Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fashion Thursday?!: Lion King Broadway

My head's so not in the game this week. And when I can't focus on what I need to be focusing on (Newsies review) I usually distract myself with FASHION. So today I am showing you some pieces of my wardrobe that remind me of Lion King on Broadway!Shame is I've never seen the show (I must remedy this!) But I have seen pics and think that these particular pieces are quintessentially Lion King. Let me know what you think!

I may put this together as an outfit in the near future. Maybe I'll take a pic of me wearing it. :-)

The Accessories!
Tell me that isn't the CUTEST elephant ring.

I don't know if flowers are very Lion King BUT the bronze color is a nice touch.

You may have seen these before...

I LOVE cuffs and this leather one is so cool and tribal looking.

I think this piece speaks for itself

I must say I'm iffy on the shoes. I thought they would look cute with the outfit but they don't have much flavor on their own.

I can't decide whether to wear these together or apart

The dress has such a lively look about it.

I love the belt detail of the shirt

I think if I put EVERY thing you see together it might make a cute outfit. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! :-)


  1. Love this as an outfit! The show is for sure a must see! (and newsies sounds amazing!!)

  2. It reminds me of Lion King also.  I have only seen the show at WDW and I love it.


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