Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Toy Tuesday

Look at what Playdoh and Hasbro has in store for Disney princess fans. It's called the Prettiest Princess Castle. You can help Aurora, Belle and Cinderella (ABC) get ready for the ball. And Rapunzel sits on top of her tower and you can grow her hair. I think it's cute and I love the princess theme. But part of me is disappointed in the lack of princess diversity. Where's Jasmine? How about Tiana? Or even Snow White? And why can't Rapunzel leave her tower?! I don't know maybe I'm just picky. Let me know what you think.

Picture from Hasbro Presskit


  1. I think it will get young girls to want to play with playdoh. It's a good concept but one that needs to expand more.

  2. I agree, what about the other princesses

  3. I'm surprised they would choose Cinderella and Aurora over more recent princesses for girls today. However, those three do live in a castle. I guess when I think of Jasmine she's in a palace, Pocahontas in the forest, Ariel in the sea, etc. etc. Maybe it all comes down to statistics of what princesses sell the most at Disney stores? Curiouser and curiouser!

  4. I'm tired of it always being about Cinderella & Aurora :( Snow White was the first and she gets no love. Poor Tiana, and even worse Jasmine get even less love :(


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