Monday, September 17, 2012

D23 Fanniversary

Honesty time. I have a D23 membership. It was bought as a gift. I renewed it not because I love D23 but because I am going to the 2013 Expo no matter what! But since I had the membership I decided to go to the Fanniversary last Friday (September 14). It was the first event I've seen a D23 event in Philly. If any of you know of a Philly event before this let me know! So I bought a ticket for me and my mom and we went.

It was cute. I think what I enjoyed most was being with my "tribe". It's just so cool to have that many Disney fans in one room. Everyone was wearing their Disney gear (I rocked my Disney Dooney.) and most of us were staring at our cellphones until we were ordered to turn them off.

The Fanniversary highlighted everything from Snow White to Lilo and Stitch and everything in between. Ready to feel old? DuckTales is 25!!! But then their were events that made me feel young. Like Epcot is turning 30 this year. And Goofy is 80!  (I always had a thing for older dudes ;-) They talked about Silly Symphonies like the Skeleton Dance and Mickey Shorts like Clock Cleaners. It was amazing how many Disney things were celebrating many years of entertaining us.

All in all it was worth the money and to have my mom understand what I love. I just hope D23 does more events in this area. There are obviously fans here!


  1. I didn't know those events existed! Sounds super fun, but I don't think my area is large enough to get any D23 events here.

  2. i wanna go to this next year. sounds like a lot of fun.


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