Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Your Words Wednesday 3

Hey it's Ricky here! So for the past two weeks we've been doing a fun writing experiment called "Your Words Wednesday" Every Wednesday we post a series of photos and it's you guys' job to give us a story to it in the comments below. We choose the best story idea I write a new short play which will be posted on the blog in January. So here are the photos, let you imagination run wild! Happy Thanksgiving!

Your Words Wednesday


  1. This is an interesting idea. Not sure I'm creative enough for a challenge like this though, lol. The only real overall idea I got from these scene shots was "Be careful what you wish for" I'm not even sure why that was the impression I got.

  2. I see a musical going on here - Wealthy debutante engaged to the son of an equally wealthy old family friend. She falls in love with the waiter at the country club they frequent. A fight between the two men ensues, and she ultimately declares her love for her waiter friend and they live happily ever after.


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