Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm going to #BlogHer12!!!

Hey guys and dolls. I know you already know I'm headed to BlogHer 12 but I thought I'd do the obligatory "I'm going to BlogHer 12" post. By writing a post like this it allows for brands and other bloggers to see that I am going and make connections with me. It's all very grown up blogger. However I'm sure the companies and the bloggers are reading this part and wondering what I am doing...

As of today BlogHer 12 is 99 days away. I don't know if you remember but 9 is my lucky number. I figured what better day to tell the universe that I am officially headed to BlogHer.

For my readers who don't blog but love Disney what BlogHer is can be compared to Disney Social Media Moms. Only BlogHer is on a MUCH larger scale and isn't invite only. It's a place for bloggers from different walks of life can come together and learn more about the craft, business and art of blogging. It is also a way for brands to connect with bloggers.

BlogHer occurs a few days before the Lair's second birthday. My hope is it'll give me a push to make the Lair's third year even more amazing. The Dragyn's Lair and DragynAlly are growing as a brand. I think BlogHer will be the key to growth and to maintaining the integrity that I hope you've come to appreciate.

This blog post is going kind of askew. I was supposed to be telling brands and other bloggers about me and what I hope to gain from BlogHer...

Who I am: My name is Dana "DragynAlly" Howze and I am a 26 (soon to be 27) year old single, childless, female blogger who uses her site to discuss Disney, travels she's been on, and other things that she admires or inspires her.

The Dragyn's Lair is a site dedicated to reviews, interviews and personal commentary on Disney, travel, fashion, and much more.If you look to the left of this post you will see the label cloud. Topics such as, but not limited to, movies, food, cruising and more have been covered within the pages of this site.

Despite my status as single and childless the Lair's readership is made up of women and men from all walks of life. Based on my research a strong majority of women. However as someone who believes in gender diversity I would be remiss to ignore my male readers just because they are few.

The Lair's readership is comprised of mothers, fathers, animal parents, and single young people.The majority of readers are between 21-49. To break it down any further than that would be unfair as I consider all of my readers young adults.

I am currently not actively seeking sponsorship for BlogHer as I am just testing the waters and seek to get the DragynAlly and Dragyn's Lair brand some time in the spotlight. However if you think that your product might be something my readers would find appealing I am always up for a sponsored giveaway or review. I can be contacted via email or by telephone 407-374-9821.

I look forward to this coming August and my chance to make new connections. So far I only have 2 goals for BlogHer 12: Make friends and have fun. I believe by simply doing both of these things I will get the most out of my experience.

Wow I wrote a lot... Anyway to my guys and dolls thanks for reading my manifesto. Hopefully it didn't bore you to tears. To any BlogHer bloggers reading I hope I will meet you in August. Also please link your site HERE so I can learn more about you. To any brands reading there's a whole lot more where this came from.


  1. Lucky lucky girl you are!  I would love to meet you there...I know they will come back to Chicago one day.

  2. Can't wait to meet you! Which reminds me, I should get to writing my post too- y'know before August 2nd ;)

  3.  You should come to NYC. Just sayin. ;-)

  4.  Ditto! And yes yes you should. I look forward to reading it. :-)

  5. You are going to have a blast!! My first BlogHer was last year and it is so incredible..

  6. I've seen your posts on the Twitter feed and FB group, sounds like your a good person to know for a newbie like myself. Looking forward to checking out all your posts and tips for getting the most out of BlogHer. Hope we get a chance to connect!


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