Monday, July 30, 2012

CLOSED: Signs on the Cheap #Giveaway: EXTENDED!!!

Due to limited entry I am extending this for one more week! Enter now. It really is a fab giveaway! I think any of us would love to have an instagram pic on canvas. (edit 8/8/12)

Alright Guys and Dolls! I promised you a giveaway and a giveaway you shall have. I guess I should start with the messy "Disclaimer" bit.

I am writing this post in return for 100 free business cards (which I received recently and am in love with!) I haven't tried any of the other products on the site but if they are the same quality as the business cards then everything is awesome. Entering this giveaway is completely up to you and the prize will be sent virtually (email) via Signs on the Cheap...

Yeah I hate that part but it has to be done. So I have been hopping around Signs on the Cheap and their various sister sites. Gotta say I like what I see. There are lawn signs, car magnets for business, and banners for events and business. There is also a Photo on Canvas site where you can take your instagram (YAY) pics and put them on canvas. All of the products and sites look awesome!

What I need you to do is site hop (links at the bottom of this post). Go to each one of these sites and check out the products and see what you like. Come back here and leave a comment telling me how you could use a product from each site in your life (Get creative! Maybe you need a car magnet telling the world how awesome you are. ;-) Also tell me which product you like best. Each complete answer (Yes I will read them.) will be entered into a drawing.

The winner will receive a virtual gift card so they can buy the product of their choosing (hence why you need to tell me your favorite!) Sound good? The giveaway starts NOW and ends August 15th at 3pm EST (edit 8/8/12). One entry per person.

Good Luck!!!

Car Magnets

Cheap Signs

Photos On Canvas



  1. I would love this car magnet to advertise my website!

  2. My boyfriend and I of two years have spent more time apart then together because of a long distance relationship. I would love the opportunity to print a photo of us on a canvas to hang in my room so that the reminder of him is always there! :)

  3. I'd really love a canvas print. I've taken some really great photos with my new camera, and it would be pretty wonderful to turn one of them into a work of art!

  4. I would love the photo on canvas!

  5. Car Magnet - my friend has a limo co - so it'd be nice to design something crazy fun for her limos, 2. canvas - perfect gift for my matron of honor to be 3. Banner - great for those out door parties (weddings/graduations) and 4. signs. Well, ill figure out something with those sometime...

  6. 1- car magnets- to advertise :) 2- cheap signs- again to advertise my etsy site, this time at my garage sale since I usually do a display up. 3- photo on canvas- because who could resist a big picture of my cute baby, especially one done on canvas! 4- Banners- at craft shows to use on our tent for Jillie Beanie Designs. It's hard to pick a best one, but I think the photo on canvas may be it!

  7. I really like the car magnets, yard signs and banners~ my hubby owns his own business and could always use more exposure. :) A photo canvas...I have a family of 5, soon to be 6 and we would love a family portrait...that would be my favorite of the items :) TY!!

  8. The car magnets I would use one to advertise my craft business. The yard sign I would also use to advertise my craft business. I would make a banner for my craft business and who wouldn't love a canvas of their kids. The banner would be my favorite as I need one quite badly.

  9. I would LOVE the photo canvas - they just look amazing. Yard sign and banners. Got to love sites that make things affordable!!!

  10. Oh Yayyy! I am doing a giveaway on my site as well sis :)


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