Sunday, March 25, 2012

Site of the Week: @TheMousePlanner

  1. Tell me about yourself. -- Happily married father of 4 kids, all around nice guy with a mischievous sense of humor.
  2. What sparked your love of Disney (or whatever your site is about)? A map of Disney World I found on my aunt's refrigerator.
  3. Where did the idea for your site come from? A friend of mine realized that I was a wealth of Disney World information and convinced me that there was a market for my Disney planning skills.
  4. What is your site about? I offer my services as an itinerary planner to those interested, and I randomly blog about various topics relating to Disney World.
  5. Who works on your site? Me.
  6. Who is the intended audience of your site? People (who aren't Disney fanatics) who would have need of a personalized touring plan for their visit to Disney World, although I'm sure the blog would appeal to Disney fanatics. 
  7. What makes your site different from others? Umm...  umm... My inability to figure out a way to easily update my "question of the week"? 
  8. If you could give people one reason to check out your site what would it be? My blog posts are interesting, if irregular. 
  9. How can the Lair's readers find out more about your site? Visit it. Tweet me.

Bonus questions 
  1. If you could be any Disney character who would you be? Tron!
  2. Favorite theme park? Magic Kingdom
  3. Favorite movie? Back to the Future. (Yes, my favorite movie isn't a Disney movie.)
  4. Favorite ride? Phantom Manor in Disneyland Paris
  5. Favorite resort? The Polynesian
  6. Favorite non-Disney thing? Sex. Chocolate. Wait, there is Disney chocolate. Okay, umm... what isn't Disney? Harry Potter? Hunger Games? I don't know...
  7. What's the hardest thing about running your site? My complete lack of skill in website coding.
  8. What's the best thing about running your site? When I get to blog about something Disney!
  9. Besides DragynAlly, who's your favorite dragon? Pyrite, the ancient gold dragon who accompanies Fizban the Fabulous in the third Dragonlance novel, Dragons of Spring Dawning.


  1. Congrats on site of the week @TheMousePlanner. Back to the Future is one of my favorite movies too :)

  2. About to follow you on fan.

  3. Love the questions


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