Thursday, March 29, 2012

Power Up w/ Christina Grimmie

I love sharing interesting news with you all! Disney Interactive is launching a new web series called "Power Up". Presented by XBox Kinect (You know the people who created the Disneyland game!) this show will be a weekly series at

The series will be about all things gaming including consoles, mobile games, and more! From what I can tell there will also be a skit show aspect (interesting) and the host Christina Grimmie will have some original music. Can't make it to a comp? No prob! Power Up vids will be on YouTube, Disney Mobile and XBox Live!

But wait, there's more! To celebrate this new web series Disney is doing a giveaway! If you go HERE you can enter to win a trip to San Fransisco (awesome) for a private tour of Pixar Studios (double awesome) see the making of "Kinect Rush: A Disney•Pixar Adventure" (triple awesome) AND play it with Christina Grimmie (AWESOME!) You can also enter the giveaway by texting POWERUP to Disney (347639).

I hope you enter and I expect tons of pics if you win!!!

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  1. I'm thinking it is very odd I came upon this now when she is in the final three on "The Voice". I love her and would be happy if she or Josh won but I admit to favoring Josh a bit. I wish it wasn't too late for that trip to San Fransisco. Love XBox!


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