Thursday, August 16, 2012

Merida Meet and Greet

I know this is old news at this point but there is (I think it's still there) a Merida meet and greet in Magic Kingdom. And it makes my life!!! Why you may ask? Sure it's just another girl in a princess costume... I mean just another princess. But this princess looks like they grabbed her straight from the film. And her accent was lovely and sounded good to me!

But who cares about a princess when there are animatronic... I mean LIVE bears!!! Three little baby bears. And when my friends and I went to see her we were first in line we got to wake them up. "Wake up wee bears" we said and they were awake! And they interacted with us. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

Lastly we got to try our hand at archery. I almost shot of the photopass person's head... But don't I look cool?

If Merida is still there please check her out! Still my favorite meet and greet to date!

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  1. Awesome pics!!! I CAN'T BELIVE that I missed this the last time I was in the Magic Kingdom!!!


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