Friday, April 20, 2012

Fashion Friday: Peter and the Starcatcher

I feel like I failed you this week. I have a top and bottoms but I don't really have a pulled together look. What I have is a start and I'm not to sure it's a great one.

I was thinking that the all green shirt and skirt combo would be very Peter Pan. I love the sparkles in the top and the skirt is cute but the greens don't match. And accessories? Forget about it!

I dug through my fashion archives and couldn't find anything that could pull the look together. I think I'm going to take this back to the fashion drawing board and start over.


Any of you on Pinterest? Maybe I can pin a pic of the shirt and skirt and then search the internets looking accessories to try and save it!

Go to find the pin board labeled "Peter Pan" and lets save this fashion!!! (I hope.)


  1. I love both pieces you have, just not together. The green might look nice with the brown skirt. What about a green top and black bottoms. I found this online, now it's a dress, but you could achieve the same look with a shirt.

  2.  Hi! I love Disney bound but I avoid using it for inspiration. I don't want to copy her great ideas.


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