Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Seize the Day with @Newsies!

Hey guys and dolls. Leave it to me to wait two weeks to start writing this review. I should start out by saying that if you have the chance to see this show GO see it NOW! Yes it is worth the ticket price and yes if you are able you NEED to see it.


Ok are all the hard core people buying tickets?

The reason it has taken me so long to write this review is that I liked this show A LOT. I just didn't love it. I loved all the pieces but didn't like the whole. It was like a chocolate, bacon, covered strawberry with garlic sauce. Separately those things are beyond awesome. But together they just don't work. Maybe that's a bad analogy...

What I mean is the acting was amazing. The singing was suburb. The dancing was the best I have EVER seen. And yet... I want to say "meh". I think when you have a show with this many great elements and you still want to call meh it is a sign that the story is where the problem lies.

I was afraid to write this review because Disney people (and frankly all of Broadway) has been raving about this show. And don't get me wrong I enjoyed it. Thoroughly! I sang along. I was in awe of the dancing. I wanted to kidnap a few of the hotties and take them home (What do you mean Newsies aren't merch?!) But I still want to say meh.

Luckily I talked to two of my favorite Disney people recently and asked them what they thought of the show. And they said what I had been thinking. The music, acting, dancing great! The story? Meh. But there's very little you can do to make a fairly predictable story edge of your seat.

After all of this I still maintain that if you can see it you should. See it now if you can. It is completely worth the cost of the ticket and you will have a good time. Just don't expect a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. You will see it coming from a mile away and that might be ok. Maybe a "meh" story will allow you to enjoy the music, acting and dancing.

If you've seen Newsies let me know what you think. Always feel free to disagree with me and be honest but please be nice.

Just so you know I didn't forget about all of the questions you asked me about the show. This is a two part review. If you'll notice this one is pretty much spoiler free (not that you could spoil it but who knows). The next part will be filled with spoilers! So stay tuned.

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