Wednesday, December 19, 2012

eDiaperCakes #HoliDazeGiftAway

In the rush to get HoliDaze gifts do you tend to get presents that are liked more than gifts that are needed? Why not get a gift that is a lovely combination of the two?

eDiaperCakes helps you create a gift for the baby in your life (your baby, your bro or sis's baby, BFF's baby etc.) that is adorable but completely functional! The diapers build up the base of the cake and baby friendly accessories are used to decorate it. It is the perfect newborn starter kit. Each diaper cake has over 75 diapers, baby clothes like booties and baby products like lotion. eDiaperCakes has what a new parent needs.

Everything eDaiperCakes uses is top quality and name brand. Guaranteed! There are over 50 designs to choose from including Disney and Good Night Moon designs. There is even a  Do it yourself cake that comes with a plan "cake", ribbon and baby bath products.

Now you can win $25 toward an eDiaperCake to take to your next baby shower or give to the new parents in your life. Many will enter. One will win. Rules in the rafflecopter and when in doubt go here.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Probably the The World of Eric Carle Developmental Caterpillar Diaper Cake, It's so adorable!

  2. The World of Eric Carle Developmental Caterpillar Diaper Cake!

  3. The Tiger Diaper Cake or another animal one like the turtle rattle one!

  4. Rose Elephant Diaper Cake

  5. I know freinds love to get diaper cakes when they are having a baby!


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