welcome to the Soda Sparkle giveaway, brought to you by Soda Sparkle and hosted by An Ordinary Housewife. Special thanks to all the great blogs helping to promote this giveaway! This is a great and fun way to bring in the new year!
     Don't know what a Soda Sparkle is? It's one of those trendy soda making machines. Add water, charge it up and add your flavors. It's fun! For more info, read the review here!
     Sounds cool, huh? Would you like to try one? Soda Sprakle is giving away a starter kit to one of my lucky readers, so here's your chance to win one! All you have to do is fill out the rafflecopter below.
     Giveaway ends 1/13/13. Giveaway open to the US only. Must be 18 or over. Sponsor will ship prize to winner when giveaway has ended. Winner will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is selected. The Dragyn's Lair is helping to promote this giveaway but the opinions are that of An Orfinary House Wife. Good luck everyone!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Presents for Dragyn!

I got office supplies including a Mickey Mouse calendar, new bedding and candy. What did you get?

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It's Christmas Day!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy HoliDaze Dragyn's Lair Guys and Dolls!!!

Merry Christmas guys and dolls! And Happy Holidays! I hope you all have a fab holiday with friends and family. I will be doing the same. I'm taking a very short vacation.

Remember to check out the HoliDaze Gift-Away as there are still FAB giveaways happening there.

Also if you aren't going out for New Year's Eve check out The NYC Talon and The Lair's #Tweetin13 Party.

I can't wait to hear all about what you got from Santa!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

New Experiences with Xperience Days #HoliDazeGiftAway

Oh no! You are last minute shopping for the person who has EVERYTHING?! I hate when that happens. Well don't worry because the HoliDaze Gift-Away has them covered too! Meet our friends at Xperience Days. They can hook you up with the gift of trying something new and since the gifts can be sent via email it's instant holly jolly.

Xperience Days gifts for guys and dolls for every occasion. And you can xperience (see what I did there) something new from race car driving to massage classes to sky diving and so so much more! The variety even in my own NJ backyard is astounding! And I am sure you will find something your impossible gift recipient (or you) will love.

There are a few places where Xperience Days doesn't have experiences BUT if you travel you can do an experience in the place you roamed. the prices range for each experience from less than $100 to over $1000 so plan accordingly.

I reiterate that Xperience Days is the PERFECT last minute gift. It's personal and special but ridiculously flexible. Gifts can be exchanged (not everyone likes helicopter lessons) and gift certificates can be redeemed at ANY time. They never expire.

My favorite thing is the "Xperience Choice Certificates" with these the dollar amount can't be seen but by color coding the individual can pick an experience in their range. That way they can focus on the fun of their gift and not on how much you spent.

The xperience also comes with a special gift pack that gives the recipient all of the info they need. Xperience Days can even send an email of the gift pack as well as mail it so the recipient can know all about their gift by Christmas.

And now you can will a $50 Xperience Days gift certificate and be well on your way to that food tour (or whatever you want to use it on). Many will enter one will win. Rules in the rafflecopter and when in doubt go here.

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Corset Chick Review #HoliDazeGiftAway

Disclaimer and warning info up front. I was given a Corset by Corset Chick to review. All opinions are my own. Corsets are considered lingerie and not clothing so view this post at your own discretion. In other words if you don't want to see a curvy chick in one of these don't scroll to the bottom.

I love corsets! Love them. I love how they make me look. I love how they make me feel. Love! So I was so stoked when Corset Chick got in touch with me. 

Corset Chick sells a range of sexy items from Corset Top, Corsets, Plus Size corset, and Corset Dress. Sizes go from small to very curvy (plus-sized). To put that in perspective I am a size 18-22 and a bra size of 44 DDD and their corset fit me perfectly and could have easily fit a girl more curvaceous than I am. 

I ordered the black burlesque with purple stripes. Because I love black and purple. I love the ruffles and bows. So cute! I will say that you have to be careful as the ruffles and bows are fragile and should not be pulled on. Also think gentle care when washing. But Corset Chick also makes a lot of fabulous corsets with out any frills. I'm just a frilly kind of girl. 

I am very much in love with this corset. It fit really well and I think it looked really good. It was very supportive of my chest (yes it had to be said!) I am always worried about spilling out of corsets but even jumping up and down didn't shake anything loose. I will say that I made sure I was tied in tight.

Another thing I loved about this corset was that the boning wasn't stabby and painful like it can sometimes be. I felt secure but not constricted. The corset cinched me in fairly well. I wouldn't consider it the kind of corset that was made for creating a teeny waist (not steel boned) but for getting a few curves in check this was perfect.

I think these corsets are perfect for a special occasion in or out of the house. Yes this corset was so comfortable that I could've worn it to a party and felt secure and fabulous.

I think my favorite part about these corsets is the price! This adorable corset was only $30 and I have paid WAY more for the same (or less) quality corsets.

And now you can win one of your very own! Many will enter. One will win. Rules in the rafflecopter and when in doubt go here.

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

#Tweetin13 Sponsor Hunt and Announcement

This New Year’s bloggers Dana from The Dragyn’s Lair and Krista from The NYC Talon are getting together to tweet in the New Year! Join Dana and Krista as they welcome in 2013 – and it wouldn’t be a party without some awesome prizes!

Right now Dana and Krista are looking for some fabulous brands to feature as a part of their New Year’s Eve bash! With a combined twitter following of 10,165 tweeters, and a combined Facebook following of 7,695 – they’re sure to get the word about your product out there!

Sounds like something that you might be interested in? To be one of the featured brands that tweet in the New Year with Dana and Krista all that’s asked is that you provide product to one the bloggers (Dana or Krista) and product(s) to be given away during the twitter party – no hoops to jump through, nothing too complicated.

As a part of being a featured brand, party guests will be asked to follow you on twitter, and you will be mentioned throughout the party. Which means exposure for your brand/product!
Krista and Dana will also include a full review of your product on their sites which will make sure that their readers who cannot participate in the twitter party will still have information about your brand.

We are limiting the party to 12 prizes and a GRAND prize.

Dana and Krista are working diligently on putting together a dazzling twitter party that will start in one year and end in the next! We hope you’ll be one of the brands to join us!

Direct all interest and special requests to Krista or Dana at or


What: The Dragyn’s Lair and The NYC Talon’s New Year’s Eve #tweetin13 twitter party!

When: Monday Dec. 31st 2012 at 10pm ET – Tuesday January 1st 2013 12:00pm ET

Where: On twitter – or use the tweetgrid here: or

Follow: Hashtag #tweetin13 as well as @TheDragynsLair, @DragynAlly, and @KristaK2

RSVP here: Click here (link not active at this time) and be sure to follow @TheDragynsLair, @DragynAlly, and @KristaK2!

Prizes: Check back here, and follow us on facebook and twitter as we update the prize list!

The Dragyn’s Lair (
The NYC Talon (

@DragynAlly (4,960)
@TheDragynsLair (3,500)
@KristaK2 (1,705)

Facebook: (5,420) (2,260)

Disney Movies 2013: Who Wants to Hang Out?!

Oh guys and dolls! I've been sooo busy with the HoliDaze Gift-Away I haven't had time to write about anything else! So I decided to take a break today and talk MOVIES!!!

Apparently 2013 will be a good year for movies. Ok a GREAT year for movies!!! And yes I needed to use all caps several times. So let's see what's up and then you can tell me when you want to catch a movie with me.

Talk about starting out with a BANG!
My Birthday Month!

Back to school...

July 3

September 13: Little Mermaid 3D
October 4: Delivery Man
November 8: Thor: The Dark World
November 27: Frozen
December 20: Saving Mr. Banks

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

eDiaperCakes #HoliDazeGiftAway

In the rush to get HoliDaze gifts do you tend to get presents that are liked more than gifts that are needed? Why not get a gift that is a lovely combination of the two?

eDiaperCakes helps you create a gift for the baby in your life (your baby, your bro or sis's baby, BFF's baby etc.) that is adorable but completely functional! The diapers build up the base of the cake and baby friendly accessories are used to decorate it. It is the perfect newborn starter kit. Each diaper cake has over 75 diapers, baby clothes like booties and baby products like lotion. eDiaperCakes has what a new parent needs.

Everything eDaiperCakes uses is top quality and name brand. Guaranteed! There are over 50 designs to choose from including Disney and Good Night Moon designs. There is even a  Do it yourself cake that comes with a plan "cake", ribbon and baby bath products.

Now you can win $25 toward an eDiaperCake to take to your next baby shower or give to the new parents in your life. Many will enter. One will win. Rules in the rafflecopter and when in doubt go here.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tidy Table Flex Tray #HoliDazeGiftAway

For the sake of privacy this is Little Dude
It's the HoliDaze guys and dolls and that means lots of family dinners. When family dinner time rolls around wouldn't it be nice to have your little one at the table with you? Enter the Tidy Table Flex Tray! It helps toddlers go from the high chair to the big kid table. And with that...

Disclaimer: I was given a Tidy Table Flex Tray to review. The opinions included here are my own (with the help of little dude and his mom.) 

Meet Little Dude! Isn't he cute?! He is helping this little Dragyn test the Tidy Table Flex Tray. Which is in the picture with him.  Tidy table flex tray is made of a durable plastic. It is easy to clean and allows kids to transition from the high chair to the table. Little dude loved that he was able to sit at the table with Mommy. That makes it easier for mommy to watch him and he can can be right next to her.

Another great feature of the Tidy Table Flex Tray is that it can also be used by older tots as a play table. Perfect for coloring or playing with messy toys. Like molding clay (hint hint). That way when mommy is cleaning up toddlers can be having fun and not making a mess.

Tidy Table Flex Tray clips best on a wooden table or a table with a lip underneath. It also works best with a booster seat or a chair that sits up tall. Be careful of you acrobatic tots as they might try to kick off from the table.

The Tidy Table Flex Tray retails for $29.99 and can be found at your local BabiesRUs.

And now your little dude or dudette can win one! Rules in the rafflecopter and when in doubt go here.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Sandzini #HoliDazeGiftAway

I love tactile things. Things with texture and that can me molded and shaped. Enter Sandzini!  Sandzini is a fun molding clay the likes of which this little Dragyn has never seen. And with that in mind...

Disclaimer: I was given a Sandzini Ice Cream Parlor creator set to test. All opinions are my own.

Sandzini feels like a mixture of sand and glue. However it isn't too sticky and stays mostly self contained. I did feel the need to wash my hands after playing but that's just common hygiene.  For the adults out there the grainy texture felt like body scrub. It almost felt like I was getting a mani!

The ice cream parlor creator set came with 6 colors. Bright blue, neon purple, yellow, pink, green and brown. The brown was for the cones but really when there is neon purple to be had that's what will be used. I love that the colors were bright and fun.

Sandzini also came with a rolling pin, a cutting tool and rolling slicer. All made of kid friendly plastic. Really kid friendly. I mean I rubbed each against my hand to see if they were even the least bit sharp (do not do what I do!) They weren't at all. Very soft and smooth. They just look like kitchen tools.

Sandzini is incredibly easy to work with and mold. Don't get me wrong I wasn't making perfect ice cream cones on the first try but I was still able to shape things easily. What I love most about this set are the instructions that tell kids how to make the stuff they see on the box. Because I hate when the box has all these cool things and then there's no way to duplicate them. Kids can very easily recreate what is on the box or come up with their own fun creations.

Sandzini is great fun and the perfect gift for the creative kid (or adult) who likes to work with their hands. And you can win some! Many will enter one will win. Rules in the rafflecopter and when in doubt go here.

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my cone wasn't that pretty. :-(

Paying for Disney #HoliDazeGiftAway

Don't get your hope up. I'm not paying for your Disney trip. But my friend Natalie has some great tips and tricks to help you afford you dream Disney vacation! Strategies for Paying for Disney: How to Afford a Vacation to Disney World or Disneyland is a great tool for the first time Disney vacationer and a resource that can be used again and again. And with that said...

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of Strategies for Paying for Disney: How to Afford a Vacation to Disney World or Disneyland to review. All opinions are my own.

Strategies for Paying for Disney starts out by giving you an overview of both Disney World and Disneyland which gives you a great place to start. Then each chapter gives you tips on how to save money before and during your vacation.

My favorite part of Strategies for Paying for Disney was part III which is chapters 5-12. It details ways to save up and fund your trip. What is great about this is the tips Natalie gave could be applied to every day saving, not just a Disney trip. Tips like using email instead of paying for texts or bringing your lunch instead of eating out are great ways to help you save money and be more cost conscious every day of your life.

The only thing I could say Strategies for Paying for Disney was missing was information on Military discounts and families. I know with my family our first trip we stayed at Shades of Green which is a lovely resort on property tailored to military families and helps them buy discounted tickets.

But with that said Strategies for Paying for Disney has information that is great for every family. Natalie tells you her tips about saving while you vacation (have the photopass people use your camera) and on souvenirs (your local Disney store might be cheaper). She makes sure that you know about everything from Annual Passes to Z. 

Strategies for Paying for Disney is certainly the book to read if you dream of a Disney Vacation and aren't sure you can afford it.  Based on the research Natalie did everyone can afford a Disney trip. 

And now you can win a copy! Rules in the rafflecopter. Many will enter one will win and when in doubt go here.

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Operation United Hearts #Giveaway

You all know I love giveaways that give back. This is one of them. A military family lost everything in a fire. So Ms. Mommy HH6 decided to get a bunch of us together to raise money. We raised  and donated toys. Now you can win $140 amazon GC and a copy of Magical Mouse Schoolhouse. Have fun with this and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winter Wonderland Winner

Congratualtions Trista A. @AndersonsAngels!!! You are the winner of a $25 Disney gift card. Please email with your full name, address and email within 48 hours to claim your prize. (Note: if you have already emailed please disregard this.)

Big Bow Theory Winner

Congratulations Melanie M. @meltheplux!!! You are the winner of a bow from The Big Bow Theory! Please email with your full name, address and email within 48 hours to claim your prize. (Note: if you have already emailed please disregard this.)

Stella & Dot Winner

Congratulations Megan M. @megthewonderful!!! You are the winner of a Fox Stella & Dot necklace! Please email with your full name, address and email within 48 hours to claim your prize. (Note: if you have already emailed please disregard this.)

PopCap Winners

Congratulations Angela K. @angiegetscrafty, Katie C. @katiecontests, and Anne C. @anneconsolacion!!! You are each the winners of PopCap swag! Please email with your full name, address and email within 48 hours to claim your prize. (Note: if you have already emailed please disregard this.)

Fashion Angels Winner

Congratulations Krista @Kristak2 Sam S. @stamp4ever!!! You are the winner of a Fashion Angels set! Please email with your full name, address and email within 48 hours to claim your prize. (Note: if you have already emailed please disregard this.)

picture and prize are not necessarily the same

Crappy Birthday Winner

Congratulations Jill M.@jillm18!!! You are the winner of Crappy Birthday card game! Please email with your full name, address and email within 48 hours to claim your prize. (Note: if you have already emailed please disregard this.)

NanoBlock Winner

Congratulations Mary C. @maryd73!!! You are the winner of a NanoBlock set. Please email with your full name, address and email within 48 hours to claim your prize. (Note: if you have already emailed please disregard this.)

Magical Mouse Schoolhouse Winners

Congratulation Susan S. @sueann202!!! You are the winner of a copy of Magical Mouse Schoolhouse! Please email with your full name, address and email within 48 hours to claim your prize. (Note: if you have already emailed please disregard this.)

All I Want for Christmas Winner

Congatulations Nikk M. @laylees!!! You are the winner of a $25 Disney gift card! Please email with your full name, address and email within 48 hours to claim your prize. (Note: if you have already emailed please disregard this.)

$200 #HoliDazeGiftAway Winner

Congratulations Cheryl P. @cherylp3!!! You are the winner of $200 in HoliDaze Gift-Away cash! Please email with your full name, address and email within 48 hours to claim your prize. (Note: if you have already emailed please disregard this.)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Thoughts and prayers

Feel free to post any thoughts, prayers, positive energy or whatever helps in the comments. I know the events in Connecticut touched a lot of lives and maybe we all just need each other right now. I love you all. Please take care of yourselves and each other.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Blue Diamond Prints #HoliDazeGiftAway

Win this for your family!

Hello guys and dolls! And the HoliDaze Gift-Aways keep coming!!! Today we are hanging out with our friends at Blue Diamond Prints.

If you are anything like me when you go on vacation you take a TON of pics. Or if you are a Disney addict like me you have some PhotoPass pics lying around that you don't know what to do with. Enter the lovely people at Blue Diamond! They will turn your personal pic into a treasured item.

Disclaimer: I was sent a coaster, an ornament and a puzzle to review. All opinions are my own. Also I did stuff to test durability. I'm not saying you should do the same.

I'm not exaggerating when I say "treasured". In fact that may be the understatement of the year! When I saw that they made gifts out of pictures I figured same old same old. Guys and Dolls these are the most high quality and durable gifts I have ever seen in my life. They are built to last and you'll be so glad to have them in your home.

First was the coaster. Which is not pictured here because my grandma took it. It was nice and waterproof on the side that had the picture and the back was super durable. So nice it got kept as a family gift and will probably not get used as a coaster. (My Grandma says "thanks!")

Even the puzzle that could have easily been printed onto cardboard was made with a sheet of "hard board". Frankly I didn't even want to take it out of the package. But when I did (and it feel to pieces) I noticed that it was about a quarter inch thick. I tried to bend it and flex it and it didn't move. It's a great puzzle that any age (about 6 or up) can play with without worry of anything happening to it.

The ornament was similarly durable. Each side had a different picture and it was made from a piece of aluminum  Once again I tried to bend and flex. No dice. It looks like it will last for years and become part of the HoliDaze tradition at your house.

And now you can win the lovely picture slate that is at the top of this post (with your pic of course!) Many will enter. One will win. You have to send Blue Diamond a pic so keep that in mind. Rules in the rafflecopter and when in doubt go HERE.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Littlest Pet Shop #HoliDazeGiftAway

Oh how I love to review the cuter things in life! Let me tell you about Littlest Pet Shop Fairies. But before I go too far...

Disclaimer: I was given an adorable Littlest Pet Shop Fairy of my very own to review. And all opinions of their cuteness are my own.

I love these little guys (dolls)! They are fun figurines that are brightly colored and full of personality. Each Littlest Pet Shop Fairies set comes with a fairy and a little friend. The set I received had the Morning Haze Fairy and the Luna Moth. Both are adorable!

Each set also comes with a sheet that lists all the Littlest Pet Shop Fairies so you can check them off as you collect. There are also playsets where all of your Littlest Pet Shop Fairies can play together!

The small sets of fairy and friend retail for about $5 and would make fabulous stocking stuffers. Just think you could get 4 for about $20! That's a great collection starter.

Why not start your collection here by entering to win one? Many will enter. One will win. Rules in the rafflecopter and when in doubt check out THIS page.

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10K Fans #giveaway

Stay a Stay at Home Mom is celebrating 10k fans! (We should do something when we reach that point!) As such she is doing a HUGE giveaway. Take a moment and read all the details. There are a lot of great prizes to be won! Good luck!!

Stay a Stay at Home Mom is celebrating 10,000 Facebook Fans, and YOU are invited to the party! Join host Stay a Stay at Home Mom, and cohost Kelly's Thoughts on Things, as we celebrate, and give you all the presents.

There are six prizes for this fantastic event that are going to go to six separate winners. And the sponsors of these prizes are six very special moms who are in business for themselves. If you're looking for some great gifts this holiday season, please consider supporting other moms just like you!

Without further adieu, here are the prizes:

1. How to Survive Inflation with the Rising Cost of Food
– $47 Value

This 228 page illustrated downloadable ebook and 18 video series is pack full of information that has been accumulated over a lifetime of being a mom, chef and restaurant owner.

It teaches you how to shop smart for groceries, how to make your own pricey mixes at home, extend the shelf life of your food and make popular restaurant favorites at home. It also includes economical ways to entertain at home like a professional.

For example, it includes an excellent video on making your own watermelon and cantaloupe carvings to use as display dishes and making easy taco shell bowls for a fiesta party!

2. Family Wooden Block Sign – $25-35 Value
Inspired Accents by JLP has a variety of personalized, hand crafted items for any age or occasion. I hand paint and sand each item. Items can come in a variety of colors and fonts. Other than wooden signs, we also offer wooden name blocks that are decorated with many different types of embellishments. From not until March, all proceeds from my sales are going to my 14yr old daughter's 8th grade trip to Washington DC.

3. Child Hobo Bag – $30 Value
Custom Child Sized Reversible Hobo Bag. The winner will work with the designer to pick the two coordinating fabrics to get the perfect bag for their toddler, big kid, or tween.

The bag is small enough for a young child while big enough that an adult or teen could use it. With two different fabrics it is like two purses in one.

4. Artistry Holiday Glamour Gift Set
– $40 Value

Artistry Holiday Glamour Gift Set. Get all the glamour you need in one set!

A full size, award-winning Artistry Light Up Lip Gloss and a coordinated Artistry Magnetic Nail Polish! Artistry Light Up Lip Gloss was named 2012's #1 Reader's Choice Lip Gloss by!

Professional, salon-quality nail polish with the added fun of a magnetic pattern! Amway quality, personally serviced and brought to you by your Independent Business Owner Jessica Rinker.

5. TAI Design Safety Scarf
– $20 Value

Have you ever wished to incorporate something different into your little one's outfit but weren't sure what to add?

Or has there been a time when you knew what you would like to add but felt that it may be unsafe for your child?

Look no further! Accessorize your little one this chilly season with a stylish Safety Scarf! Every scarf has a unique hook and loop closure that is undetectable while wearing. Your child will enjoy a warm and cozy flannel inner layer while displaying a chic cotton fabric on the outer side. Only, special extra soft hook and loop is used, so you will never have to worry about their tender necks getting scratched. Available in an infant size of extra small to a school aged size of large and everything in between. There are two design styles available, Regular or Inverted. Inverted have the folded down chic look and Regular have a trendy popped up look. Walk with confidence knowing that your little ones are chic and safe at the same time!

6. Scentsy Verdigris Warmer & Scentsy Bar
– $35 Value

The winner will receive a Full Size Warmer, Verdigris, which retails for $30.

Along with this beautiful warmer the winner will also get 1 Scentsy Bar, our wickless candle that is a combination of was and finely crafted fragrance.

Break it apart, add a cube or 2 to your Scentsy warmer, and infuse your environment with scent. Retail for the Scentsy Bar is $5.

Scentsy is a simple system in which Scentsy warmers melt specially formulated wax with the heat of a low-watt bulb, enhancing your home with more than 80 Scentsy fragrances safely, with no flame, smoke, or soot. Scentsy is a great business opportunity because not only is it an amazing product but it is a product that your customers will want to keep ordering!

Enter for your chance to win one of the above fabulous prizes by filling out the Rafflecopter below. The giveaway runs from 12/12/12 to 1/2/13 at 12:59pm. Good luck!

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Disclaimer: The Dragyn's Lair was not compensated for this post and is not responsible for prize shipment.