Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Peter and the Starcatcher on Broadway

I really wanted to write a full scale review of this show but I realized something... It's just too awesome! This is probably the best show I have seen in years. It was so well done and the cast is amazing.  It's almost too amazing to put into words. So I decided to just share my random thoughts in bullet points. If my view is still too unclear you can ask me questions in the comments and I'll answer.

My thoughts on Peter and the Starcatcher...

  1. Best show I have seen on Broadway in a long time
  2. Asks the audience to use our imagination. When they tell you a rag is a cat you believe it is a cat.
  3. Is creative and inventive
  4. Not really a musical. It had enough music to make musical people happy but if you hate musicals you'll still enjoy it.
  5. Stage was minimalist and used old kitchen items to help tell the tale
  6. Mermaids are magical fish!
  7. The story is about how a nameless orphan finds strength and purpose through love of a young girl.
  8. Very funny. I think I laughed the whole time
  9.  The story is a prequel to Peter Pan.
  10. Black Stache (the villain) rocks my world! He was funny and cooky and a lot of fun. Stole the show a lot of times
  11. Even though we know the boy will become Peter Pan the audience is still on the edge of its seat the entire time.
  12. If you stay young forever you don't feel loss and you get to forget (random part at the end)
  13. Men in drag are always fun and the more muscular the man the funnier!
  14. The actors had to be amazing because they each played several parts and you had to be able to tell when they were a different character.
  15. A piece of rope can be a ship!
  16. The audience is often in on the joke and the cast talks directly to us at several times
  17. The story is family friendly without pandering to kids. There are several "adult" jokes but nothing so risque as to leave the kids at home.
  18. Buy your tickets now!!!
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  1. I'm going to be watching for a touring company to get out this way. I just picked up the Peter and the Starcatchers book for my daughter, and she seems to really be enjoying it (soon, I'll have to steal it so I can read it too).


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