Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May is #Avengers Month!!! #AvengersMonth

Shamelessly stolen from the Avengers Facebook page!

Oh guys and dolls I am EXCITED! I have been looking forward to May since December! Ok that may be partially due to the fact that I am born in May (best month EVER) and it may also be due to the Avengers coming out later this week... Eeep!!! In honor of the momentous occasion I have declared May Avengers Month (it's like a month long birthday party with an Avengers theme!)

I know I've already seen it but it was SO great that I am looking forward to seeing it a few more times! No really. I have a date to see it with my BFFs May 6 AND I am seeing it with my Disney peeps May 19... And I may or may not see it May 4. :-)

In any case I wanted to let you know what you had in store for the merry old month of May...

Today I am only giving you the run down of the rest of the month.
May 3: A review of the Avengers will go live! Yes I wrote my thoughts before but this will be a full on review.
May 8: $100 $125 Disney gift card giveaway with a special Avengers themed twist. (Be excited!)
May 11: Avengers Fashion Friday: The Assassins
May 18: Fashion Friday: Hulk and Thor
May 25: Fashion Friday: Captain America and Iron Man!

There will also be Avengers themed Wordless Wednesdays and Silly Saturdays starting May 5.
Also expect movie review of the films leading up to the Avengers and many other great surprises! I hope you're as excited as I am!

My first week of May (This week) will be a little preoccupied with MKExpo (Like the MKExpo post from earlier today and some blog conference fashion.) But don't worry the Avengers-rail will be back on track very soon.

Also if you are a blogger (or someone who likes to write) I am still looking for guest posts about the Avengers from toys to TV from film to flop. So please email me thedragynslair@gmail.com and I will gladly set up a guest post with your name on it!

And if you are looking for any Avengers themed posts you can find them all under the Avengers label.

Let's do this!!!


  1. Can't wait to see the Avengers!!  And I know my oldest son is excited too. 
    And hope you have a great birthday month and celebrate all month long.

  2. We just saw the coming attractions and my daughter see we must go see this. Hmm I'm wondering if she meant with me or her friends.

  3. As a junkie of children's artifacts, I'm looking forward to those potential guest posts on Avengers toys. "Assemble!" takes on a whole new meaning (read: "Some assembly required."). ;-)


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