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The Girl Who Cried Wolf by @RickyStevenYoun FINALE

And here we are at the end our story Ghouls and Draculas... Please let Ricky know what you think. I'm sure he's dying to hear it! And if you missed it go HERE for the rest of the story.                                 


                    The living room again. Mr. Magini has been tied to
                    Grandma Edna's rocking chair. Hannah is sitting on
                    the couch. Jake has taken up his space behind the

               Everything ready?

               Good to go.

                         (To Magini)
               I hope you told us the truth.

          MR. MAGINI
               Dishonesty was your flaw, not mine, little girl.

               Okay, here we go.

                    We hear footsteps coming down the stairs. Jake
                    hunkers down. Grandma Edna is seen coming down on
                    the arm of Mom.

          GRANDMA EDNA
               And it was dark and rumbly and I was just bouncing

               Mom. I think that it's time that you sat down and
               rested. First you're seeing things and Hannah's making
               up lies, and my husband...we'll I have no clue what's
               wrong with him... I just want to know why all this
               craziness is going on in my...

                    She looks up to see the living room in
                    disarray...and Mr. Magini tied up.

               House...oh no! Please don't tell me...don't tell
               me...don't tell me.

               Mom I...

               Don't even try to tell me...I can't even believe
               this...Oh, Mr. Magini I am so sorry...

               Mom you have to clear the field of battle?

                         (Coming to below the couch.)
               I have had enough of you, young lady! I have warned you
               and warned you. Now you are going to get the worst
               punishment that I can think of! This is beyond...

               Mom, we don't have much time here...

               You won't have much time left on this earth when I get
               through with you...

                    Footsteps are heard above. Hannah turns around.
                    She squares up her stance...

               Mom, I love you...and I'm sorry.

               You haven't even begun to be sorry...

               No sorry in advance...for this.

                    Hannah gently shoves Grandma Edna back into a
                    rolling chair. She flies back out of the way.
                    Before Mom can look back Hannah has jumped up and
                    tackled her onto the couch. Hannah fights with her
                    to keep her down. Soon Dad comes walking down the
                    stairs. He has his spear poised in one hand and
                    his butcher knife in the other. He has smeared
                    himself in makeup like war paint and stands at the
                    foot of the stairs...

               So, you little gutter-urchin, where are you hiding the
               little beast? I have no problem skewering little kids
               who get in my way.

               Honey, how could you even say such a thing like...

                         (Covering Mom's mouth)
               He's not behind this couch, so whatever you do don't
               look there... Again, sorry Mom...

                         (Taking giant steps forward.)
               Manhandle my dearest love will you! Why I!

               Now, Jake!

                    Dad suddenly feels a presence rising behind him.
                    Jake, seeing that the space is clear deftly spins
                    Dad around. Dad's eyes narrow with wicked glee. He
                    thrusts with the spear but Jake grabs it and spins
                    it out of his grip. Dad stumbles a bit and kicks
                    Jake back to make more room between them.

                         (Struggling to keep Mom down)
               Remember not to hurt him!

               Tell HIM that!

                    Dad and Jake square off, the circle each other.
                    Dad takes the first move and makes some sweeping
                    thrusts. Jake narrowly avoids them. Dad makes a
                    couple more slices. This time Jake is ready for
                    them and catches Dad's wrist in his paws. He
                    smartly cuffs Dad's wrist and he drops the knife.
                    Jake let's go to kick the knife away. Dad holds
                    his hand in pain.

               Ouch! You villain!

               I'm just trying to help!

               Then hold still!

                    Dad tries to put a strangle hold on him but Jake
                    is ready again. He throws Dad's arms aside. Dad
                    loses his balance and falls to his knees! Jake
                    rears back his arm to strike one final blow. Mom
                    breaks free of Hannah.

               Someone call the police! Don't do it!!!


               I hope this works!

                    He takes his swipe! Dad gives a high pitched
                    scream of fear. But Jake's aim was high and all it
                    does is swipe off the Hunter's cap. Dad falls back
                    and looks dizzy.

               Is he?

               I didn't hurt him.

               What's going on...I don't know what's happening.

                    Hannah let's Mom up. Mom grabs the spear from the
                    floor and tries to put herself in between Hannah
                    and Jake, pointing it at him.

               I'm sorry that I had to do it like this but I needed
               you to see the truth. Mr. Magini said that all we had
               to do was get him to take the costume off and that he
               would be his old self but I knew it was going to take a
               fight. Do you see now Mom?

                         (Very scared)
               I might...what...what am I seeing?

                         (Gently stepping in front.)
               Mom, I present to you, Jake.

                    Jake kneels down and allows Hannah to touch his
                    head. She gently tries to take his mask off.
                    Lights flash and sparks fly. Maybe even a few
                    light bulbs burst. It is dark for an instant. The
                    lights slowly dim back on and we see little Jake
                    standing in the middle of the living room with his
                    original costume on. Mom is stunned.

          GRANDMA EDNA
               All that from a few extra cookies...

               Did we blow a fuse? What happened?



               I think I believe you now.

               You think? I think Mr. Magini can do all the

                    Mom looks at Mr. Magini. She looks at the spear in
                    her hands and hefts it like a club.

               Yes, maybe you can Mr. Magini.

          MR. MAGINI
                         (Giving a nervous chuckle)
               I think I prefer the wolf.

               Meet Momma Wolf. Well... you can start explaining.

                                                     END OF SCENE


                    The Kitchen Counter. Mom, Dad, Hannah and Jake all
                    sit around over a plate of cookies and milk.
                    Grandma Edna is sleeping on the couch.

               I'm so sorry that I didn't believe you!

               I'm sorry that I gave you a reason not to. Are we okay?

               More than okay... I love you kid...

                         (misty eyed)
               I love you too.

               Are we okay, big sis.

      little creep.

               I knew that you really cared.

               I still don't understand what happened!

               Geez, honey, we made Mr. Magini explain it three times,
               what don't you get...wait, where is Mr. Magini anyway?

               I don't know.

                    Jake giggles, all eyes are one him.

               Jake what did you do?


                    Mr. Magini comes skipping down the stairs wearing
                    the Little Red Riding Hood cape. He carries a

          MR. MAGINI
                         (In a sweet childlike voice)
               I hope I can get to Grandmother's house in enough time!
               It's getting dark.

                    He skips merrily out the door. There are two beats
                    of silence.

               I'll believe it if you will...

                    Everyone laughs.

                    Lights Down

                                                      END OF PLAY

Girl Who Cried Wolf PT: 5 by @RickyStevenYoun

The story is coming to it's epic finale!!!  Make sure you've read from the beginning by going HERE.


                    It is the living room again. Hannah runs down the
                    stairs, eager to catch her breath. She is spent,
                    very tired. My Magini sits on the counter eating
                    daintily from a plate of cookies and drinking a
                    big glass of milk. Hannah stumbles to the couch
                    and collapses.

          MR. MAGINI
               I haven't sat down and had a good plate of sugar
               cookies since I was a little boy. My mother, in little
               kitchen of our LA apartment, would make them from
               scratch. She'd give me one straight from the oven and a
               big glass of milk. And it was...heaven...When I think
               of Heaven, I think warm cookies and cold milk. My
               Mother was a very beautiful woman. She loved me.

               My mother probably couldn't care less about me right

          MR. MAGINI
               And why is that?

               She hates me, all of these things have been happening
               and I keep trying to tell her... Everything's going
               crazy and I have no idea what I'm going to do.

          MR. MAGINI
               I'm sure that you'll figure something out. You're the
               girl that can stretch the truth, you can decide what is
               true and what is false...not caring about the people
               that you've hurt... I'm sure that if you can do all of
               that and take it in stride you can figure out what to

               I'm not that horrible of a person.

          MR. MAGINI
               What would you describe what you've done?

                         (Tearing up)
               I just wanted...I never get to see her while she's at
               work...I never get to... I just wanted to know.

          MR. MAGINI
               What are those? Tears? Good! The Horror Movie Heroine
               finally learns the life lesson all too late. The third
               act of the movie! It's just the best!

               How do the scary movies end?

          MR. MAGINI
               There is usually only one survivor...Good News though!
               You're it.

               And all of the others?

                    Mr. Magini goes back to eating his cookies.

          MR. MAGINI
               Horror movies, while necessary lessons, rarely have
               happy endings.

               But that means...Mommy? Daddy? Grandma Edna?

          MR. MAGINI
               I'm truly sorry, I really am.

                    Hannah tries to hold back the tears. Soon she just
                    can't hold them back anymore. She sobs openly, the
                    worst kind of crying of all, the crying of someone
                    that knows that they are truly alone. Jake comes
                    bursting out of a vent. His stomach is flat again.
                    He looks very sick. The fight has gone out of him.

               That sack of old bones was the worst meal I've ever
               had. If I never see another old person again it will be

                    He rises and sees Mr. Magini.

               ...soon. What are you doing here?

          MR. MAGINI
               Having a nice feed Mr. Wolf?

                         (Turning green)
               Please don't mention food.

                    He sees Hannah crying. He looks one way at Magini,
                    and then at her. He sits on the couch.

               Hello little girl... Why are you crying?

               There's nothing anymore, it's all useless. So if you're
               going to eat me just do it.

               I'm too sick, I couldn't eat another thing for as long
               as I live. Are you sad?

                         (Looking up)
               Your belly? Did you...

               She's fine. It wasn't a pretty sight.

                         (Hugging him)
               Oh thank you! Thank you so much!

               Did you really love your brother?

               Yes. I know I never said it but honestly...honestly I

               And your little brother is inside me?

                    Hannah nods.

               How do we get him back?

                         (Pointing at Magini)
               He won't tell me... he knows how to reverse the spell
               but he just won’t...

               He won't will he...

          MR. MAGINI
               If I just gave her the answers then it wouldn't...

                    Jake rises to his full height and walks over to
                    Mr. Magini. Mr. Magini looks at him nervously.
                    Jake quietly takes the plate of cookies and milk
                    away from him and sets them down. He takes Mr.
                    Magini by the back of the collar and picks him up

               And how do we do that?

          MR. MAGINI
               I can't just tell you. She won't learn her lesson...

                    Jake pulls Magini closer so that they are face to
                    face. He look's Magini square in the eye.

               I don't think I like you. Do you really want that?

          MR. MAGINI
               I don't really think that I want to, no.

                         (Gaining hope)
               Then will you tell us what to do.

          MR. MAGINI
                         (Looking at Jake's sharp teeth)

               Jake, I think I know where I can find some jump rope.

                                                        END SCENE