Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Best Friend

Actually she's one of 2. They're a matching set but I'll write about my other BFF in a post all her own. The reason I am writing about my BFF is that she has be dragged (kicking and screaming) into my Disney life. Don't get me wrong she loves Disney! If by Disney you mean posh hotels and restaurants. She'll suffer through Disney movie marathons with me, she'll go see the latest film in theaters, she even went with me to see Newsies yesterday. But she's not really a Disney fan. But that works for me. I think sometimes I think the whole world is Disney (as most Disney fans do) but she keeps me grounded. She's my cynical inner-voice only in 3D and with attitude to spare! She and I (along with our other BFF who as I said will get her own post) have been friends since my senior year of college. So for anyone who likes math we've been friends since September 2006. We don't always get to hang out. Honestly we are pretty happy with once a month visits. But we can talk on the phone for hours about absolutely nothing. Now why after all this time have I decided to write about her after all this time? Well as I said she's being dragged into my Disney life more and more which means she's meeting my "Disney friends" and gets dragged along on my  Disney and very soon my blogging adventures. She's actually going to the Macaroni Kid Expo with me and I am excited for that. She puts up with my crazy and is in a lot of ways my big sister. And when I say she puts up with me, you all know about Fashion Fridays and how I like to play dress up. Well... My poor BFF has more often than not been my human Barbie doll and has be subjected to my fashion experiments. Oh she is hella cute and would look great in a paper bag BUT put a little makeup on her and put her in a cute dress and she is unstoppable! If you remember she was the Ariel to my Ursula this past Halloween. Anyway I'm rambling... Enough about me and my BFF. Tell me about yours! Do they like what you like? Do they put up with you out of love? Are they family?


  1. so sweet that you and your girl friends are that close!


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