Tuesday, November 27, 2012

An ode to KRAVE Jerky #HoliDazeGiftAway

I love brightly colored packaging!
Oh KRAVE Jerky, How do I love thee. Let me count the.... Wait this is a review. Not a love letter. Sorry about that! Yes this is a review and a very positive one at that. I guess with that said we should do this...

Disclaimer: I was given a sample box of KRAVE Jerky to try and review. That is all I was given. All opinions are my own.

Own your brand!
I really do love KRAVE Jerky. I didn't even know it existed until I started hunting down brands for the HoliDaze Gift-Away. Now that I've found them I may be an addict. They are that good. They sent a "sample" box. Why is "sample" in quotes? Because these were full sized bags of jerky! I was expecting little one bite samples. Nope.

Now I have eaten a lot of jerky in my life. I've been a jerky fan since age 9 and I am older than that... I have tried many name brands and nothing compares to this jerky.

KRAVE Jerky is the most flavorful and tender jerky I have ever had. It was tender from beginning to end and that has never happened to me with jerky. In fact, I thought jerky being tough was par for the course. Boy was I wrong! Also the flavors were magical! (I'm not exaggerating.) They were bright and rich but didn't detract from the flavors of the meat.

I was able to try 5 of KRAVE Jerky's flavors so let me give you the run down on each one. I will also say that this are ordered from my least to most favorite, but these are MY person preferences and I did LOVE them all. Also someday I would like to pair these with drinks so I actually made up my own little pairings in my head and decided to share them with you (no drinking until you're 21!).

  1. Garlic Chili Pepper(beef): Mostly spicy and slightly sweet. Leaves a slow burn in your mouth after eaten. If you like spice you'll think this is mild. If you have an aversion to spice it's not bad but is spicy. I think this would be best paired with a lager beer.
  2. Chili Lime (beef): Very spicy. Instant burn but bright flavors because of the lime and slightly sweet. Would pair best with a tequila sunrise or margarita. 
  3. Sweet Chipotle (beef): Don't let the name fool you this is spicy. The first thing you taste is the strong brown sugar-like sweetness. Then the fiery peppers kick in for a slow lasting burn. Dark rum or a Rum Runner cocktail would be really good with this.
  4. Lemon Garlic (turkey): I never thought I would like turkey jerky but I do. Tender and moist with flavor permeating it. Sweet and not overpowered with the taste of lemon. The lemon and garlic is balanced. Not spicy. A Moscato wine would be really good with this.
  5. Smokey Grilled Teriyaki (pork): This is the one I wanted to keep forever! But I ate it up. Sweetest of the jerky I tried. Almost tasted as if it were covered in sugar. Mild flavor and tangy. Exactly how a good teriyaki should taste. This one was also the hardest one for me to imagine a pair for because frankly after I tasted it I didn't want anything else. But if I HAD to I'm thinking light beer or sake. 

KRAVE Jerky would be a GREAT gift for the carnivore in the family. A sample pack like this is $35 and that includes shipping. I say pick 5 interesting sounding flavors and go to town! Don't trust my taste buds? Try it for yourself! \

Below you can win your own "sample" (full bags remember!) pack. Many will enter, one will win and KRAVE Jerky will send you a box to try. Read all of the rules in the rafflecopter and when in doubt go to the giveaway tips and tricks. Good luck!!!

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  1. I would love to try the Garlic Chili Pepper. I love spicy! But all of the flavors sound delish!

  2. I love jerky but the Sweet Chipotle sounds delish

  3. The Chili Lime sounds like it would be good to try!

  4. I would like to try Krave Jerky's sweet honey chipotle gourmet beef jerky

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  5. I would like to try

  6. smoky grilled teriyaki gourmet pork jerky

  7. Curry Jerky! I've never tried any type of jerky, but after reading your review, I'm salivating...

  8. I would like to try smoky teriyaki jerky.

  9. I'd be most interested in trying the Sweet Chipotle.

  10. I'd love to know which one is hottest, but I'd probably start with the Sweet Chipotle!

  11. A tie between Pineapple orange and Sweet Chipotle

  12. The Garlic Chili Pepper sounds delicious!


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