Monday, April 9, 2012

Dreama Walker from @Apt23 : Now w/ VIDEO!

Well the full show title is "Don't Trust the B.... in Apartment 23". But for the sake of twitter #Apt23 is good. I was able to interview Dreama this morning. She is SO sweet! As you will hear in this clip.

To give you some background the show is about June, a 26 year old with a life plan (HA!) who has her dreams crashed by life. Enter Chloe who at first seems like the perfect friend to help her through but then scams June every way she can. The best part of the pilot is when June turns the tables and we realize we shouldn't mistake her kindness for weakness. By doing this, June gains Chloe's respect and maybe Chloe will end up being the friend she needed all along (ok I'm being cheesy but it's true!)

I want to do a full on review of the show soon (HERE) but for now check out this audio and let me know what you think! Also there's a clip of Dreama playing June and interacting with Chloe. So enjoy!

Don't Trust the B.... in Apartment 23 premiers on ABC this Wednesday April 11 9:30 EST.

But between you and me you can check out some episodes HERE.

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