Monday, April 30, 2012

Last Day of NaBloPoMo

It's the last day of April and the last day of National Blog Post Month... And I am SOOOO Happy! I love writing but it was driving me nuts writing EVERY day! So that's it... This is the whole blog post... Bye bye now.
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Sunday, April 29, 2012

CLOSED #Giveaway! 250 Business Cards from @Uprinting!

Hey guys and dolls! You know I like to be upfront with you. So before we go any further...


You should assume that I will receive free print products in exchange for the post. Any and all reviews posted are based solely on my own experience and may be atypical. Please practice due diligence in making any related purchase decisions. Interested to hold a giveaway like this? Please sign up here.

Alright. Now that we have that messy business out of the way. Yes this is a fabulous giveaway! YAY! As you know I have been talking A LOT about blogging and blog conferences lately. Well one of the main things you need for a blog conference (or even just as a working blogger) are business cards! (Psst! That link takes you to the Uprinting website so you can see the cool cards.) 

Business cards are a great way to introduce yourself and get your name and site out to a larger audience. And they make you look all types of professional. 

Now I personally have not tried Uprinting so I can't vouch for their awesomeness. However I've heard nothing but good things. And you know me, I won't steer you wrong. Besides if you win this your first 250 are FREE and you can let all of us know how much you love them. 

The rules are mostly in the rafflecopter below except this giveaway starts TODAY (April 29, 2012) at Midnight EST and ends MAY 9 at Midnight EST (in other words I'd enter at 11:59pm May 8 at the latest). Good luck in the giveaway and in your blogging career.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Silly Saturday

Between being EXHAUSTED and today being my grandmother's birthday (YAY!) I don't really have time to write. Besides there are a TON of great posts already lurking about in the Lair for your reading pleasure. ;-) But since I decided to NaBloPoMo and that means a post a day I decided to go back to that old stand by Silly Saturday. FYI Avenger's Month might have to start a few days late. BUT expect cool reviews and fabulous fashion...

So today in honor of our beloved Muppets getting a sequel I present Muppet spoofs!

Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm going to #MKExpo!

Not to be out done by my BlogHer12 excitement I wanted to spend some time and focus on my FIRST ever blog conference: The Macaroni Kid Travel Blogger Conference (or MKExpo for short). I am so stoked for this! It is an opportunity to learn and grow as a blogger.

I think I explained before how this is over the course of two day and that it's part expo part blog conference. Well I won't rehash all of the details but I did want to spend the next few days writing about MKExpo and blog conferences in general.

Today I am doing this post explaining the next week and later a post made up entirely of pictures related to stuff I am wearing or taking to the MKExpo and what I think someone going to a blog conference might need. After I post the picture post I will pin all the pics to my Pinterest board dedicated to (what else) blog conferences.

Then Wednesday May 2 I will do a what to bring (based on my research and what I personally bringing) and and Friday May 4 a what to wear (based on the outfits I'll be wearing). I think I'll call the what to wear post "Fashion Friday: DragynAlly?!" That'll become clearer when I write it. Eventually I want to do a post dedicated to my media kit and what I hope that will look like.

I think that's all I will have to talk about...

In all of the posts I link to sites I used to help me prepare and to other blogs I've read that helped inspire me with this. I am hoping by writing all of this out it'll help me be as prepared as I can be for MXExpo or any other blog related events I go to.

I know I've been veering off the Disney subject but I promise May will be dedicated to the Avengers (Yes Marvel is Disney). And after I take my trips in May and June I'll have lots of Disney pics and stories to tell. Thanks for listening to all the blog stuffs! Love you guys and dolls.

PS: If you're not one of my regular guys and dolls welcome to the Dragyn's Lair! Please go HERE and HERE to find out more about me (DragynAlly) and the Lair.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm going to #BlogHer12!!!

Hey guys and dolls. I know you already know I'm headed to BlogHer 12 but I thought I'd do the obligatory "I'm going to BlogHer 12" post. By writing a post like this it allows for brands and other bloggers to see that I am going and make connections with me. It's all very grown up blogger. However I'm sure the companies and the bloggers are reading this part and wondering what I am doing...

As of today BlogHer 12 is 99 days away. I don't know if you remember but 9 is my lucky number. I figured what better day to tell the universe that I am officially headed to BlogHer.

For my readers who don't blog but love Disney what BlogHer is can be compared to Disney Social Media Moms. Only BlogHer is on a MUCH larger scale and isn't invite only. It's a place for bloggers from different walks of life can come together and learn more about the craft, business and art of blogging. It is also a way for brands to connect with bloggers.

BlogHer occurs a few days before the Lair's second birthday. My hope is it'll give me a push to make the Lair's third year even more amazing. The Dragyn's Lair and DragynAlly are growing as a brand. I think BlogHer will be the key to growth and to maintaining the integrity that I hope you've come to appreciate.

This blog post is going kind of askew. I was supposed to be telling brands and other bloggers about me and what I hope to gain from BlogHer...

Who I am: My name is Dana "DragynAlly" Howze and I am a 26 (soon to be 27) year old single, childless, female blogger who uses her site to discuss Disney, travels she's been on, and other things that she admires or inspires her.

The Dragyn's Lair is a site dedicated to reviews, interviews and personal commentary on Disney, travel, fashion, and much more.If you look to the left of this post you will see the label cloud. Topics such as, but not limited to, movies, food, cruising and more have been covered within the pages of this site.

Despite my status as single and childless the Lair's readership is made up of women and men from all walks of life. Based on my research a strong majority of women. However as someone who believes in gender diversity I would be remiss to ignore my male readers just because they are few.

The Lair's readership is comprised of mothers, fathers, animal parents, and single young people.The majority of readers are between 21-49. To break it down any further than that would be unfair as I consider all of my readers young adults.

I am currently not actively seeking sponsorship for BlogHer as I am just testing the waters and seek to get the DragynAlly and Dragyn's Lair brand some time in the spotlight. However if you think that your product might be something my readers would find appealing I am always up for a sponsored giveaway or review. I can be contacted via email or by telephone 407-374-9821.

I look forward to this coming August and my chance to make new connections. So far I only have 2 goals for BlogHer 12: Make friends and have fun. I believe by simply doing both of these things I will get the most out of my experience.

Wow I wrote a lot... Anyway to my guys and dolls thanks for reading my manifesto. Hopefully it didn't bore you to tears. To any BlogHer bloggers reading I hope I will meet you in August. Also please link your site HERE so I can learn more about you. To any brands reading there's a whole lot more where this came from.

And the winners are...

Congratulations @wdwnotjustkids and @mckryan  you both won Disneynature Chimpanzee reusable grocery bags! Please email with an address to send your prize to.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Peter and the Starcatcher on Broadway

I really wanted to write a full scale review of this show but I realized something... It's just too awesome! This is probably the best show I have seen in years. It was so well done and the cast is amazing.  It's almost too amazing to put into words. So I decided to just share my random thoughts in bullet points. If my view is still too unclear you can ask me questions in the comments and I'll answer.

My thoughts on Peter and the Starcatcher...

  1. Best show I have seen on Broadway in a long time
  2. Asks the audience to use our imagination. When they tell you a rag is a cat you believe it is a cat.
  3. Is creative and inventive
  4. Not really a musical. It had enough music to make musical people happy but if you hate musicals you'll still enjoy it.
  5. Stage was minimalist and used old kitchen items to help tell the tale
  6. Mermaids are magical fish!
  7. The story is about how a nameless orphan finds strength and purpose through love of a young girl.
  8. Very funny. I think I laughed the whole time
  9.  The story is a prequel to Peter Pan.
  10. Black Stache (the villain) rocks my world! He was funny and cooky and a lot of fun. Stole the show a lot of times
  11. Even though we know the boy will become Peter Pan the audience is still on the edge of its seat the entire time.
  12. If you stay young forever you don't feel loss and you get to forget (random part at the end)
  13. Men in drag are always fun and the more muscular the man the funnier!
  14. The actors had to be amazing because they each played several parts and you had to be able to tell when they were a different character.
  15. A piece of rope can be a ship!
  16. The audience is often in on the joke and the cast talks directly to us at several times
  17. The story is family friendly without pandering to kids. There are several "adult" jokes but nothing so risque as to leave the kids at home.
  18. Buy your tickets now!!!
Pics are from

Your @Newsies Questions Answered

The following may contain SPOILERS.

  1. What if anything is different from the movie version? Which did you like best?
    •  There are several differences between the film and the stage show. The most notable is that they got rid of Davey's sister and replaced the male reporter with a young female reporter who just happens to be Pulitzer's (The bad guy) daughter. I would say I liked both the film and the stage show equally just differently.
  2. What are the songs they performed?
    •  That's a LONG list! Seize the Day and King of NY are in there all of the songs from the movie and a few new ones. Like Brooklyn's Here.
  3. What was your favorite part of the day? Did you buy the recording?
    •  I think you're asking about my favorite part of the group meet up (I hope). I loved seeing the show with Disney friends and just feeding off the energy of other fans. No I didn't buy the recording but there is always iTunes!
  4. Are all the original characters there? And all the original songs?
    •  No. They got rid of Denton (the guy reporter) and Davey's sister. They sort of got combined into Katherine the young eager female reporter. I must say I liked the character a lot. All the original songs are there and more.
  5. Dancing scenes? As amazing as the movie or better? How did the Santa Fe scene translate on stage? How were the costumes?
    •  Dance scenes were EPIC! I would argue that it is the best dancing on Broadway right now. The dancers are so talented and can do moves I've never seen before. I would say more amazing than the movie only because they created the same epic feeling with a WAY smaller cast. I didn't love the Santa Fe scene. Honestly it felt forced. But that's me. The costumes were basic except Medda is wearing a fabulous pink dress at one point and since the actress looked to be about my size I aim to steal it. ;-)
  6. What did you think of the dancing?
    •  AMAZING! As I said probably the best on Broadway. I was really impressed by the talent level.
  7. Was he REALLY the King of New York?
    •  No. I am! ;-) Actually considering Katherine sings part of that song SHE is the king of NY.
  8. What did you think of the stage production?
    •  Very well done. Minimalist set helped create grandeur in a very small space. The cast is really small so the set was kept simple and it let you focus on the actors.
  9. What character best translated from movie to stage, or which actor did the best job with the character? Did they do a great job with the sets? What was the best set?
    •  Crutchy!!! I love him! For me he was such an iconic character in the movie and then to see him on stage and it still felt like the character I loved from the movie. That made the stage show for me. The sets were great. The best set.... The one where they line up to get the papes. They just have a steel door but it makes you think there are a ton of Newsies lined up to get the morning paper.
  10. How did they pull off the big scenes from the movie? Was there a good balance in the scenes to make the stage dynamic change?
    •  Honestly? They didn't. I mean as I said the sets were small to help it create grandeur. And they did a great job. But the film had hundreds of actors where as the the play had maybe 30 (didn't count but there were only a few). There was an ok balance. A lot of the actors were recycled so they did a good job making sure the audience saw the characters differently even though the actors were the same (make sense?)
  11. Did you wish the movie actors played some of the stage actor's parts or vice versa?
    •  Nope. I don't love Christian Bale but he worked for the movie. I do miss the guy who played Doogie Howser's best friend (bonus points to who ever can find me his name!) But the actors for both the movie and the stage worked.
  12. If you could recast the show with Hollywood actors, who would you choose to plat each part?
    •  I can't think of any. Maybe I should throw this question out to the readers...
  13. Are there any songs that stand out, like you can't get out of your head? Would you see it again?
    •  King of NY and Seize the Day are stuck in my head from childhood. So those 2. And yes I would see it again tomorrow if I could.
  14. Do you think it would be a necessity to see the movie first before seeing the musical or would you not need to see the movie at all?
    •  If you never see the movie you will be just fine seeing the play.
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Seize the Day with @Newsies!

Hey guys and dolls. Leave it to me to wait two weeks to start writing this review. I should start out by saying that if you have the chance to see this show GO see it NOW! Yes it is worth the ticket price and yes if you are able you NEED to see it.


Ok are all the hard core people buying tickets?

The reason it has taken me so long to write this review is that I liked this show A LOT. I just didn't love it. I loved all the pieces but didn't like the whole. It was like a chocolate, bacon, covered strawberry with garlic sauce. Separately those things are beyond awesome. But together they just don't work. Maybe that's a bad analogy...

What I mean is the acting was amazing. The singing was suburb. The dancing was the best I have EVER seen. And yet... I want to say "meh". I think when you have a show with this many great elements and you still want to call meh it is a sign that the story is where the problem lies.

I was afraid to write this review because Disney people (and frankly all of Broadway) has been raving about this show. And don't get me wrong I enjoyed it. Thoroughly! I sang along. I was in awe of the dancing. I wanted to kidnap a few of the hotties and take them home (What do you mean Newsies aren't merch?!) But I still want to say meh.

Luckily I talked to two of my favorite Disney people recently and asked them what they thought of the show. And they said what I had been thinking. The music, acting, dancing great! The story? Meh. But there's very little you can do to make a fairly predictable story edge of your seat.

After all of this I still maintain that if you can see it you should. See it now if you can. It is completely worth the cost of the ticket and you will have a good time. Just don't expect a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. You will see it coming from a mile away and that might be ok. Maybe a "meh" story will allow you to enjoy the music, acting and dancing.

If you've seen Newsies let me know what you think. Always feel free to disagree with me and be honest but please be nice.

Just so you know I didn't forget about all of the questions you asked me about the show. This is a two part review. If you'll notice this one is pretty much spoiler free (not that you could spoil it but who knows). The next part will be filled with spoilers! So stay tuned.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Help @JEFF_EMT Relay for Life!

Jeff the theme park EMT is a rock star! A great guy who works at WDW helping to save lives. Needless to say he is considered a friend of the Lair.

For 5 years now Jeff and his family have participated the Lake Buena Vista Relay for Life. They call themselves the Sleepwalkers (how cute is that?). The event is part walk part party all the money goes to Relay for Life. The event celebrates life and is free (unless you like a good raffle. ;-)

Jeff's family has been personally touched by cancer more times than any family should have to endure. Father-in-law had lukemia, his father prostate cancer and his sister is a breast cancer survivor. So of course cancer research and hope for a cure drive Jeff and his family.

When I heard Jeff's story and how he wanted to celebrate life and help others I knew I had to tell you all about it. I know the Lair has some of the most caring and generous readers of any site on the web. Jeff says for $5 (think a venti at Starbucks) we could help make a difference.

Please go HERE and donate if you can.
Or Jeff says you can look into your local Relay for Life and volunteer or participate.
Also if you're headed to WDW for the Everest challenge you might as well visit the Ready Creek fire station and hang out with Jeff and enjoy that event.

Whatever you decide to do I appreciate it and you! I've already made a donation and am doing research for my local Relay for Life.

Follow Jeff on twitter and tell him DragynAlly sent you.

Help The Lair!

I need your help. Please take a moment to fill out the survey below. It is 4 short questions and it would help me a lot. Turns out when you are trying to be a grown up blogger they ask that you have a media kit. Part of this media kit is knowing your demographics. As much as I talk to you guys and dolls I don't know a lot about you and I figured guessing would be out of the question. So please take a moment, fill out the survey and I will owe you one. THANK YOU!

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world's leading questionnaire tool.

And the winner is....

Congratulations Amy C.!!!! AKA @willsgirl31. You have won a $100 Disney gift card! Please email Also if you can please thank all of the FABULOUS bloggers who helped make this happen.

Special thanks to:
  1. DVC Mom
  2. Focused on the Magic
  3. WDW Solo Meets
  4. Disney on Wheels
  5. Everything Walt Disney World
  6. Living with the Magic
  7. Magical Mouse Schoolhouse

Sunday, April 22, 2012

CLOSED Disneynature Chimpanzee Bag #Giveaway

So today is Earth Day! And I went to my local Disney Store and handed over a few old plastic bags to be recycled. In return the nice people at the Disney Store gave me 2 Disneynature Chimpanzee reusable shopping bags. How cute are they?!

I'm very lucky that my Disney store is right down the street and I can get cool stuff like this all the time. But I know some of you don't have local Disney stores. I decided to share these bags with you. :-)

Yes another giveaway. This one end Wednesday April 25 at 11pm EST. There are 2 ways to enter and you can do each way 2x a day for a total of 16 entries.

The first is to leave a comment on any post except this one. As usual the comment has to be relevant to the post it is about. No "comment" and no "I just want to win".

 The second way to enter is to tweet out with a fun catch phrase like "Have you entered the Lair today?" or "I love DragynAlly's blog!". Anything at all you can come up with.

After you have done either of these things post the links to either the blog post or the tweet in the comment section below.

All entries will be put into a randomizer. First 2 unique names (you can't win twice, sorry) win!

Good Luck

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Silly Saturday

All credit to

I love when my favorite pop culture references collide! What happens when the Incredibles mashes with Princess Bride? THIS!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Fashion Friday: Peter and the Starcatcher

I feel like I failed you this week. I have a top and bottoms but I don't really have a pulled together look. What I have is a start and I'm not to sure it's a great one.

I was thinking that the all green shirt and skirt combo would be very Peter Pan. I love the sparkles in the top and the skirt is cute but the greens don't match. And accessories? Forget about it!

I dug through my fashion archives and couldn't find anything that could pull the look together. I think I'm going to take this back to the fashion drawing board and start over.


Any of you on Pinterest? Maybe I can pin a pic of the shirt and skirt and then search the internets looking accessories to try and save it!

Go to find the pin board labeled "Peter Pan" and lets save this fashion!!! (I hope.)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why I do Giveaways...

I started thinking (A dangerous past time, I know). But I realize I do A LOT of giveaways here in the Lair and I don't know if I've ever told you guys and dolls why.

What got me thinking about this was I was talking Ultimate Blog Party with 5minutesformom and other really amazing bloggers and the topic of giveaways came up. One person asked if it was a way to get more followers. And we talked about it and it was pretty much agreed that if you do giveaways that you're going to get some people just showing up for the giveaway and you won't make a real connection.

 I know that's the case with some of the people who stroll through the Lair. But some of you found me because of the first ever big giveaway I did (remember the big box of vinylmations I had?) And you have been with me ever since. You guys aren't just my followers and readers. You're my friends.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I do these giveaways for you (wow that sounds cheesy). Not to bribe you into staying or reading but because I can't buy all of you gifts but I can get one gift and hope one of you gets it. I hope that makes sense.

I'm always going to be honest and transparent with you on all that I do so don't be afraid to ask me or call me on my BS. I'm real here and always will be.

As I sit here typing I have a few tears in my eyes scared at the thought that you all would think I only wanted to increase my blog traffic or that I would only want make a name for myself. Both those things are great but connect with you, that's what makes my life.

You, all of you, are why I keep doing this. Why I keep trying to grow and develop as a blogger. I want to keep doing this. And yes I do want to make money some day but not to put in my pocket. My dream is that one day the Lair will be self-sustaining and that I can make money to fund the giveaways I like doing so much.

Who knows? Maybe one day I can take one of you to Disney World. I can dream right?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday for #UBP12

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My Baby. ♥

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

#BlogHer12 #MKExpo #WTFudge?!

I'll be tweeting at #BlogHer12

Hey guys and dolls! Today I wanted to talk to you about BlogHer and what it is before I write the obligatory "I'm going to #BlogHer12!" post.

BlogHer has to be one of the largest (if not the largest) blogger conference geared toward a majority female audience EVER! Last year at BlogHer11 in San Diego there were over 3000 bloggers! Leave it to me, someone who doesn't like a crowd, to sign up for the biggest conference I can find.

BlogHer12 technically happens over 2.5 days. I say technically because there are conference sessions all day Friday and Saturday and you go home Sunday. The truth is BlogHer12 is about 5 days of insanity if done to the fullest.

Here's what you could do: Come in to NYC Wednesday August 1 and get settled into your hotel, Thursday do the healthminder or pathfinder days (These are sessions focused on finding your way as blogger and keeping your sanity while you do), then on Thursday night start the parties. Yeah that's right PARTIES! I'll get back to the parties in a sec.

Now where was I? Oh and after you party at "A Night at the Expo", The People's Party and Queerosphere you can now sleep. Friday you can either wake up at 5:45am to make it to the 6am 5K or you can sleep until 8ish... I signed up for the 5K. I figured running around NYC would be fun. (I'm insane!)

After that there's the newbie breakfast followed by "speed dating" where you meet other bloggers quickly and throw out your "elevator pitch".

Next come the break out sessions and there aren't 1 or 2 to choose from. Oh no there are 7 types including a writer's lab, a geek bar, and sessions dedicated to both personal and professional blogging. Some time after the first session is lunch then 2 more session THEN a break and a keynote.

Then the parties start up again. Friday night there is Voices of the Year, Open Mic Salon and SPARKLECORN! As I said I will explain the parties at another time (they might deserve their own blog post.)

Where was I? Again? Oh then you crash and burn until Saturday morning then it's breakfast, recap, session, lunch , session, session, break, keynote...And parties! Saturday is Come as You Are, Social Fiesta, and CHEESEBURHER! (Party post. I promise.)

Then you crash and go home Sunday... Unless you're me. Then you signed up for the morning after brunch at 11am Sunday. And then you go home.

 By the way while all this is going on there is a HUGE Expo hall filled with some of the biggest brands around and they are giving away free swag the entire time. And while you're getting swag you should be networking with brands and other bloggers.

Oh and along with the parties anyone can go to there are private parties help by companies not associated with BlogHer but who want to connect with bloggers... Is your head spinning cause mine is! It has been since I signed up in March and started doing research (I'm a planner, what can I say?)

I'm really excited to go but as usual with me and big events I'm nervous and psyching myself out. I'm also stressing which is not good. I just want to be able to get into the BlogHer12 arena and hold my own. We all know I'm a great blogger (right?) I just need to be able to carry myself like one while I'm there.

I guess I should throw it out to you. What do you think a professional blogger has? I mean I have business cards and a FABULOUS wardrobe but I feel like I'm missing stuff. Also If my little run-on thought didn't clearly explain BlogHer12 feel free to ask questions.

In the future I will write: A BlogHer12 party post, a post discussing the sessions in more depth, a post about the expo hall and sponsors,a post about outside BlogHer12 events, my BlogHer12 fashion and anything else you want to know. Just ask away.

And thanks for reading guys and dolls! You keep me sane.

Blog what you love...

... and you'll never write a day in your life.~ DragynAlly. That quote was my attempt to be deep during the Ultimate Blog Party. It caught on and I think it's true. I also think it's the best blogging tip I can give you.

I think a lot of times as bloggers we try to find a "focus" or start only blogging about one particular thing. I am so guilty of that with Disney. Even though Disney is a very broad topic and I love Disney very much I started feeling trapped. It felt like I was just rehashing a story another Disney blogger did.

What I decided to do was try to experience Disney in different ways, that's where Fashion Friday came from. After a while I finally realized this is my blog and I'll write what I want. I think this is the best decision I have ever made (blog speaking).

Turns out, there are a lot of things in the world that I love (TV, Movies, Wine, Comics). And if I limit myself to only blogging about one of those things I am not happy. But if I blog about everything that fascinates and excites me I am happy. And I find when you're a happy blogger you write more and more people want to work with you.

So somewhere in this personal story is my tip. Blog what you love and you'll never write a day in your life. Blog about any and everything that makes up you and your life. Your readers (and anyone who works with you) will appreciate your openness and honesty.

Thanks again to Shaun at for setting this up!

Also if you're headed to BlogHer12 link up HERE.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Getting to Know You

This will be a quick post as I am totally doing the Ultimate Blog Party tonight. I just wanted to say that I love meeting new people via twitter and facebook and even if the only reason you stopped was to enter a contest. It is really fun talking to people and seeing how much I have in common with them.

In any case if you are here because we meet talking out blog conferences like MKExpo or BlogHer 12 go HERE and link up! I want to learn even more about you. If you're here because of the UBP12 go HERE. And if you're here for the giveaway I'm doing go HERE.

Also please look around and leave comments. I love when people leave comments. :-) This is just a throw-away post for NaBloPoMo which so far I am succeeding at! But also I want to do a preview of the Blog posts this week.

Tomorrow I will be linking up with other BlogHers to talk about our blogging tips. I may also finally do that post explaining what BlogHer is and why I am going.

Wednesday I will do the Newsies review I promised you!

Thursday I'm thinking travel tips. I always talk about how I travel so much but I don't think to talk about travel and airline requirements and other things I do that make travel smooth and as pleasant as possible.

And Friday is fashion! I will do a Peter and the Starcatcher inspired outfit just for you.

Sound good? Let me know what you think and if you have any questions about this weeks topics let me know! I'll include answers in the posts.

CLOSED! $100 Disney Gift Card #Giveaway!

Hello Guys and Dolls! We're at it again. I've teamed up with some FABULOUS bloggers to give you a chance to win $100 Disney Gift Card! You know you want it. ;-) All you have to do is fill out the rafflecopter below. So simple. And while you're here check out a few posts and leave a few comments. Good luck!

Special thanks to:
  1. DVC Mom
  2. Focused on the Magic
  3. WDW Solo Meets
  4. Disney on Wheels
  5. Everything Walt Disney World
  6. Living with the Magic
  7. Magical Mouse Schoolhouse

Sunday, April 15, 2012

My @Avengers Thoughts...

I was so so so so (did I say so enough?) fortunate to see an advanced screening of The Avengers this Saturday (YESTERDAY!)  It was a horrible, terrible awful movie.... Is the exact OPPOSITE of what I would say! Best. Movie. EVER! Is what I would say.

I pick favorites ;-)

I LOVED it. Not that you couldn't tell that already. But to put it in perspective I have been waiting for this movie since the FIRST Iron Man. So for years now. And my fear was that I hyped it up so much in my mind that The Avengers wouldn't live up to it. But it didn't just live up it surpassed my expectations!!!

Now about the day of the screening (This is my personal blog after all and I know you guys and dolls want to hear about my experience as well as the movie.) So I "woke up" at 2am. And by "woke up" I mean didn't sleep. By the time I got ready it was 3 am and time to drive to Trenton.

For those of you who don't know NJ Trenton is in the center of the state and the only train station "near me" that does straight to NYC. I live about an hour and a half from Trenton and Trenton is about an hour and a half from NYC. I left my house at 3am to take a 5am train.

Got to NYC at 6:30 and to the theater at 7.  By then the line had reached over 100 people. How do I know? At 8am they handed out "not a ticket"s with number on them. I was 117.

There were people who were turned away! When we finally got in it was 9:45ish and the movie didn't start until 10:20. But let me tell you it was all well worth it to see such an amazing film! It really is as great as I'm saying. Ok I'll stop (it's AWESOME!)

If you're still reading, what I also wanted to share with you is some of my random thoughts about the film. This is where the SPOILER ALERT should go. I will do my very very very best to keep this spoiler free however some people's idea of spoilers are different than others (what do you mean the Hulk is green?!)

So without further ado (cause I said a lot already!)

My Thoughts:
  1. You need to see the movies.- No seriously. If you have not seen Iron Man 1 AND 2, The Ed Norton version of the Hulk, Thor and Captain America you need to go see them NOW! I was wondering if you could understand the movie on it's own but you can't. Every movie has something about it that make the Avengers much clearer and I'm not just talking about the extra scenes at the end. 
  2. You will laugh.- This movie was hilarious! The whole audience roared with laughter during the screening.  No toilet humor. Very mature (in a good way) and intelligent humor. I like movies that respect my intelligence!
  3. Wonder if Joss Whedon consulted Jon Favreau. Not just Iron Man's director but it's like Joss Whedon had a powwow with the directors and asked them what's the coolest part of their movie! He had elements from all the films in the Avengers and stayed true to the characters and their specific worlds while creating a world for all of them. So awesome!
  4. NYC rocks!- It was so cool to see NYC as the main setting.
Ok That's a way shorter list than I was expecting but I realized all of the rest would be too opinionated and filled with spoilers!

I cannot wait to see the Avengers again! Might do a marathon of all the movies. What do you guys and dolls think? Do you want to see this movie? What are you most excited about? Trust me if you have been anticipating this like I have you WILL NOT be disappointed.

Both pics are from here:

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Speechless Saturday

Awesome (adj): impressing great admiration... Yeah.

Friday, April 13, 2012

#UBP12 Let's Try This Again...

Hello! And Welcome to the Dragyn's Lair! To my regular Guys and Dolls, yes this is another introduction post. I have been doing a lot to try to get my "brand?" out there and spread my wings, so to speak.

 Part of making new connections is I have to reintroduce myself. I guess the key is to introduce myself to the new Guys and Dolls without boring my regulars to tears (have I told you lately that I love you?)

Alright what does someone who enters the Lair need to know... Well my name is Dana but I go by DragynAlly online.... Yeah I've sung this song before.

Who's up for some links to some AWESOME blog post? Frankly I think the Lair and I speak for ourselves better than I can speak for us (that made better sense in my head.)

  1. Scandalous! @ScandalABC
  2. Fashion Friday: #Newsies
  3. Dreama Walker from @Apt23
  4. Fashion Thursday?!: Lion King Broadway
  5. #MKExpo? #BlogHer12? #WTFudge?!
  6. Who is this "DragynAlly" and Why are we reading her Blog?!
  7. Finding a Father on Treasure Planet
  8. Dream Shows: The Golden Mickeys
  9. Halloweentown or Christmastown?
  10. Delicious @RosaRegale Jello
That's me in a nut shell... Or a nutty shell. Have any questions? Fell free to ask! Also make sure to check out my Twitter and Facebook pages! And Pinterest.

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

And check out all my #UBP12 posts in one place!

Stressed... #UBP12

I don't want to blog today. I just don't. I know I'm participating in the Ultimate Blog Party and having great content right about now would probably be a good idea. I also know that I have an overdue Newsies review that needs to get done very soon. But I don't wanna. I decided today I'm not going to stress myself out and worry that I won't fit everything in. And just rest. You see I have to be up at 2am tomorrow to drive to Trenton to take a 5am train to NYC so I can be there by 7am to wait in line for 3 hours waiting to see the Avengers. If I were going by myself this may not stress me so much. Or maybe it would I'm a natural stresser. But I'm taking my lil bro with me and even though he's 21 he's doesn't know how to navigate NYC like I do. So that makes the stress worse. I'm also worried that I won't get all the pre-Avengers stuff I want to do done. Like see all the movies. Trying to get through Captain America today then I'm set. I'm stressed. I can feel it in my gut and I hate that. I think I'm a bit young to have an ulcer but who knows. You ever have days like that? Where you have so much you need to do that it just eats you alive? That's how I've been feeling for weeks now. I'm worried that I can't keep up with my own life. Starting last week I had 3 back to back weekends in NYC which is fun but getting there from where I live is a bit of work. Then I have a weekend off then my first blog conference and I'm worried about that. Then I have two back to back WDW trips which should make me happy but I'm worried about that. Then grad school and by now my head is spinning. Instead of taking my life one day at a time I'm already in June. And this stresses me out. Wow I'm whiny! So what I decided to do today is calm down. Finish what I can and not worry about what I can't. The Newsies will get reviewed, I'll get that giveaway I had planned going, I'll write fabulous posts for the UBP12 people to read and I'll be fine tomorrow spending the day in NYC with my lil bro. It'll all fall into place one way or another. But stress accomplishes nothing.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ultimate Blog Party?! #UBP12

I have no clue why I am doing this. I've been debating about it for weeks now but I figured here at the last minute "what the heck?!" What's the worse that will happen? A bunch of mom bloggers read my single childless blog and shun me! That's not so bad.

Besides I have to consider getting my name out there and figuring out who I am as a blogger. Maybe Just by hanging out with other bloggers online I'll connect and make more friends and figure out why I keep doing this. I swear it's a passion but what else? Maybe there's no need for a what else.

I'm a bit nervous. I mean if all the talk is mom talk I'll have nothing to say. But maybe it'll be more than that or the mom's will love to hear about my views... I honestly don't know. In any case I'm trying. And trying and failing beats not trying at all!

Since you're here you might is well go here: Who is this "DragynAlly" and Why are we reading her Blog?!

PS: So glad you're here! I hope you enjoy the Lair. And seriously go here:  Who is this "DragynAlly" and Why are we reading her Blog?!

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Fashion Thursday?!: Lion King Broadway

My head's so not in the game this week. And when I can't focus on what I need to be focusing on (Newsies review) I usually distract myself with FASHION. So today I am showing you some pieces of my wardrobe that remind me of Lion King on Broadway!Shame is I've never seen the show (I must remedy this!) But I have seen pics and think that these particular pieces are quintessentially Lion King. Let me know what you think!

I may put this together as an outfit in the near future. Maybe I'll take a pic of me wearing it. :-)

The Accessories!
Tell me that isn't the CUTEST elephant ring.

I don't know if flowers are very Lion King BUT the bronze color is a nice touch.

You may have seen these before...

I LOVE cuffs and this leather one is so cool and tribal looking.

I think this piece speaks for itself

I must say I'm iffy on the shoes. I thought they would look cute with the outfit but they don't have much flavor on their own.

I can't decide whether to wear these together or apart

The dress has such a lively look about it.

I love the belt detail of the shirt

I think if I put EVERY thing you see together it might make a cute outfit. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! :-)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Don't Trust the B.... in @Apt23: Review

I've been talking about this show a lot since I interviewed Dreama Walker (who is AWESOME). I knew I wanted to write a review but as I sit here trying to get the thoughts out of my head I don't know what to say. I like the show. I feel like it's so far so good based on the two episodes I've seen.

It starts out with the Pilot where our heroine June (Dreama) has her perfect life plan ruined. She runs in to Chloe (Krysten Ritter) who seems like the answer to all of June's roommate prayers. Until June realizes that Chloe is insane! There's a pervert next door, a "Chloe obsessed" girl down the hall, June's boss at the coffee shop (who seems to be partially sane) and of course there is James Van Der Beek playing a jerky version of himself. I think he's my favorite part of the show.

The basic formula of the show is simple: Chloe tries to help June in her own quirky completely screwed up way. But ends up messing up June's life in ways that can be resolved in about a half hour. I guess what makes me want to keep watching is the "odd couple" relationship between June and Chloe.

Even though Chloe is completely nutty and does seem to ruin June's life (as well as a few others) in a weird way she seems to care about June. From the first episode we as the audience see that Chloe even respects June.

The show is a lot of fun. And even though the formula is simple I wouldn't call it predictable by any stretch of the imagination. Trust me. As soon as I thought I had it all figured out the show caught me way by surprise! Just wait til episode 2 when Chloe tried to play matchmaker... WHOA! Even when I thought I knew what each character was going to do BOOM they did something different. Example the pervert next door also seems to be part therapist. 

I say "Apartment 23" deserves a watch. Even if you're like me and you're mainly watching to see an American good guy be a jerk (kinda crushing on Jerky Van Der Beek). But keep watching to see how June and Chloe learn to live with each other and learn from each other.

Don't Trust the B.... in Apartment 23 starts Wednesday April 11 at 9:30pm EST on ABC.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blend Creations Deal for Dragyn Fans

Hey Guys and Dolls! I love @BlendCreations (Blend Creations) necklaces!!!! Love. They are the coolest. Especially if you want a classy and fashionable way to show off your twitter name or a special hashtag you created.
I NEED this!

As many of you know I am going to my first blog conference this year. And I thought "I NEED one of these twitter necklaces". But then I realized that you all might NEED these necklaces too! So I got in touch with Vivian of Blend Creations and asked her if there was anything she could do.  And she hooked us up!

Gender Neutral Twitter Necklace fun!

If you use the promo code "Dragyn" (minus the quotes) you can get 10% off merch at including those FABULOUS twitter necklaces! This deal is good until April 30, 2012 (aka the end of this month). As with any Blend Creation promo code this isn't valid on gift certificates, Metal for Monsters, Sweet Surprises or pre-orders. However it is TOTAL valid on the aforementioned twitter necklaces... Can you not tell I am obsessed?!

So go. Now! Order and use the promo code "Dragyn"!

Both these pics (one is a gif) are from

Monday, April 9, 2012

And the Winners are...

As I mentioned I am giving away 3 prizes to the top 3 names.
The third name winning the Bubba Gump glass is Laura W. who's twitter name I can't find.
The second name winning the Newsies tote bag (no autograph) is Heather AKA @heatherw25.
And the grand prize winner of the Autographed by Kara Lindsay AKA Katherine Plumer in Newsies and Ben Fankhauser AKA Davey in Newsies is....
Lynn AKA @DisneyWishesMom!!!

Congratulations to all 3 of you! Please email me

Dreama Walker from @Apt23 : Now w/ VIDEO!

Well the full show title is "Don't Trust the B.... in Apartment 23". But for the sake of twitter #Apt23 is good. I was able to interview Dreama this morning. She is SO sweet! As you will hear in this clip.

To give you some background the show is about June, a 26 year old with a life plan (HA!) who has her dreams crashed by life. Enter Chloe who at first seems like the perfect friend to help her through but then scams June every way she can. The best part of the pilot is when June turns the tables and we realize we shouldn't mistake her kindness for weakness. By doing this, June gains Chloe's respect and maybe Chloe will end up being the friend she needed all along (ok I'm being cheesy but it's true!)

I want to do a full on review of the show soon (HERE) but for now check out this audio and let me know what you think! Also there's a clip of Dreama playing June and interacting with Chloe. So enjoy!

Don't Trust the B.... in Apartment 23 premiers on ABC this Wednesday April 11 9:30 EST.

But between you and me you can check out some episodes HERE.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Best Friend

Actually she's one of 2. They're a matching set but I'll write about my other BFF in a post all her own. The reason I am writing about my BFF is that she has be dragged (kicking and screaming) into my Disney life. Don't get me wrong she loves Disney! If by Disney you mean posh hotels and restaurants. She'll suffer through Disney movie marathons with me, she'll go see the latest film in theaters, she even went with me to see Newsies yesterday. But she's not really a Disney fan. But that works for me. I think sometimes I think the whole world is Disney (as most Disney fans do) but she keeps me grounded. She's my cynical inner-voice only in 3D and with attitude to spare! She and I (along with our other BFF who as I said will get her own post) have been friends since my senior year of college. So for anyone who likes math we've been friends since September 2006. We don't always get to hang out. Honestly we are pretty happy with once a month visits. But we can talk on the phone for hours about absolutely nothing. Now why after all this time have I decided to write about her after all this time? Well as I said she's being dragged into my Disney life more and more which means she's meeting my "Disney friends" and gets dragged along on my  Disney and very soon my blogging adventures. She's actually going to the Macaroni Kid Expo with me and I am excited for that. She puts up with my crazy and is in a lot of ways my big sister. And when I say she puts up with me, you all know about Fashion Fridays and how I like to play dress up. Well... My poor BFF has more often than not been my human Barbie doll and has be subjected to my fashion experiments. Oh she is hella cute and would look great in a paper bag BUT put a little makeup on her and put her in a cute dress and she is unstoppable! If you remember she was the Ariel to my Ursula this past Halloween. Anyway I'm rambling... Enough about me and my BFF. Tell me about yours! Do they like what you like? Do they put up with you out of love? Are they family?