Friday, June 15, 2012

Packing for 6 Weeks

This is one of those throw away posts I write from time to time. You know the personal ones that you can just skip.

But I decided to add a new label to the Lair and that's "Grad School". Usually I get to grad school and get so overwhelmed I stop writing. Well I am trying to avoid that this year. So I want to write about what I'm up to, projects I'm working on and life. I'm hoping to sprinkle some Disney, BlogHer and other fun post in with this.

Why is the title of the post "packing for 6 weeks"? Because that's what I am supposed to be doing RIGHT NOW! I have to try to fit 6 weeks of stuff in a suit case and hope for the best. I hate packing for that long. My luck I'll forget something. Mostly I pack clothes and bed stuff. The rest I pick up when I hit Virgina. Why overload the car?

I think this will be the summer of the dress... Mainly because I really don't want to think about outfit choices. Also I'm bringing running shoes and clothes so I can train for the 2 5Ks I am "running" this year. Wish me luck. And of course I have my school books and notebooks.

It should really be a great summer. I guess it just sort of snuck up on me this year. Life keeps me busy.


  1. I'm excited for Brave because I want to see Pixar's first female lead! It would have been nice to have their first female director as well, but you can't always get what you want...

    1. Wait, this is on the wrong post because it's so easy to switch posts on my iPhone...grrrr! Still, I do like hearing about your life :)

  2. I overpack when I go on short trips. I can't even imagine packing for 6 weeks. I'd probably wind up bringing my whole house.

  3. I'm also an overpacker and typically end up not wearing several of the outfits I've brought on trips. I know I could not limit myself to 1 suitcase for a 6 week trip because I always think about "what if..." occasions.. Sounds like you have a pretty good plan sticking to dresses since they're less complicated than putting together tops and pants plus they're cool for the summer weather. Good luck!

  4. Dresses definitely sound like a good choice, as do the 5Ks! Have you ever participated in any of Disney's marathons?

  5. I'm glad life keeps you busy! Sometimes I overpack as well!


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