Friday, April 13, 2012

Stressed... #UBP12

I don't want to blog today. I just don't. I know I'm participating in the Ultimate Blog Party and having great content right about now would probably be a good idea. I also know that I have an overdue Newsies review that needs to get done very soon. But I don't wanna. I decided today I'm not going to stress myself out and worry that I won't fit everything in. And just rest. You see I have to be up at 2am tomorrow to drive to Trenton to take a 5am train to NYC so I can be there by 7am to wait in line for 3 hours waiting to see the Avengers. If I were going by myself this may not stress me so much. Or maybe it would I'm a natural stresser. But I'm taking my lil bro with me and even though he's 21 he's doesn't know how to navigate NYC like I do. So that makes the stress worse. I'm also worried that I won't get all the pre-Avengers stuff I want to do done. Like see all the movies. Trying to get through Captain America today then I'm set. I'm stressed. I can feel it in my gut and I hate that. I think I'm a bit young to have an ulcer but who knows. You ever have days like that? Where you have so much you need to do that it just eats you alive? That's how I've been feeling for weeks now. I'm worried that I can't keep up with my own life. Starting last week I had 3 back to back weekends in NYC which is fun but getting there from where I live is a bit of work. Then I have a weekend off then my first blog conference and I'm worried about that. Then I have two back to back WDW trips which should make me happy but I'm worried about that. Then grad school and by now my head is spinning. Instead of taking my life one day at a time I'm already in June. And this stresses me out. Wow I'm whiny! So what I decided to do today is calm down. Finish what I can and not worry about what I can't. The Newsies will get reviewed, I'll get that giveaway I had planned going, I'll write fabulous posts for the UBP12 people to read and I'll be fine tomorrow spending the day in NYC with my lil bro. It'll all fall into place one way or another. But stress accomplishes nothing.


  1. Oh I'm so sorry that you're stressed. I hope you can take some time to relax and enjoy your day!

  2. Whooo Hoooo NYC!! Have fun with the Brother. Maybe he will take the stress right out of your system

  3. Thank you! I'm sure I'll be ok but some time you just have to blog it out.


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