Tuesday, December 11, 2012

An EdenFantasys #HoliDazeGiftAway

Let's get all the disclaimer and warning information out of the way and then we can get to the review. EdenFantasys.com is an adult website. It is not for kids and there are things that are sexually explicit in nature on the site. With that said they also have some bath and body products that have nothing (a lot less) to do with sex and that is what I will be reviewing in this post. I was given body wash and eye shadow to try and review. All of the opinions in this post are my own.

And now that the messy part is out of the way. I LOVE the Venus body wash and Bella Il Fiore eye shadow I tried! Love. I have to be honest. When I first got the email from EdenFantasys I thought this would be a bad idea for my site. But after I tried this I realized that EdenFantasys also has fabulous stuff for those of us who are more PG-13 than R (or X).

I tried the Venus body wash in mandarin mango first. For those of us who love a luxurious shower or bath this body wash is our friend. It has a light a fruity sent that lingers without being overwhelming. And if you have really sensitive skin like me Venus body wash is gentle and moisturizing.  I lift the shower feeling like my skin was glowing. It was perfect for every day shower luxury.

Next up is the Bella Il Fiore rollerball eye shadow. I love makeup. Love it. And eye shadow is one of my go to beauty items. I like that you can put on a shimmery eye shadow look in a single swipe. But the most you swipe the more intense you get and you can easily have eye shadow overload. I would recommend swiping the rollerball over your eyes once or twice then adjusting as necessary with fingers or cotton swabs.

I say for my brave bath and body lovers a trip to EdenFantasys website is worth it. There is a lot of great stuff there to check out. And if you want some extra bedroom spice while you're there this little Dragyn won't judge you.

Now you can win a $25 EdenFantasys gift card! Many will enter. One will win. Rules in the rafflecopter and when in doubt check out the tips and tricks.

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  1. I would like the eye shadow more!

  2. I would like the body wash more.

  3. I would like the body wash. I love to try new body washes!

  4. I would use the body wash more. I don't wear makeup very often...

  5. Body wash; I don't wear makeup often.

  6. The eyeshadow, I'm such a makeup junkie :)

  7. Kelly Kendall @kak089 twitterDecember 13, 2012 at 6:35 AM

    I like the eye shadow more!!


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