Wednesday, March 28, 2012

#MKExpo? #BlogHer12? #WTFudge?

Hey guys and dolls! I wanted to start a new series (kind of a series?) dedicated to blogging, blogger education and just all things blog. One of the most fascinating aspects of blogger education is the blog conference. If you go online and google blog conference you will come up with a long list all dedicated to different types of bloggers and different ways of blogging and social media. The two I am most interested in are MKExpo and BlogHer12. This will be a 2 part post.

The first part being the MKExpo:

Better know as the Macaroni Kids Expo and Travel Blogger Conference. AKA this little Dragyn's first ever blogger conference. And I can tell you I am way excited to get my blogging feet wet! But what is this and what is it all about? Well I'll tell you what I know and why I'm going.

First off from what I can tell the MKExpo is the first of it's kind solely dedicated to families and travel. The vendors at the expo are from travel and resort companies around the globe. The current short list includes Hershey Park, General Motors, Cayman Island Tourism, Visit Philly and more! There will be between 300 and 500 visitors who can see what the vendors have to offer (please let there be swag- free stuff!) Families (and intrepid travelers) can come, learn about travel, destinations and plan their own trips. This is the first day of MKExpo and is on May 6 from 11AM-4PM. Cost is reasonable at $9 (maybe I can save up and take one of you? We'll see!)

The next day is the actual Travel Blogger Conference. I am totally geeked over this! I am already planning what to pack and wear and... I am getting WAY ahead of myself. Let's start over. This will be a day of education and a chance to connect with other bloggers. It'll be small and intimate at about 100 participants (I can handle 100 people!) There will be several key notes during the day by people like Ted Rubin (he knows social media) and Carol Cain (aka @NYCityMama) with a closing keynote by Rainer Jenns (He used to publish National Geographic for Kids!) . They'll be talking travel blogging and "bringing your blog to the next level" (It's like a vid game and they are the coins you need to get to level 2. Yes I am a geek.) There will be break out sessions during the day on writing, photography and video. And since you can only do 2 out of 3 my head is already spinning!!! This event will be help May 7 from 8AM- about 5PM. The cost is $99 and includes breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks, a cocktail reception the night before AND a gift bag (ooh! Gift bag!)

All of this is the brain child of Joyce Shulman who created the Macaroni Kid franchise. MacKids is dedicated to families and fun. They have what they call a "hyper-local" e-newsletter. This means that there is a MacKid writer for specific regions sharing the local events. I actually know a few MacKids writers personally.

Now you may have noticed I said this event was a lot about kids, family, and travel. This brings up an interesting question: Why would a single, childless 20 something such as myself care about child and family travel. Well I've been thinking about this for a while and here are my thoughts. First of all I write about Disney which no matter how many "drinking around the world" 20 somethings are there is still a place built on the idea of family.

Secondly I am a travel enthusiast. If I can leave my place of residence I will go. So to learn about destinations and resorts is wonderful. Who knows? Maybe I'll check these places out one day and write about them here.

Third it isn't about being a specific type of blogger or being a family orientated blogger. It's about learning blog related skills that can translate into all types of blogging. I am sure that MKExpo would love to branch out to more young-ish bloggers such as myself in my current phase of life. It gives them a different perspective on their event and I get a different perspective on my blog. If I box myself in to only hanging ot with bloggers like me I will never learn.

So that's part one. Stay tuned and soon I will dedicate a post to BlogHer12. Also this is just the beginning of talking blog conferences! I'm thinking some Fashion Fridays, blog tips  and conference tips are in order. And of course I will have to do a recap post after all is said and done!


  1. Good luck! Sounds like fun.

  2. would love to go to that one! MK does lots of cool things :) I've only been to one blogging conference so far but had a blast and learned a lot!

  3. What amazing opportunities for you. Can't wait to hear more!

  4. I would love to go- and I'm just like you! I'm a younger blogger with no kids, still I feel like we definitely add flavor to the mix. There's so much room for give and take between bloggers (and companies) of every age and point of life. I'm also a travel enthusiast (yes I drool over every issue of Travel and Leisure)- so I would definitely love to join you! Well, here's to hoping I get a spot and that there'll be loads of swag!!!

  5. Yay! Thanks for entering. But make sure to also comment here: I want to make sure I count you. :-)

  6. I'm a new mom blogger but I still blog a lot about my lifestyle as well so I feel like this would be such a great event. I've never gone to a conference but am hoping to attend BloghHer in August so maybe I'll get my feet wet at this one! :)

  7. I'll be curious to hear about how you do!


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