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Brave Review

Note: I am going to try hard to keep this spoiler free but I have learned that one man's common knowledge is another man's spoiler (Brave is set in Scotland?!)

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I'm going to be honest... I didn't love Brave. I liked it. It actually almost had me in tears at some parts. But it just didn't feel like Pixar to me. The magic of movies like The Incredibles, Up, Wall-E and others just wasn't here for me. Dare I say this movie felt a bit too human.

Without revealing too much of the plot I will say the story focuses on Merida and her relationship with her mother. That's the part that made me teary because I am very close with my mom. However I found that whatever relationship you have with you mother is what you brought to the movie with you. I had someone tell me that they weren't as close with their mother and they felt nothing.

This speaks to how the relationship wasn't really developed in the movie (I can hear you moaning at me now! Let me explain.) Merida and her mom don't really come off as close they are at odds during most of the movie. We only get glimpses into times when they liked each other. 

 Brave also seems to have fallen into the "Shrek trap". There are some very adult jokes in this movie. Jokes that include cleavage, the bare butts of several men, and a naked woman (we don't see her naked but it's talked about.) I don't think this is bad but if you walk into this as a parent you'll want to know this ahead of time.

My biggest issue with this movie (I do like it but I have to get the negative stuff out of the way.) is something I like to call "character overload". Basically there were to many characters to focus on and it made it hard to see where the true story was. Between the boys, the dad, the other Scotsmen, the nurse and a witch (among others) there was still Merida and her mom to think about. It's a lot.

Now the good stuff. It is probably the most beautiful movie I have seen in a long time! The animation is gorgeous, the setting is wonderful and I loved the music. It was also a very funny movie with several laugh out loud moments. The characters are fun and it was nice to see a princess who could hold her own in a fight.

I would tell you the same thing I tell myself when I read a review: See it for yourself! You never know. What I don't like about it you may love about it. And what I love you might hate. You have to experience these things for yourself.

If you have seen Brave, what did you think?


  1. I agree with you. I thought it was definitely beautiful, and I really liked the beginning and ending, but overall it didn't really feel like a Pixar film.

    My review:

  2. It is definitely a beautiful film and I liked the characters and the story, but I do feel it is the weakest Pixar film. Merida is definitely my new favorite princess because she is awesome and I love her curly red hair, but Brave is not one of my favorite Disney Pixar flicks. Good movie, worth seeing for sure, but not up to Pixar story standards.

  3. I loved the movie, but it almost felt like a sequel without a prequel (if that makes sense).

    I definitely appreciated that the focus wasn't on romantic love - Merida didn't have to develop a love interest to be a strong female character (hooray!). I also loved the way the "demon bear" subplot resolved (I want to say more, but I don't want to add any spoilers!). But I definitely would like to know more about the witch, the triplets, the relationship Merida had with her mother when she was young...

  4. Me, hubby and my 4 yr old daughter went and saw the movie Sunday. I loved the movie and so did my daughter. I believe it is nice to have a princess that who doesn't need a prince to be happy. The 3 boys were so funny. I also loved the music and the setting of it.

  5. Thanks for your honest opinions. From the first previews of this movie it just didn't seem like a movie for us and now reading your review I think I have made the right choice. It may be a good movie, maybe even a great one but just doesn't seem to be the right one for my family.

  6. I can't wait to see Brave! I live in Brazil so the movie hasn't premiered here yet! :(

  7. I was told by a few friends that saw it that it was quite scary for kids under 10. Do you think that holds true? I might hold off on taking my 6 yr old. Great review!


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