Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm going to #MKExpo!

Not to be out done by my BlogHer12 excitement I wanted to spend some time and focus on my FIRST ever blog conference: The Macaroni Kid Travel Blogger Conference (or MKExpo for short). I am so stoked for this! It is an opportunity to learn and grow as a blogger.

I think I explained before how this is over the course of two day and that it's part expo part blog conference. Well I won't rehash all of the details but I did want to spend the next few days writing about MKExpo and blog conferences in general.

Today I am doing this post explaining the next week and later a post made up entirely of pictures related to stuff I am wearing or taking to the MKExpo and what I think someone going to a blog conference might need. After I post the picture post I will pin all the pics to my Pinterest board dedicated to (what else) blog conferences.

Then Wednesday May 2 I will do a what to bring (based on my research and what I personally bringing) and and Friday May 4 a what to wear (based on the outfits I'll be wearing). I think I'll call the what to wear post "Fashion Friday: DragynAlly?!" That'll become clearer when I write it. Eventually I want to do a post dedicated to my media kit and what I hope that will look like.

I think that's all I will have to talk about...

In all of the posts I link to sites I used to help me prepare and to other blogs I've read that helped inspire me with this. I am hoping by writing all of this out it'll help me be as prepared as I can be for MXExpo or any other blog related events I go to.

I know I've been veering off the Disney subject but I promise May will be dedicated to the Avengers (Yes Marvel is Disney). And after I take my trips in May and June I'll have lots of Disney pics and stories to tell. Thanks for listening to all the blog stuffs! Love you guys and dolls.

PS: If you're not one of my regular guys and dolls welcome to the Dragyn's Lair! Please go HERE and HERE to find out more about me (DragynAlly) and the Lair.


  1. So excited for this series.  (My outfit may or may not already been picked out)

  2. Looking forward to hearing about whether you found these conferences useful or not - so expensive, esp. since I live on the West Coast - have fun!


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