Thursday, September 27, 2012

Epcot Food and Wine Preview

Hey guys and dolls! I just wanted to share some of my food and wine sampling from today. For those who don't know every fall Epcot has an annual Food and Wine festival. It is fab! You can try foods you've never heard of and drink around the world (world showcase, that is) in a whole new way.

I was able to try China, the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, the Country of Cheese and Terra (Terra is the completely new, mostly vegan-the wine isn't- booth.) When I get the chance I'll list the prices but I can tell you the most expensive thing I had was the Bacardi cherry limeade from the Caribbean and it was $7.25. On average it was about $5.

My favorite so far was Hawaii although I almost wish it was spicier. Terra was really good and I'm a meat eater. The Caribbean was also a favorite. The cherry limeade was the best drink of my day and Ropa Vieja seemed like it would taste weird but it was an amazing dish. Just spicy enough to have flavor.

I don't know if I mentioned it before but I love the country of Cheese! I am a big fan and hope to be their ambassador. I unfortunately didn't get a real sense of flavors from my cheesy favorite with this tasting. I will go back and report with more.

If you want to see more pics of food and wine (and see the names of the food pictured here) go to my  (dragynally there too) or facebook page.


  1. With as much of a foodie as I am I'd probably stay there the entire trip. Who needs rides when there's an endless supply of food going on!

  2. Seeing all these amazing pictures of the food makes me want to go NOW!


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