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Jennifer McGill (@JennMcGillMusic) Interview

I want to start this interview by saying it is so great to invite Jennifer into the Lair! To see a great artist from my Disney childhood all grown up and still making great art is beyond magical. She was sweet enough to take some time and talk with us and tell us all about her new music. 

If you haven't had a chance you should listen to her songs. Don't own them yet? Well I'll be giving away an iTunes download of "Hanging On For Dear Life" to one of you! All you have to do is leave a comment below about the interview and what you thought about it. Next Tuesday at 7pm I will draw a random winner for the comments.

So with out further ado, Jennifer McGill in her own words:

1.                   Tell me about yourself.

My name is Jennifer McGill.  I am a former Mouseketeer, have been a professional performer for 24 years, and am currently a recording artist in Nashville.  I have just released my debut deluxe single on iTunes! http://goo.gl/VIKmH

2.                   You were on The New Mickey Mouse Club. What was that experience like? Has it effected who you are today as an artist and a person?

“The New Mickey Mouse Club” was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I got to experience for 7 years!  Being so young, I couldn't comprehend how special this new chapter in my life would be.  To me, I was just continuing on the road of my young little life, and this road felt very normal.  I was never in high school without also being a Mouseketeer!  My life was affected greatly by my childhood on The Disney Channel.  I belonged to the best “boot camp” of its time for talented children who love to perform!  I am a better entertainer, teacher, musician, and person because of my time spent on “The New Mickey Mouse Club”!

3.                   Was it hard to do a television series when you were a kid?

If felt very natural to work full-time on “The New Mickey Mouse Club”.  I had performed live for a few years in Texas and becoming professional was a wonderful step forward in a life I was to have in entertainment.  It was hard work and there were challenges, but I consider everything to be priceless training for my future career and precious memories only a few kids on earth ever got to share!

4.                   What was your favorite part of being on the Mickey Mouse Club?

I loved singing the most.  Recording our songs in the studio was very cool.  Then getting dressed up to perform them in front of an audience was also very exciting!

5.                   Do you still love Disney? What is your favorite part of Disney?

I still love Disney.  My favorite part is Disney World.  I grew up on property and spent lots of time, off work, playing in the parks as a teenager. I brought friends there, I even brought dates there! I also performed and taught in the parks as an adult.

6.                   I was hanging out on your website www.jennifermcgill.com and saw a video on there. You’re funny and engaging. Do you hope to engage with your listeners in new and innovative ways?

I believe my personality goes well with an “approachable approach”.  I have enjoyed interacting with fans on a small scale for many years and I hope to interact on a large scale as my debut solo album project progresses!  I'm learning a lot about today's multi-media and I'm loving all the posts to Facebook, Twitter, RealJenniferMcGill Channel on YouTube, as well as www.JenniferMcGill.com.  It's wonderful we can all be so connected these days!

7.                   Did you always want to be a performer or singer?


8.                   When you’re not making your own music what do you do?

                I'm working on staying healthy, going to the gym, etc.  I also love watching movies and my           favorite TV shows.  I'm a bit of an artist and from time to time draw pieces for special occasions, as well as do some amateur sewing on my own clothing.

9.                   What music do you listen to?

I listen to many different styles of music, but mostly 80s/90s Pop. 
10.               What genre would you say your music is? 


11.               You have such a soulful voice. Is it from experience or practice or have you always had “soul”?

I actually did not always have a soulful voice.  I loved listening to soulful artists ever since I was a small child and I slightly incorporated soulful singing into a few songs on The New Mickey Mouse Club.  I did most of my soulful practicing at home.  I would sing R&B for hours in my room!  My self-imposed standard was Mariah Carey's 1st album, “Vision of Love”...if it was on that album, I HAD to sound just like her! After graduating from New York University, I felt my voice was trained enough that I could really utilize my full potential and start “finding my true sound”.  I had spent so many years imitating other artists and had such a variety of styles I COULD do, that I needed to find out what I WANTED to do with my voice!  Now I know, and I'm pouring it all into my album!

12.               How is your music different than other artists out now? How is it similar?

I don't really want to compare myself to other artists.  I am what I am, I do what I do.  My art is heard through the ear of the beholder so let's ask them!

13.               Hanging on for Dear Life really spoke to me. (Honestly it almost brought me to tears.) What does it mean to you? What message do you hope it gives to listeners?

“Hanging On For Dear Life” is an encouraging message of strength and love through endurance.  HO4DL is literally a beloved song from my past that is now reintroducing me to the public!  HO4DL meant so much to my mother, mostly because it was her daughter's solo on the MMC album, but also because it brought so many fans hope and encouragement.  I wanted to rerecord HO4DL to honor my mother's memory and all the fans who kept this song and its message alive all these years.

14.               This Little Light was a song that I grew up on. What inspired you to do this rendition of it?

My manager/producer Jeff Savage, and his longtime friend Lauren Evans, co-wrote “This Little Light” a few years ago, and it was so inspiring that I fell in love with it.  When Jeff and I reunited in Nashville and planned a Pop/Soul feel for my album, “This Little Light” was an obvious choice.  I JAM OUT to this song in my car!!!  It's so uplifting!

15.               What was the hardest part about recording you music? What has been the hardest part of your new musical journey?

I tend to be impatient...I want everything to happen now!  But I have to remember that I've waited so many years for the right opportunity where I can record my debut solo album MY Way...what's a few more minutes/days/months?!  And then once my full album is released, I'll be waiting for the next songwriting opportunity, interview, Billboard info, reviews...it will never end if I focus too much on the future!  I want to enjoy and focus on RIGHT NOW!

16.               What was the best part about recording your music?

I love hearing what Jeff Savage does with my tracks!  He and I have such similar tastes in music and the flavor he infuses into my music is right on!  I also love singing on songs I've co-created.  It's such a sense of accomplishment!

17.               What are your plans for the future of your music? What types of songs are you hoping to record in the future?  When can we hear more songs?

My album is expected to drop this Fall!  You'll just have to wait and see what everything sounds like!

18.               Where can fans find out more about you and your music?

My official website is www.JenniferMcGill.com where you can check out my “MMC Geek-Out” Page and sign my guestbook!  You can also:

                -Follow me on Twitter @JennMcGillMusic
                -Subscribe to my YouTube Channel:  http://www.youtube.com/user/RealJenniferMcGill?feature=mhee

                -AND BUY MY DELUXE SINGLE ON ITUNES!!!  http://goo.gl/VIKmH

Again I'd like to thank Jennifer and her manager Jeff for their time and it was wonderful getting to know Jennifer and her music better.


  1. It would have been amazing to be New Mouseketeer. I watched that show as a kid. It's amazing to see all the talent and how most have gone on to pursue music and performance (went better for some than others). I'm glad Ms. McGill was able to stay pretty grounded. Wouldn't it have been awesome to grow up in WDW?

  2. Omg, to grow up in Disney would FANTASTIC!!!! That was my dream as a kid. :D

    Jason Alder

  3. Great interview, would be awesome to "Grow up" Disney. Don't forget to visit Jennifer's Website and click on the MMC Geek Out - some really fun pictures here. Thanks again for the great interview!

  4. Awesome interview! My sister and I never missed the Mickey Mouse Club growing up. I miss it. :)

  5. Great interview Dana! That really brought me back. I loved watching Jennifer and the rest of the crew from The New Mickey Mouse Club. What an awesome show. I'm glad to hear that she's still performing and doing so well.

  6. Awesome interview! I enjoy the old and new Mickey Mouse Club. It so great to see them coming up in the entertainmen world and still loving Disney like the rest of us. Go Disney!

  7. Great interview! I am really enjoying getting to know all of these Disney people a little better!

  8. I loved this interview. Thank you for doing it and posting it.


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