Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blend Creations Deal for Dragyn Fans

Hey Guys and Dolls! I love @BlendCreations (Blend Creations) necklaces!!!! Love. They are the coolest. Especially if you want a classy and fashionable way to show off your twitter name or a special hashtag you created.
I NEED this!

As many of you know I am going to my first blog conference this year. And I thought "I NEED one of these twitter necklaces". But then I realized that you all might NEED these necklaces too! So I got in touch with Vivian of Blend Creations and asked her if there was anything she could do.  And she hooked us up!

Gender Neutral Twitter Necklace fun!

If you use the promo code "Dragyn" (minus the quotes) you can get 10% off merch at BlendCreations.com including those FABULOUS twitter necklaces! This deal is good until April 30, 2012 (aka the end of this month). As with any Blend Creation promo code this isn't valid on gift certificates, Metal for Monsters, Sweet Surprises or pre-orders. However it is TOTAL valid on the aforementioned twitter necklaces... Can you not tell I am obsessed?!

So go. Now! Order and use the promo code "Dragyn"!

Both these pics (one is a gif) are from BlendCreations.com


  1. My parents got me one of the @ necklaces for Christmas, and I couldn't be happier with it! Love wearing it and always get TONS of compliments on it. :) Hope you can get one too. :D

  2. Gotta say, these are so cute! And they totally remind me of one of the characters from La Nouba :)


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