Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Quick #Giveaway

I need help! As much of it as you can spare. I've been working really hard to add new features and buttons to the Lair. I've also been trying to keep it clean and user friendly. Here's what I need from you: Please look around. Go to each page, test out each widget, press a few buttons. When you're done leave a comment below telling me what you like, dislike, don't understand, wish would be added, etc. Be as detailed as possible and please no generic "it looks good" comments. Everyone who take time and does this will be entered into a drawing to win a vinylmation or pin (winners choice). The giveaway will end Friday 7pm EST I'll announce the winner before Midnight. Thanks in advance for all of the great feedback!


  1. I did it!

    Contact the Lair: I clicked it. The pages pops up right away but it takes a bit longer for the information (2 twitters, facebook and phone number) to come up, compared to the other pages of the site.

    I didn't come across any issues with any of the widgets on the site.
    I pinned the photo of the castle on Pinterest and that worked well too!

    Things are looking good!

  2. I clicked on contact the lair and it took awhile to load, the first time through I thought it wasn't working at all but it finally came up. The buttons in the friends section worked, but they are kind of scattered. I think it would look better to line them up side by side. I don't know if that's just the way the website orders them, but I think it'd look a bit neater. I like all the tags, it's easy to find things, but since all of the extras are on the right it makes the page go farther down. I think I would like it better it if half was on the right of the page and half was on the left. It'd make the pages shorter and would be easier to scroll through.

    I like the twitter and facebook boxes on all the pages and didn't come up with any issues with any of the other buttons that I clicked through. I tried to pin something too and that went through fine. Clicked "tweet, email, pin it, and facebook this" on this post and they opened fine. Looks great! :)

  3. I did a run through of your site. As I was clicking on all the places to go to on your site, the page was kind of "jumpy", not smooth. I I went to Friends of DragynAlly, I believe the list of friends are too sparatic and should be in a better order. I also added your button on my site, DisneyWishes.blogspot. Your button works fine. I also looked up the Contact The Lair and there was no way to contact you. Not sure if that is still under "construction". I clicked in random blog archives and they all worked. I love the way you did the Staff by asking them questions instead of them just writing random things about themselves. All in all the site is looking great.

    Lynn Green Brooks *O*


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