Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blogging Leftover Sunday

I haven't done one of these in a LONG time! But my August has been pretty cramped and I think we could all use a day to play catch up. I'll start with the most recent post and work my way back... Hope that make sense. I'll describe each post briefly with links to the post. I'll put links in bold just so they'll stand out. Enjoy! The list starts after the Frankenweenie pic... Did you know it was National Dog Day?

PS Happy National Dog Day!

  1. There's a Lipton Tea and Honey Giveaway
  2. There's a Baileys Coffee Creamer Giveaway
  3. AND There's a Starbucks $10 Gift Card Giveaway
  4. I talk about Dreamworks new biopic LINCOLN
  5. There are pics of me with Princesses
  6. Hasbro is coming out with a Where's My Water Board Game
  7. Picturing Disney was the Site of the Week
  8. I took some pics behind the wheel of a Corvette
  9. Furby is back!
  10. Merida has a Meet and Greet in Magic Kingdom
  11. I reviewed the Odd Life of Timothy Green
  12. There were clips from the Odd Life of Timothy Green
  13. Craziness of Sparklecorn
  14. I distilled everything BlogHer taught me into a list
  15. We celebrated the Lair's 2nd birthday!
  16. Recapped the last day of BlogHer
  17. Recapped day 4 of BlogHer
  18. Explained how my 3rd day of BlogHer was actually day 1
  19. Silly me and my BlogHer pics!
  20. Talked about how BlogHer nearly killed me after 2 days!
  21. The first day of BlogHer
  22. And we started out August Wordless
So that was a month's worth of blog post... That's a lot! Check them out. Leave comments. Don't forget about the giveaways. ;-) 


  1. Great idea!
    I love where's my water and coffee. Will totes check it.

  2. So excited for Frankenweenie!!!


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