Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I WANT to go to #SocialSoiree but...

An invite does not define who I am or control my personal happiness.

Let me start this post by apologizing to my guys and dolls about writing about something that you don't really understand. Or, worse yet, I don't even understand enough to properly explain to you.

Here's what I know: BlogHer is a HUGE conference for bloggers of all backgrounds to get together and learn, network, etc. Because of the massive amounts of bloggers there companies (AKA brands) have realized that they can monopolize on the bloggers being in one place. How you might ask... Private parties. These are smaller more intimate affairs that allow brands and blogger to connect on much deeper levels. Well that's the idea at least.

For those of you following my DragynAlly account on twitter you may have noticed my #SweetSuite, #GettingGorgeous and #SocialSoiree hashtags. These are the 3 private parties I am most interested in. I am pleased to report that I was invited (yes invited) to Sweet Suite! This invite is a huge deal because only a select few are invited and everyone else can sign up if there is room. So I guess this little Dragyn is a VIP. ;-)

The next party I am really hoping to get into is Social Soiree. I've heard so many wonderful things about it and it seems like so much fun. Frankly guys and dolls I really want to get better at networking with brands. I may have said this before but brands mean more experiences and products to share with all of you. In fact I want to ask brands "what can you do for my guys and dolls"... But that sounds pushy.

Now because there is so much buzz surrounding parties like this people are getting scared. They're worried about not getting in and they say things like they'll be devastated if they don't go. I'll be sad if I don't get to Social Soiree but I will not be devastated. Life will go on. There will be other parties. Or there won't. But I am awesome no matter what goes down.

I also see some bloggers trying to rain on other's parades. You'd be surprised (or not) to see how many bloggers say "private parties aren't that great" or "there are great bloggers who didn't get invited". Maybe this is true but I am stoked for the parties and I am a great blogger! (So weird to write that by the way.)

Now don't get me wrong, there is a TON of stuff to do at BlogHer even if you never get a party invite. But I got one. And I refuse to let anyone talk me out of how awesome that is!

Finally there is the issue of "twimping" yourself out.  Twimp (v): A strange combination of twitter and pimp. Some bloggers are so annoyed with people "begging" for invites. Others are begging. In the blog game you have to be your own hype man, so to speak. No one else will be as much in your corner as you. So for the most part I say do what you have to. That doesn't mean being rude but "the squeaky wheel gets the grease".

I say ALL of that to say that I have been tweeting Social Soiree and that hashtag as much as I can and I am having fun with it. I make jokes and connect with the people behind the party, to the best of my ability. But whatever they decide to do as far as invites is on them and there isn't anything I can do about it. So I refuse to stress.

Wherever I am is where the party is at!


  1. I think what everyone needs to remember is that everyone goes to BlogHer for different reasons. Some people go specifically for the conference sessions. Some people go specifically for the Expo hall. Some people go for the parties. (Heck, they sell a pass specifically for JUST the Expo and parties... so you know there was a call for it!)

    Last year I was able to go to a few "private" parties. Some are awesome. Some are dull. Some are small private parties. Some are huge "private" parties. Some have massive ridiculous swag. Some have pathetic swag. You never know.

    What I believe everyone needs to do (and I'm no expert after 2 BlogHers) is to go into sort of knowing what you want to get out of it... but to try to stay flexible. You may plan to go to some party that you think will be awesome and then run into your favorite blogger in a hall way and end up spending the night chatting with just her and totally miss that party. Could end up meeting your best bloggy friend though. You just never know what you're actually going to learn.

    (You may also not be able to get into your number 1 must attend session because it's packed... so you randomly decide to just step into the session in the next room, because, hey... nothin' else to do... and the next thing you know you're leaving the room with a swag bag and a dildo. But, that's a whole other story)

  2. I'd really like to go - but I am a huge party girl. Last year when everyone went to parties I had no idea about I was longing to go along! This year I want to make sure I CAN! So my fingers and toes are crossed. Hope to see you there!

  3. Simmworks FamilyJune 6, 2012 at 12:05 AM

    I don't see anyone raining on anyone else's parade. I see bloggers trying to help others out by making sure they know that there's a certain way to approach brands. BlogHer is not about parties. It's about the connections we make at the parties. So the image we portray pre-BlogHer is just as important as the image we portray at BlogHer.

  4. Let me clarify. I think on some level it is good advice. But there's no reason to be angry or upset if people aren't taking it. That's their loss. Not the advice giver's. I think the constant reminder of not taking the good advice is where the rain comes in. Opinions should be respected and there should be many different ones. I hope this clears things up.

  5. Ditto! Guess we'll find out.

  6. I couldn't have said it better myself! To be honest, last year was my first year and I jumped at every invite I got...and there are tons of parties! But some are not worth all the hype. Some people go just for the Swag. Party hopping was fun, but too much. I would rather stay at 1 or 2 and enjoy myself and connect with people (bloggers & brands). And seriously, you can make a party in the lobby. :) Or WE can


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