Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blog what you love...

... and you'll never write a day in your life.~ DragynAlly. That quote was my attempt to be deep during the Ultimate Blog Party. It caught on and I think it's true. I also think it's the best blogging tip I can give you.

I think a lot of times as bloggers we try to find a "focus" or start only blogging about one particular thing. I am so guilty of that with Disney. Even though Disney is a very broad topic and I love Disney very much I started feeling trapped. It felt like I was just rehashing a story another Disney blogger did.

What I decided to do was try to experience Disney in different ways, that's where Fashion Friday came from. After a while I finally realized this is my blog and I'll write what I want. I think this is the best decision I have ever made (blog speaking).

Turns out, there are a lot of things in the world that I love (TV, Movies, Wine, Comics). And if I limit myself to only blogging about one of those things I am not happy. But if I blog about everything that fascinates and excites me I am happy. And I find when you're a happy blogger you write more and more people want to work with you.

So somewhere in this personal story is my tip. Blog what you love and you'll never write a day in your life. Blog about any and everything that makes up you and your life. Your readers (and anyone who works with you) will appreciate your openness and honesty.

Thanks again to Shaun at http://www.livingwithpeanut.com/ for setting this up!

Also if you're headed to BlogHer12 link up HERE.


  1. Although your blog is "disney" focused, i love how you incorporate other things that you love as well for your readers! I enjoy all your blog posts ^_^ 

  2. I like =] Great advice.

  3. That is deep...and it was really great getting to put a face with the name on SpreeCast!



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