Monday, December 3, 2012

My @nanoblockUSA Review #HoliDazeGiftAway

Guys and Dolls I'm not very patient. In fact I have the patience of a very impatient person (see? I couldn't even spend time on a good metaphor.) So imagine my surprise when something that took more than 2 seconds to do grabbed my interest and got me to stay put!

Yes, that's NanoBlocks for you. These teeny tiny blocks got me to sit down for an hour and build something.  Not only did I build it, I built it right and it came out looking pretty awesome. I didn't even think that was possible.  And with that in mind...

Disclaimer: I was given this cute little violin set so I could test out NanoBlocks and write a worthy review. All opinions are my own.

A few notes about NanoBlocks. The pieces are small. I mean REALLY small. This is great for creating extraordinary detail in a finished piece but sucks if you are a butter fingers and can't find the pieces you lost. The good news is NanoBlocks totally takes into account your (my) clumsiness and added extra emergency pieces (yay).

The age suggestion on NanoBlocks is 8 and up and I would say that is fairly accurate. Not only will small children use the pieces improperly (they aren't candy?!) they may also lack the patience to sit there for an hour or more. NanoBlocks doesn't necessarily require great skill but you will want to take the time to sit down and do it.

NanoBlocks directions are pictures with no words. At first I thought that would be infuriating and I will admit it took me a moment to figure everything out. But once I got a rhythm going I spoke NanoBlock directions fluently.  The directions are great for visual learners who like to see how things are done.

I think my favorite part about NanoBlocks was the sense of accomplishment I felt once I was finished. NanoBlocks really aren't your typical toy blocks. Think of them more like a model airplane and less like a stack of neon bricks. Once you build something you will not want to take it apart. The finished piece feels like a collectible. If I weren't so clumsy (and I was a whole lot more patient) I would've put a drop of super glue before placing each piece.

You can see the pics of my NanoBlock progress below. Because of the small size of most sets this would be an excellent stocking stuffer! Or get one of the bigger sets for under the tree. Your crafty kids (and kid-like adults) will enjoy this. Just don't be surprised if they build it Christmas morning and save in on the shelf like a trophy. Trust me, you feel like you've earned a reward once you're done!

Now you can win one of these fabulous sets (a pig to be precise). Rules are in the rafflecopter. Many will enter one will win and when in doubt check out the giveaway tips and tricks.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The bag is resealable... Just in case you can't finish in one sitting.

That's A LOT!

insert "World's Smallest Violin" joke here


  1. I'd like to try the dolphin! Looks fun!

  2. I'd like to try the African Elephant and American Shorthair Cat.

  3. Personally I am not a builder of toys, so I think I would be frustrated building these. However my kids love building things, and one loves violins. :)

  4. These are all so cool, I want them all! :)

  5. the elephant....

  6. the dolphin or eagle woiuld fit right in here


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