Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blogging Nobody

I once called myself a Disney nobody. I'd link to that post but I'm once again blogging from my phone. I now am getting more and more into the world of blog and now I want to call myself a blogging nobody. I'm a small blog. Nothing huge. I have a small but fabulous and loyal readership. But recently some really cool things have been happening. Things I'm very happy and proud of. What makes me most happy is that I can share the cool stuff that I do with my guys and dolls. Like I got 2 really cool party invites. One is called Sweet Suite and it's all about toys (kid toys not desperate house wife toys ;). The second is the Highlights Magazine release party. They are releasing a new Highlights Hello mag for 0-2 year olds. I remember Highlights from childhood and still read it when I can. I am beyond excited for both events and of course I'll be tweeting (from @dragynally) the whole time. These aren't until August but still. I had to share the excitement with you. Any way. I have to play catch up on reviews and recaps and Disney stuff. And this summer I'll be writing a lot about me as grad student. Maybe even post pages of screenplays I'm working on. There was a point to this... I guess the point is maybe I'm not a nobody. I'm on someone's radar and that means good things for all of us. And it also means I should stop calling myself a nobody. I should call myself a somebody and expect the respect that comes with that. I don't know. In any case thanks for reading guys and dolls. I hope I make you proud.


  1. Congratulations!!!!! I'm particularly jealous of the Sweet Suite event - sounds freakin' awesome!

  2. Hope to meet you at the Highlights party or at some point during BlogHer! Congrats on getting into the Sweet Suite! I went the past two years but am waitlisted this year. It is very cool. Enjoy!

  3. You are definitely not a nobody, my friend! I know we didn't get the same time for the Highlights party but I can't wait to meet up with you somewhere during BlogHer


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