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Power Up w/ Christina Grimmie

I love sharing interesting news with you all! Disney Interactive is launching a new web series called "Power Up". Presented by XBox Kinect (You know the people who created the Disneyland game!) this show will be a weekly series at

The series will be about all things gaming including consoles, mobile games, and more! From what I can tell there will also be a skit show aspect (interesting) and the host Christina Grimmie will have some original music. Can't make it to a comp? No prob! Power Up vids will be on YouTube, Disney Mobile and XBox Live!

But wait, there's more! To celebrate this new web series Disney is doing a giveaway! If you go HERE you can enter to win a trip to San Fransisco (awesome) for a private tour of Pixar Studios (double awesome) see the making of "Kinect Rush: A Disney•Pixar Adventure" (triple awesome) AND play it with Christina Grimmie (AWESOME!) You can also enter the giveaway by texting POWERUP to Disney (347639).

I hope you enter and I expect tons of pics if you win!!!

Closed! Wanna go to the Macaroni Kid #Travel Expo? #MKExpo

Hey guys and dolls! As you know I have been talking about blogger conferences and expos lately. More specifically I've talked about the Macaroni Kid Expo and how excited I am to be going. Well I am excited to say I'll be taking one of YOU and a guest with me to the MKExpo!

Yes on Sunday May 6 from 11am-4pm you will have a chance to mingle at the Residence Inn Marriott with other travel enthusiast and a few bloggers (like me!) You will be able to check out exhibitors including (but not limited to) Hershey Park and Mountain Creek Resort. And maybe there will be some prizes to be won and swag to be had (you never know!)The one day ticket is an amazing value at $9 but you will get to go for free! How you ask?

To enter please leave a comment below stating why you would like to check out the MKExpo. Bonus point if you go HERE and leave a comment.

Rule time!:
  1. All comments must be valid meaning no "I commented to win" or "comment". I'm sure if you read the posts you'll have something to say.
  2. The winner MUST be able to get to NYC May 6th by their own means (I love you but I cannot afford your travel expenses.)
  3. You and your guest must be at least 17 at the time of the expo (only because if you're younger than that you get in free.)
  4. The ticket is ONLY for the expo May 6th and does not include the blogger conference.
  5. Up to 2 entries per person (one comment here and one comment HERE.)
  6. Winner will be picked via
  7. Winner will be announced via twitter and/or facebook and a blog post with a picture of the selection page. 
  8. Winner must email within 24 hours of the prize announcement.
  9. The giveaway starts NOW and ends April 5th at 3pm EST.
Good Luck! Maybe when you come we can do lunch! :-)

Special THANKS to Macaroni Kid for providing the tickets!

And the Winner is...

First off I just want to thank everyone who participated in this giveaway. Reading your comments was so much fun for me! Love you guys and dolls.

Now for the winner....

Congratulations Scarlett L.!!!! You won a Disney Store 25th anniversary ear hat and vinylmation.

Please email

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

#MKExpo? #BlogHer12? #WTFudge?

Hey guys and dolls! I wanted to start a new series (kind of a series?) dedicated to blogging, blogger education and just all things blog. One of the most fascinating aspects of blogger education is the blog conference. If you go online and google blog conference you will come up with a long list all dedicated to different types of bloggers and different ways of blogging and social media. The two I am most interested in are MKExpo and BlogHer12. This will be a 2 part post.

The first part being the MKExpo:

Better know as the Macaroni Kids Expo and Travel Blogger Conference. AKA this little Dragyn's first ever blogger conference. And I can tell you I am way excited to get my blogging feet wet! But what is this and what is it all about? Well I'll tell you what I know and why I'm going.

First off from what I can tell the MKExpo is the first of it's kind solely dedicated to families and travel. The vendors at the expo are from travel and resort companies around the globe. The current short list includes Hershey Park, General Motors, Cayman Island Tourism, Visit Philly and more! There will be between 300 and 500 visitors who can see what the vendors have to offer (please let there be swag- free stuff!) Families (and intrepid travelers) can come, learn about travel, destinations and plan their own trips. This is the first day of MKExpo and is on May 6 from 11AM-4PM. Cost is reasonable at $9 (maybe I can save up and take one of you? We'll see!)

The next day is the actual Travel Blogger Conference. I am totally geeked over this! I am already planning what to pack and wear and... I am getting WAY ahead of myself. Let's start over. This will be a day of education and a chance to connect with other bloggers. It'll be small and intimate at about 100 participants (I can handle 100 people!) There will be several key notes during the day by people like Ted Rubin (he knows social media) and Carol Cain (aka @NYCityMama) with a closing keynote by Rainer Jenns (He used to publish National Geographic for Kids!) . They'll be talking travel blogging and "bringing your blog to the next level" (It's like a vid game and they are the coins you need to get to level 2. Yes I am a geek.) There will be break out sessions during the day on writing, photography and video. And since you can only do 2 out of 3 my head is already spinning!!! This event will be help May 7 from 8AM- about 5PM. The cost is $99 and includes breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks, a cocktail reception the night before AND a gift bag (ooh! Gift bag!)

All of this is the brain child of Joyce Shulman who created the Macaroni Kid franchise. MacKids is dedicated to families and fun. They have what they call a "hyper-local" e-newsletter. This means that there is a MacKid writer for specific regions sharing the local events. I actually know a few MacKids writers personally.

Now you may have noticed I said this event was a lot about kids, family, and travel. This brings up an interesting question: Why would a single, childless 20 something such as myself care about child and family travel. Well I've been thinking about this for a while and here are my thoughts. First of all I write about Disney which no matter how many "drinking around the world" 20 somethings are there is still a place built on the idea of family.

Secondly I am a travel enthusiast. If I can leave my place of residence I will go. So to learn about destinations and resorts is wonderful. Who knows? Maybe I'll check these places out one day and write about them here.

Third it isn't about being a specific type of blogger or being a family orientated blogger. It's about learning blog related skills that can translate into all types of blogging. I am sure that MKExpo would love to branch out to more young-ish bloggers such as myself in my current phase of life. It gives them a different perspective on their event and I get a different perspective on my blog. If I box myself in to only hanging ot with bloggers like me I will never learn.

So that's part one. Stay tuned and soon I will dedicate a post to BlogHer12. Also this is just the beginning of talking blog conferences! I'm thinking some Fashion Fridays, blog tips  and conference tips are in order. And of course I will have to do a recap post after all is said and done!

Happy Anniversary Disney Store! CLOSED

Didn't make it to the Disney store today? Want a 25th anniversary ear hat and vinylmation? Go to and leave comments. You can leave one comment per post on as many posts as you like and each comment is a chance to win. All who enter will be put into a random drawing to win. One winner will be chosen at midnight. Good luck!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jennifer McGill (@JennMcGillMusic) Interview

I want to start this interview by saying it is so great to invite Jennifer into the Lair! To see a great artist from my Disney childhood all grown up and still making great art is beyond magical. She was sweet enough to take some time and talk with us and tell us all about her new music. 

If you haven't had a chance you should listen to her songs. Don't own them yet? Well I'll be giving away an iTunes download of "Hanging On For Dear Life" to one of you! All you have to do is leave a comment below about the interview and what you thought about it. Next Tuesday at 7pm I will draw a random winner for the comments.

So with out further ado, Jennifer McGill in her own words:

1.                   Tell me about yourself.

My name is Jennifer McGill.  I am a former Mouseketeer, have been a professional performer for 24 years, and am currently a recording artist in Nashville.  I have just released my debut deluxe single on iTunes!

2.                   You were on The New Mickey Mouse Club. What was that experience like? Has it effected who you are today as an artist and a person?

“The New Mickey Mouse Club” was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I got to experience for 7 years!  Being so young, I couldn't comprehend how special this new chapter in my life would be.  To me, I was just continuing on the road of my young little life, and this road felt very normal.  I was never in high school without also being a Mouseketeer!  My life was affected greatly by my childhood on The Disney Channel.  I belonged to the best “boot camp” of its time for talented children who love to perform!  I am a better entertainer, teacher, musician, and person because of my time spent on “The New Mickey Mouse Club”!

3.                   Was it hard to do a television series when you were a kid?

If felt very natural to work full-time on “The New Mickey Mouse Club”.  I had performed live for a few years in Texas and becoming professional was a wonderful step forward in a life I was to have in entertainment.  It was hard work and there were challenges, but I consider everything to be priceless training for my future career and precious memories only a few kids on earth ever got to share!

4.                   What was your favorite part of being on the Mickey Mouse Club?

I loved singing the most.  Recording our songs in the studio was very cool.  Then getting dressed up to perform them in front of an audience was also very exciting!

5.                   Do you still love Disney? What is your favorite part of Disney?

I still love Disney.  My favorite part is Disney World.  I grew up on property and spent lots of time, off work, playing in the parks as a teenager. I brought friends there, I even brought dates there! I also performed and taught in the parks as an adult.

6.                   I was hanging out on your website and saw a video on there. You’re funny and engaging. Do you hope to engage with your listeners in new and innovative ways?

I believe my personality goes well with an “approachable approach”.  I have enjoyed interacting with fans on a small scale for many years and I hope to interact on a large scale as my debut solo album project progresses!  I'm learning a lot about today's multi-media and I'm loving all the posts to Facebook, Twitter, RealJenniferMcGill Channel on YouTube, as well as  It's wonderful we can all be so connected these days!

7.                   Did you always want to be a performer or singer?


8.                   When you’re not making your own music what do you do?

                I'm working on staying healthy, going to the gym, etc.  I also love watching movies and my           favorite TV shows.  I'm a bit of an artist and from time to time draw pieces for special occasions, as well as do some amateur sewing on my own clothing.

9.                   What music do you listen to?

I listen to many different styles of music, but mostly 80s/90s Pop. 
10.               What genre would you say your music is? 


11.               You have such a soulful voice. Is it from experience or practice or have you always had “soul”?

I actually did not always have a soulful voice.  I loved listening to soulful artists ever since I was a small child and I slightly incorporated soulful singing into a few songs on The New Mickey Mouse Club.  I did most of my soulful practicing at home.  I would sing R&B for hours in my room!  My self-imposed standard was Mariah Carey's 1st album, “Vision of Love”...if it was on that album, I HAD to sound just like her! After graduating from New York University, I felt my voice was trained enough that I could really utilize my full potential and start “finding my true sound”.  I had spent so many years imitating other artists and had such a variety of styles I COULD do, that I needed to find out what I WANTED to do with my voice!  Now I know, and I'm pouring it all into my album!

12.               How is your music different than other artists out now? How is it similar?

I don't really want to compare myself to other artists.  I am what I am, I do what I do.  My art is heard through the ear of the beholder so let's ask them!

13.               Hanging on for Dear Life really spoke to me. (Honestly it almost brought me to tears.) What does it mean to you? What message do you hope it gives to listeners?

“Hanging On For Dear Life” is an encouraging message of strength and love through endurance.  HO4DL is literally a beloved song from my past that is now reintroducing me to the public!  HO4DL meant so much to my mother, mostly because it was her daughter's solo on the MMC album, but also because it brought so many fans hope and encouragement.  I wanted to rerecord HO4DL to honor my mother's memory and all the fans who kept this song and its message alive all these years.

14.               This Little Light was a song that I grew up on. What inspired you to do this rendition of it?

My manager/producer Jeff Savage, and his longtime friend Lauren Evans, co-wrote “This Little Light” a few years ago, and it was so inspiring that I fell in love with it.  When Jeff and I reunited in Nashville and planned a Pop/Soul feel for my album, “This Little Light” was an obvious choice.  I JAM OUT to this song in my car!!!  It's so uplifting!

15.               What was the hardest part about recording you music? What has been the hardest part of your new musical journey?

I tend to be impatient...I want everything to happen now!  But I have to remember that I've waited so many years for the right opportunity where I can record my debut solo album MY Way...what's a few more minutes/days/months?!  And then once my full album is released, I'll be waiting for the next songwriting opportunity, interview, Billboard info, will never end if I focus too much on the future!  I want to enjoy and focus on RIGHT NOW!

16.               What was the best part about recording your music?

I love hearing what Jeff Savage does with my tracks!  He and I have such similar tastes in music and the flavor he infuses into my music is right on!  I also love singing on songs I've co-created.  It's such a sense of accomplishment!

17.               What are your plans for the future of your music? What types of songs are you hoping to record in the future?  When can we hear more songs?

My album is expected to drop this Fall!  You'll just have to wait and see what everything sounds like!

18.               Where can fans find out more about you and your music?

My official website is where you can check out my “MMC Geek-Out” Page and sign my guestbook!  You can also:

                -Follow me on Twitter @JennMcGillMusic
                -Subscribe to my YouTube Channel:


Again I'd like to thank Jennifer and her manager Jeff for their time and it was wonderful getting to know Jennifer and her music better.

Monday, March 26, 2012


AKA National Blog Post Month starts next Sunday April 1. I'm going to do it. I post a lot anyway might as well. I was wondering if any of the other bloggers out there wanted to join in. We can support each other, do more link ups, give idea prompts, etc. It could be a lot of fun. My original theme for April was going to be Broadway but in sure I can mix in so NaBloPoMo-ing. Let me know what you think and I can't wait to see what you all post!

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Site of the Week: @TheMousePlanner

  1. Tell me about yourself. -- Happily married father of 4 kids, all around nice guy with a mischievous sense of humor.
  2. What sparked your love of Disney (or whatever your site is about)? A map of Disney World I found on my aunt's refrigerator.
  3. Where did the idea for your site come from? A friend of mine realized that I was a wealth of Disney World information and convinced me that there was a market for my Disney planning skills.
  4. What is your site about? I offer my services as an itinerary planner to those interested, and I randomly blog about various topics relating to Disney World.
  5. Who works on your site? Me.
  6. Who is the intended audience of your site? People (who aren't Disney fanatics) who would have need of a personalized touring plan for their visit to Disney World, although I'm sure the blog would appeal to Disney fanatics. 
  7. What makes your site different from others? Umm...  umm... My inability to figure out a way to easily update my "question of the week"? 
  8. If you could give people one reason to check out your site what would it be? My blog posts are interesting, if irregular. 
  9. How can the Lair's readers find out more about your site? Visit it. Tweet me.

Bonus questions 
  1. If you could be any Disney character who would you be? Tron!
  2. Favorite theme park? Magic Kingdom
  3. Favorite movie? Back to the Future. (Yes, my favorite movie isn't a Disney movie.)
  4. Favorite ride? Phantom Manor in Disneyland Paris
  5. Favorite resort? The Polynesian
  6. Favorite non-Disney thing? Sex. Chocolate. Wait, there is Disney chocolate. Okay, umm... what isn't Disney? Harry Potter? Hunger Games? I don't know...
  7. What's the hardest thing about running your site? My complete lack of skill in website coding.
  8. What's the best thing about running your site? When I get to blog about something Disney!
  9. Besides DragynAlly, who's your favorite dragon? Pyrite, the ancient gold dragon who accompanies Fizban the Fabulous in the third Dragonlance novel, Dragons of Spring Dawning.

Homework at WDW by @dibaDisney

Growing up in Florida, I visited Walt Disney World often. I loved all
the fun rides at the theme parks, meeting my favorite Disney
characters, and staying at the beautiful resort hotels. But, because I
traveled here all throughout the year and not just during school
breaks, there was one thing that I couldn't avoid doing: homework! Now
I am a college student and I have much more homework, but I am always
able to complete it, even when I spend a weekend at WDW. (Oddly
enough, I'm more productive here than at home!) How do I do it? Over
the years, I've searched all over Walt Disney World to find the best
places to study, and I am going to share them with you!

 My absolute favorite hotel is Disney's Wilderness Lodge. I spent a lot
of time here with my family when I was younger, and the lodge contains
some of my favorite places to do homework in all of Walt Disney World!
Let's start at the top of the lodge and work our way down.

First, we come across the den, located along the southwest side of the
fifth floor. This small area contains a sofa, an armchair, and a
coffee table. There are windows along the wall, so during the daytime
it's bright in here. However, when the sun goes down, it can get
pretty dark. Nevertheless, this is a fantastic, cozy place to curl up
with a good book (or a boring one, if you don't like your class!). The
coffee table is kind of low, so I wouldn't suggest doing any written
work here. I could not find an accessible power outlet in the den.

A floor below the fifth-floor den is the... fourth-floor den. (Disney
should really be naming these rooms!) Here you will find a couple of
sofas and an ottoman. Once again, this makes a fantastic reading room,
even though this place is darker than the fifth floor because there
are no windows. There's an extra bit of magic here! There is a nice
end table in this den, and it is decently high! This means that you
can easily write or use a laptop while sitting on the sofa. Sadly, I
could not find a power outlet here, so you'll have to find another
place to recharge.

 Right next to the fourth-floor den is a small set of workstations.
This is probably the best place to write or use your laptop because
you can sit down in a nice wooden chair and write on an arm-level
surface. This section is also well-lit due to all the light fixtures.
There are power outlets under the table, but I would not plug anything
in because the lamps use those outlets. A basic rule of Disney outlet
usage: If something is already plugged in, do not use the outlet.

The fourth floor has the most options for doing homework. Across the
lobby, along the northeastern side of the lodge, you'll find a small
area with four chairs and a round table. This place is my favorite
location for doing homework at Wilderness Lodge because of the
excellent view. (It's so easy to become distracted, though!) You can
even take a break and walk outside to enjoy the wonderful Florida
weather. It is very well-lit because of the windows and it has a very
high ceiling. There is a bench along one side, so Mom or Dad could
rest while the kids work at the table. There is a power outlet here,
but it's not located next to the table. If you want to use it, do not
plug something in and then drag the cord all the way across the room.
This could make people trip! Instead, plug your device in and then
leave it out of the way.

Another place where you can do homework is the Roaring Fork Snacks
quick service restaurant. The dining room offers plenty of tables and
chairs for you to sit and work at. It is very well-lit and is quiet
most of the day, except during "normal" meal times, where it can get a
little busy. The only distraction is the Wilderness Lodge background
music loop, which plays in the dining room. It's played fairly low, so
it's not blasting in your ears, but it can still be a distraction to
many students. I found only one accessible power outlet in this room,
and it was located in the east corner of the dining room. A major perk
of this location: if you have a resort mug, you can keep getting
refills when you're thirsty!

Outside near Roaring Fork Snacks, there are plenty of tables and
chairs. This is not one of my favorite places to do homework because
many days, it is too hot outside! Also, it gets pretty loud when kids
are playing at the nearby pool. For some reason, Disney likes to play
obnoxiously loud music to pool guests in the afternoon. This is a
total distraction to children. The location does present a possible
strategy for getting your kids to do homework. For example, if they do
a worksheet, you can reward them with a dip in the pool!

Finally, we'll visit one of my favorite out-of-the-way places at
Wilderness Lodge... the Carolwood Pacific Room! This is located at the
Villas. To get there from the Lodge, walk toward the bus stop and,
instead of turning to get to the buses, continue straight ahead down
the curving path. Walk in through the doors, the Carolwood Pacific
Room is located on the right. This is a beautifully decorated spot,
even if you don't love trains (but it helps if you do!). There are
several tables and chairs where you can work, as well as a few
armchair-style rocking chairs in front of the fireplace. These make
wonderful places to read. The Carolwood Pacific Room is usually very
quiet and well-suited for studying.

I hope you enjoyed this look at some of the best homework spots at
Disney's Wilderness Lodge! If you know of any places I left out, or
even other places around Walt Disney World Resort where you like to
get work done, leave a comment to let me know!

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Silly Saturday

All credit to
Wookie the Chew... I kid you not! Tell me this isn't the cutest Star Wars mash-up EVER!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Flashback Friday: @DisneyStore NYC

Focused on the Magic

I guess today is blog hop day for this Dragyn! Focused on the Magic does a Photo Flashback Friday post and I figured why not!

The pics in this post are from 2010 when the Disney Store in NYC opened November of that year. I was at the D23 event. Jim Fielding the Disney store president spoke and Jodi Benson was there to autograph painting (one of which this little Dragyn owns!) It was a great time and the buzz around the store was so worth the trip.

Destination Disney- Top 10 Attractions

I've always been one to invite myself to a party. And Heidi seems to be throwing a fun Disney party! Each week she's linking up bloggers to talk Disney favorites. This week is attractions! I actually wrote out my list by hand before I started typing this (Narrowing down to 10? Hard!). So in no particular order and with out further ado...

  1. Spaceship Earth! Ok I lied this one is in order as it is my most favorite. A trip is not complete until I have thanked the Phoenicians! 

2. Test Track: Ok now we're back out of order... I love Test Track. I try to ride it as often as I possibly can. I also like to heckle as it gets up to only 60 MPH. ;-)

3. Dinosaur: Ok it's a dark scary ride that most people hate. But I love it! I think it is well done and a lot of fun. And yeah it's kind of scary but that's fun for me.

4. It's Tough to be a Bug: It was one of the first Disney 4D shows I saw as a kid. I love it still over a decade later. It's fun and silly and still a good time.

5. La Cave del Tequila... I mean the Gran Fiesta Tour... Forget it! The whole Mexico pavilion! Yes I love that entire pavilion and I don't think you can just do the Gran Fiesta Tour or just go to La Cava. You have to experience the whole thing!

6. Star Tours: Between the ride being a random selection of scenes and the 4D ride effect without any real drops or loops this has to be one of my favorite rides. Honestly I am a wimp and it's nice to have something feel awesome but be so safe.

7. Muppet Vision 3D: I love the Muppets and I love 4D shows. This show is funny as all! And I love the details before you even get into the theater. Take some time and look around next time you're there.

8. The Haunted Mansion: I love this ride so much I always volunteer to be the 1000th ghost. Sadly they haven't taken me...Yet!

9: Pirates of the Caribbean: We wants the red head! So much fun and any ride where I can see Johnny Depp (I'll take the animatronic version) rocks!

10. Mickey's Philharmagic: Best 4D show to date! Fun and with all those classic movie moments from the 90's movies I love so much. The music and the images are just so perfect.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Don't Just Walk On By

Have you ever noticed the details while you're at Disney World? If you're any thing like me you'll often walk on by a fun photo opp in lieu of a ride or attraction (or food). But sometimes it's nice to stop and take that cheesy memory-filled photo of you and the Norway troll. I'm such a dork! But he's such a fun thing to see.

I'm not saying you have to include a pic with the Norway troll as one of you vacation must dos. What I a saying is that we should all take some time out of our busy vacation schedules and just look around! Don't just walk on by (title of the post). There are so many cool little details (or not so little) through out the parks.

If you take a moment you might see a cast member do art with water on the pavement. Or you could see that there are little games you can play outside of It's a Small World... Or you might get off Maelstrom and realize there's a gigantic troll just waiting for a photo opp.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Quick #Giveaway

I need help! As much of it as you can spare. I've been working really hard to add new features and buttons to the Lair. I've also been trying to keep it clean and user friendly. Here's what I need from you: Please look around. Go to each page, test out each widget, press a few buttons. When you're done leave a comment below telling me what you like, dislike, don't understand, wish would be added, etc. Be as detailed as possible and please no generic "it looks good" comments. Everyone who take time and does this will be entered into a drawing to win a vinylmation or pin (winners choice). The giveaway will end Friday 7pm EST I'll announce the winner before Midnight. Thanks in advance for all of the great feedback!

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Wordless Wednesday by @Zeusywoo

Monday, March 19, 2012

It's @TheMinnieMinxes: @Kimmy_Disney

1.       Tell me about yourselves.
Hmmm about me! I am co-host of The UK's newest all female podcast The Minnie Minxes I am a fun loving, Disney Obsessed, happliy married Disney Princess to my lovely Disney Prince.

 2.       What sparked your love of Disney?
I have always been a keen fan of the Disney films from a young age, but my true love started on my first trip to WDW in 2006, I went with my now husbands family and stayed in a villa. But had to return in 2008 to experience it again with just me and my husband. Om that trip he proposed to me infront of Cinderella' Wishing Well. We then made a further return in 2010 for our Disneymoon, and stayed on property for the first time. With the Dining Plan. YUM YUM. We are currently working on a further trip in 2013.

 3.       Why did you start recording Minnie Minxes?
Both Laura and myself entered a competition for a co-host slot in another Disney Podcast. Alas we didn't win, but we had met a few times before at various Disney Events in the UK and It was Laura's husband Malcolm who came up with the suggestion of us starting a show together and the rest as you say is podcast history!

 4.       When did you start podcasting?
Febuary 2012

 5.       What makes Minnie Minxes different from other podcasts?
Minnie Minxes is different because it is the ONLY UK based all female hosted Disney podcast. Both me and Laura felt that Men had a monopoly on the UK Disney podcasts so we thought it was time for us girls to get a say #Disneygirlpower

 We also do not have a weekly news segment unlike the other UK Disney podcasts out there, and consider our show more of a magazine type show with interviews, questions and features. There are already good UK Disney podcasts out there that cover the news, we didn't want to churn out the same news and offer our listeners a little something different.

 6.       What topics do you discuss on your podcast?
We cover all ranges of topics nothing is taboo! We have so far had shows on vinylmations, Disney food and weddings and also had interviews with AJ Wolfe, Carrie Hayward and a very well known blogger Dragynally! We encourage our listeners in email in topics they would like us to cover as it is our aim to produce material our listeners want to hear.

 7.       Who is your target audience?
ANY DISNEY FAN! even though we are a girly show, Men, Women, Girls, Boys, even the dog can enjoy our show.

 8.       Where do you think Minnie Minxes fit into the Disney community?
I think it fits in very well with the other already great podcasts out there, and offers a fresh perpective on all things Disney. everyone has been so friendly to us and we look forward to working with many of these great podcasts in the future!

 9.       What is your favorite thing about doing Minnie Minxes?
Discussing my stories and opinions on a subject I love so much, I also enjoy meeting new people within the community I have listened to for many years, and hearing their opinions!

 10.   What is the hardest part about doing a podcast?
The Hardest thing is deciding which parts to include in our show, we have such great conversations with the people we interview and share so many good stories, but unfortuanly we only have so much time in the podcast unless we start producing 6 hour shows lol so yes deciding what to edit out of the show is tough!

 11.   What is your dream interview for your podcast?
Personally apart from The Man himself Walt Disney, I would really like to talk with Amy Adams. She is what Disneygirlpower is all about and to hear her thoughts on the theme parks and films would be a dream.

 12.   Where do you hope your podcast will be in a year?
I hope we are still producing and making shows, and we are still having our Disney Adventures and sharing the stories with our listeners!

 13.   Anything in particular you want reader to know about Minnie Minxes?
Just that this is a fun, laid back, informative podast, where we really just speak our minds and share our thoughts. Our listeners come first and we hope they enjoy our show, and if they do please let us know we love hearing your comments.

 14.   How can people find out more about the Minnie Minxes?
You can visit our website, tweet us @theminnieminxes and search for us on Facebook!